WAEC Result: Full Meaning Of Held, Withheld And Outstanding Result Explained

Meaning of held, withheld and outstanding WAEC results explained in plain language, with illustrations to aid your understanding. If you desire to know what these terms mean and their solutions, then this article will be a useful guide to you.

WAEC examination is certainly the most important exam that every person leaving secondary school within the 16 West African states is expected to take, which marks the completion of their secondary school studies.

Hence, WAEC certificate is a highly priced and respected academic document that is valid within and outside the shores of Africa. Therefore, because it’s an exam that is taken by thousands of students, passing it comes with that sense of pride and fulfilment.

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Shortly after sitting for WAEC exams, students eagerly await the release date of their WAEC results, in order to know their fate.

However, upon the release of WAEC results, the high hopes of many students reduces to nothing. While on the WAEC checking portal, students can instantly know whether they passed or failed or if their WAEC result is withheld, held or outstanding.

Many students log into their WAEC portal to see a message like “Sorry your WAEC result is either held, withheld or outstanding, and most of these students really don’t know the meaning of these terms that WAEC uses to communicate issues of examination misconduct.

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Hence, if you are reading this article, chances are that your WAEC result is either held, withheld or outstanding. If that is the case, continue reading as you will find all the answers to your questions here in this article.

What ever message you may be seeing in your WAEC portal, I will try to explain them so you know exactly what each of them mean, and how you can solve the problem and get your WAEC result released on time.

If you are ready, lets get started right away.

Meaning Of Held, Withheld, Outstanding And No WAEC Results

The frequently asked questions from people experiencing issues in their WAEC results includes:

  • What does it mean to have a Held WAEC result?
  • What does WAEC Withheld result mean?
  • Why did WAEC Withheld my result?
  • What is Outstanding WAEC result?
  • What is the meaning of No result in WAEC?

These and many more questions will be briefly discussed below, so you can understand them and how each of them might apply to your own specific case, with the few of knowing how to resolve the issue in view.

The Meaning Of Held WAEC Result Explained

“My WAEC result is held”, what does it mean to have a held WAEC result? When you open your WAEC portal and see the message that your WAEC result is held, you might think that this means the same thing as a withheld result.

The difference between a held and withheld WAEC result will be explained briefly at some point in this article.

Seeing a Held WAEC result is indicative of the presence of examination malpractice by the student in view. It simply means that the examiner left a negative remark on your WAEC answer sheet, indicating the presence of malpractice in the course of writing the exam.

How do I check a Held WAEC result? There is no way you can check the result of a held WAEC result when a decision to approve it has not been reached by the examiner. Unfortunately, this decision is usually taken behind the back of the affected student as the student is never around to defend himself.

The chances of getting a Held WAEC result released is very slim unless God decides to intervene. Hence, endeavour to avoid anything that will leave a negative remark on your WAEC answer sheet.

The Meaning Of Withheld WAEC Result Explained

WAEC withheld result 2020. In simple explanation, a withheld WAEC result indicates the presence of a high level of examination malpractice in the centre where the WAEC was taken.

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When you see “Your WAEC Result Is Withheld” it means that almost every body in that centre that wrote the WAEC exam with you had the exact same score, in the whole subjects.

And this unnatural score tallies is what leads to WAEC withholding results of students.

Do WAEC ever release withheld result? There are many cases and instances where WAEC have released many withheld results. What happens is that when the result of a particular WAEC centre is withheld, WAEC later evaluates the papers individually to know the ones to release and the ones to never release.

waec withheld result

What is the difference between held and withheld WAEC result? While a held WAEC result means the presence of a negative remark on your script by the examiner, a withheld result means the presence of identical scores by many persons in the same exam venue.

When will 2020 WAEC withheld result be released? As at present, there is no official date for the release date of WAEC withheld result. Once the WAEC governing council finishes their investigation, the results of those who deserves it will be released, before December 2020.

Meaning Of WAEC Outstanding Result Explained

Why do I have outstanding result in WAEC? There are a couple of reasons why you may have an outstanding WAEC result. The most obvious of them all is that the student either didn’t fill in his personal details correctly or he didn’t submit all the required WAEC answer booklet.

Outstanding WAEC result simply mean that the WAEC examiner has not finished computing your result yet due to incomplete answer booklet or incorrect personal data input like Names and reg number, etc

How long does it take for WAEC outstanding result to be released? There is no specific timeframe for a WAEC outstanding result to be released.

How long it takes to release a WAEC outstanding result depends on the time it took the examiner to compile your results and publish them on WAEC database. This usually takes between 3 and 6 months from the date of writing the WAEC exam.

NOTE: Ensure you take enough time to type in your personal details on your answer booklet, and double check them thoroughly to make sure that they are all correct because submitting your script.

Errors in this is largely the major cause of outstanding results in WAEC, and you should avoid it at all cost. When is WAEC outstanding result coming out 2020? It should be out before December 2020, according to the briefing by the WAEC zonal cordinator.

Meaning of No Result For This Person In The Specified Year In WAEC Explained

You may have tried logging into your WAEC portal just to be greeted with the “You have no result message”. What does No result for this person in the specified year in WAEC mean? 

No result for this person in WAEC means that WAEC doesn’t have the data of that person in their database, probably because the persons result was cancelled due to exam malpractice, or because the person took the WAEC examination long ago.

Anyway, if you are seeing this you have no result message, the only thing you can do is to go to the WAEC zonal office closest to you to lodge a complaint there. If you truly registered for the WAEC and have not engaged in any illegal activity, then WAEC will have your issues sorted out within 3 months.

I hope that i have fully explained all the acronyms that WAEC uses to communicate issues with students results in this article? If you have any question or concern, kindly use the comment box below.

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