How To See Who Is Following Me On Facebook In 5 Easy Steps 2021

How to see who is following me on Facebook is a question that most Facebook users across the globe want to know about.

Knowing how to see your Facebook followers is a great way to see your growing popularity on the greatest social media network the world has ever known – Facebook.

Facebook is now seen as a means by which we connect more with the persons that matters most to us in ways that seemed impossible in the distant past.

Most Facebook users receive lots of notifications on their notification bar. However, what a lot of Facebook users miss is the notification about a new Facebook follower.

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With Facebook, someone can secretly be following all your activities online even without being your Facebook friend. That is really not cool if you ask me. Hence, seeing who is following me on Facebook become a necessity as it gives you access to stop or block someone you don’t want to spy on your Facebook activities.

With this consciousness, the question on your mind now is how can I see who is following me on Facebook right? Don’t worry as we will address that shortly, and what you can do about it.

Its pertinent that we first clarify something very important here, and that is adding a person as a friend and deliberately following someone on Facebook.

Initially, once you send a friend request to someone on Facebook, and that person accepts your request, by default the both of you starts following each other.

This by implication means that all your Facebook friends are on your Follow list by default, unless a particular person decides to unfollow you because he or she is not comfortable seeing the kind of post you publish on Facebook or because you constantly populate his wall with lots of Facebook posts.

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When ever you decide to follow a person who is not on your Facebook friends list, that person automatically receives a notification that you are following him. But when you decide not to follow the persons again, and unfollow him, the person doesn’t get notified about it.

How To See Who Is Following Me On Facebook 2020

As interesting as Facebook social media might seem, there are certain things that if you fail to know or put in place might endanger your security. Part of which is knowing who is following me on Facebook.

To see your Facebook followers, simply log into your Facebook account, head over to your Profile Page. Under the Cover Photo Button, click on the Friends Tab and then the Followers button. From here you can see all the list of persons that are following you on Facebook.

Sounds over simplified right? Now lets take you the full guide in 5 easy steps.

Step 1

Log into your Facebook account by clicking on this link or by using your devices browser

Step 2

On your Facebook’s homepage, click on the gear icon Screenshot 273 in the top right corner of your Facebook’s homepage.

Step 3

Click on the See your profile button as shown below

facebook profile

Step 4

Now click on the Friends option directly below your Facebook cover page as shown below

facebook friends option

Step 5

Under the friends tab, click on the Followers tab in the right corner of the same page to see the list of persons who are following you on Facebook as shown below.

facebook followers tab

Now you see, all the persons following you on Facebook will appear here. From here you can even block the person from following your Facebook activities.

How To Follow Someone On Facebook  Fast

How do i follow someone on Facebook who is not my Facebook friend is another interesting question that our team of experts often receive in the comment section.

One interesting thing about Facebook is that it has a lot of interesting features that you just cant ignore. One of such features is that you can actually follow the activities of someone on Facebook even when that person is not your Facebook friend. Sounds interesting right?

To follow someone on Facebook who is not your Facebook friend, simply log into your Facebook account, go to the search button and search for the person you want to follow (you dont want to send him/her friend request right?). On the persons timeline, just after the “messenger” and “add friend” buttons, click on the follow button. Thats all about it.

Once you are on the timeline of the person you want to follow on Facebook, locate and click on the follow button just once as shown below, and that’s all. From this point onwards, any update from that person will be appearing on your Facebook feed.

follow someone on facebook who is not your facebook friend

If the follow icon in the above picture does not appear, then it means that the person involved has disabled the feature on his/her Facebooks settings.

In this case, your only bet will be to send that friend request. But don’t worry much about this as many persons don’t know where the disable setting is on Facebook.

How To Block Your Facebook Follower

To block your Facebook follower, head over to the followers list (following our steps on how to see your Facebook followers above)

Head over to the particular contact you wish to block from following you on Facebook (whether the person is your Facebook friend or not)

Once your mouse is over his profile under the followers list, click on the 3 dotted lines close to the messenger icon and then click on Block to block the person from following your public activities as shown below.

block facebook follower

So that is it guys. That’s how to see my Facebook followers 2020. Any person who follow this guide will certainly end up seeing all the persons that are following them on Facebook.

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