How To Fix You Already Have An Existing AdSense Account 2021

In this guide, we will teach you how to easily fix the “You already have an existing AdSense account” problem in 2020. Fixing this AdSense account problem is really simply, just follow our step-by-step guide below.

If you are reading this article, chances are that you have received the infamous mail from google AdSense that says We see that you also have another AdSense account? 

You may have tried everything within your power to solve this AdSense problem, and yet it appears as though there is no end in sight.


You may have written to google about it for solution, yet no reply as expected. To compound to the existing issue, many websites out there seems not to have any direct answer to the issue either.

Good news is that in this post, you will finally learn to get rid of Adsense multiple accounts. If you are excited about it as me, then lets dive right into the quick fix!

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Why Have Another AdSense Account?

It should be stated that Google AdSense policy does not allow a single individual to own more than one AdSense account.

google adsense policy

Once you are caught operating or trying to own more than one account, the penalty is usually more than you would normally expect.

Most people that experience this issue of “you already have an existing AdSense account” don’t deliberately set out to violet googles policy.

Some persons opened a casual AdSense account way back when the set up their first website, and later forgot that they ever did something like that. Many years after, when they now want to open the real one, google identifies their old account, hence the email that shows up like this:

How To Fix You Already Have An AdSense Account Issue Fast

you already have an adsense account

Now that you have known where the problem came from, now is the time to fix it. Most people try to follow the Google AdSense guidelines which mostly beats around the bush and does not really solve the issue.

Others try to write to google support for help on how to fix this issue. These people have to wait ad infinitum before google eventually replies. We all know how long that is right?

Most other people upon seeing this alert quickly creates a new Gmail account and then apply for a new AdSense account. Doing this can only lead to recycling and would never fix the issue.


So, haven said this much, here is the quick fix to you already have an AdSense account in 2020. Let’s dive right into it.

From what we said earlier, you may have opened another AdSense account in the past without remembering it. So if that is the case, all you have to do is to sign in to your email addresses and go to the search bar of each Gmail address.

When you are in the search bar of each, type Google AdSense and hit the search button. If no query pops up, leave that particular email address and move to another one.

Repeat same step until you see the Gmail account that you used in signing up for the account.

Once you have seen it, now is the time to delete the google adsense which is associated with this particular gmail address. To do that, you should do the following:

Make sure that you are still logged into this Gmail account and visit from your computer browser.

On google home page, locate and click on the gear icon, and then click on the account button, which is shown on the image below.

google gear icon and account signin

On the next page that pops up, click on the Payment And Subscriptions button and then on the Manage Payment Methods as shown below.

payment and subscription buttons

On the next page that follows, go to the settings tab and scroll all the way down as shown below.

settings tab in google

Keep scrolling till you get to the Close payment Profile as shown below. Once you’ve seen it, click on it to open the new window.

google adsense close payment option

On the next page that pops up, click on the drop down list and select the option I HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE WITH A SELLER, then hit the continue button to continue as shown below.

i had a bad experience with a seller

On the next window that shows up, click on the continue button, which will delete all your AdSense information that is associated with the said Gmail account.

Once you have followed all the steps below, you should be on this page, which shows that you have successfully deleted your existing AdSense account.

Now to be sure that your other Google AdSense account has been deleted successfully, google will send you 2 different emails, which looks like this

your google account has been canceled pics

Important Notice

When you follow this step to delete your old Google AdSense account, you should equally follow it to delete the existing Google AdSense that you recently applied for.

Yes, the both accounts or more has to go, following this same process. When you have deleted all your AdSense accounts, don’t rush into creating a new one, not even with fake IDs because your information is still in googles database.

It normally takes about 2 months for all your data to be gone from googles database, so you should give it some time before applying for another AdSense account, probably 2 months from the date you deleted the last Google AdSense account.

This is the mistake that most people make, once they delete their existing AdSense account, the instantly dive into the creation of another AdSense account. If you do that, you would definitely get the same old result.

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