30 Top Tourist Attractions In Nigeria

This article contains the top best 30 tourist attractions in Nigeria.

In Africa, certain countries are known for their mass natural resources and incredibly high population. Nigeria is one such country and its population is massive coupled with its rich traditions.

The history and culture of the great Nigerian tradition are diverse and each with its captivating stories as well as relics.

Such sites and locations of rich history and culture have become beautiful sites for tourists and attract foreign attention to this untapped history.

These places are carefully examined.

30 Top Tourist Attractions In Nigeria

Below are the 30 top tourist attractions in Nigeria.

1. Port Harcourt Tourist Beach.

This beautiful attraction site is located in the Kolabi creeks in Rivers state of Nigeria. It is an artificial beach with a great view and serene atmosphere to get away and outdoor relaxation. It is perfect for chilling and unwinding after a stressful week.

2. Obudu Cattle Ranch.

Another top tourist attractions in Nigeria is the Obudu cattle ranch. The Obudu cattle ranch is situated in Cross River state of Nigeria with its lovely view and a great sense of adventure.

It has a resort amongst other breathe taking spots that makes for a perfect relaxation destination.

Its landmass is huge and can accommodate over a thousand people. The Obudu cattle ranch is known for its unique tourist adventure and also a great environment for a quality time especially for couples and family.

3. Gorgeous Ibeno Beach.

Just as the name goes, the Ibeno Beach is located at Ibeno in Akwa Ibom state of Nigeria. Its length stretches over 200km and it’s a perfect location for honeymooners and people who love to relax and have a great time outdoors.

The beauty of the Ibeno Beach lies in its awesome view as well as the cool breeze coupled with the tides of the waves emanating from the beautiful waters.

For those who love sunbathing and cold dips, the Ibeno Beach is just right for you.

4. Awhum Waterfall.

The Awhum waterfall is another top tourist attractions in Nigeria. The waterfall is located in Awhun, Enugu state of Nigeria. It is close to the Awhum Monastery and is a perfect site for spiritual moments and meditations.

The beautiful flowing lake below its captivating waterfall creates an outdoor experience and this makes the environment peaceful and serene for quiet times and meditations for those who want a place to think or have alone times.

5. Gashaki-Gumpti National Park.

This is situated at the Chappal Wadi, Mountain in Nigeria. The Gashaki-Gumpti National Park gives a great experience to visitors and exposes them to life in the medieval times in ancient Nigeria.

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Its diversity and in-depth exposure to history have made it known as the largest national park in Nigeria.

6. Arochukwu Juju Slave Route.

This is located in Arochukwu, Abia state of Nigeria. It is designed with an altar linked with a huge gully that guides visitors along to an ancestral temple.

The experience creates a wild imagination in the minds of tourists as to the journey of slaves during such ancient eras. The relics and symbols are well-positioned to give the visitors a great sense of adventure

7. Ngwo Pine Forest.

The Ngwo pine forest is located in Enugu state of Nigeria and it is known for its unique forest experience.

This beautiful attraction site creates a sense of adventure while portraying a romantic experience and a quality time with nature.

The trees and soft flowing stream gives a great sense of romance for couples while creating a sense of adventure for family, along with the whistling of the pine trees and the loud slams of the water.

8. Isaac Boro Garden Park

This is located close to the Mile One Bridge in Rivers state. The place is built in memory of Major Isaac Boro who was a Nigerian soldier killed during the Nigeria Civil War.

The Isaac Boro Garden Park is a great location for games such as baseball and softball along with various forms of entertainment.

9. Alok Ikom Monoliths.

This tourist site is located in Ikom, Cross River State of Nigeria. It is a place with beautifully assembled carved stones arranged in circles while facing each other. This is done with images and writings carved on the monoliths.

This Tinapa resort is situated in Calabar, Cross River State of Nigeria. The beauty of this place lies in its great hang out spots, cinemas, arcades, restaurants, luxury accommodations, and quality service.

It is a great combination of adventure and exposure. The Tinapa resort has a high landmass that can accommodate over 2000 people and keep them engaged in various life-changing activities.

11. Emotan Statue.

Emotan Statue is also one of the top tourist attractions in Nigeria. This statue is situated in Edo state of Nigeria. It is positioned opposite the Oba market at the Ring road.

This statue is that of a woman dressed in a wrapper and a native hair cover signifying royalty and it dates back to the ancient Benin kingdom.

12. Osun-Osogbo Grove.

This place is known for its shrines, priests, sanctuaries, and beautiful artworks. It is located in Osun State of Nigeria in honor of the goddess of fertility. It is still believed that couples in need of children go there and get answers to their prayers.

13. Royal Palace Of Oba Of Benin

This is the residence of the Oba of Benin kingdom in Edo state of Nigeria. It is situated close to the Oba market and it has a huge landmass with several functioning parts situated inside the compound. It holds a great cultural value dated to ancient benin times with sculptures of past benin kings.

14.Sukur Cultural Landscape.

The Sukur cultural landscape is situated in Madageli, Adamawa state of Nigeria. It is situated on the Mandara Mountains and its occupied by ancient burial grounds and sculptures.

15. Surame Cultural Landscape.

The Surame cultural landscape which is located in Sokoto state of Nigeria is another top tourist attraction in Nigeria. It creates room for civilization and creativity. It has a palace for its village chief and embodies a great deal of ancient history.

16. Wall of Queen Amina.

Queen Amina of Zaria built this wall to protect the city during ancient times and it is still there to date. She was remembered and greatly respected for her military strategies and wisdom. This great wall is located in the city of Zazzau.

17. Oban Hills, Cross River State

Korup National Park is located in Oban, Cross River State of Nigeria. It is a Cameroon park that shares a border with the Oban Hills. It is known for its wildlife and houses several animals that are rare to find.

18. Ancient Kano City Walls.

This great site is located in Kano state of Nigeria. These great walls have a great significance in the kano history and it is linked to the Emir of Kano’s palace.

It has an earth monument with rich spiritual significance. It is also a great site for tourists.

19. Oke-Idanre Hill.

The Oke-Idanre Hill is located in Oke-Idanre, Ondo state of Nigeria. It is a great site with burial grounds and shrines, including the Owa’s palace. It is also filled with great valleys that would amaze the tourist with its awesome creativity.

20. Ogbunike Caves.

The Ogbunike Caves is situated in Enugu State of Nigeria. It is filled with numerous caves that have ancient historical values.

21. Coconut Beach.

The beautiful coconut beach is situated in Badagry, Lagos state of Nigeria. It is filled with lots of coconut trees and a great atmosphere for relaxation.

The gentle breeze, whistling trees, and the splash from the flowing water give this sense of calmness and exposure.

22. Nana Living History Museum.

The Nana Living History Museum is located in Koko in Warri, Delta state of Nigeria. It was built by Chief Nana Olomu in the ancient city of Warri and houses the great statue of the Nana himself. It has been a great relic of intense value over the years.

23. Bar Beach.

The Bar beach is situated on the Island of Lagos, Nigeria. It is known for its ocean and cool breeze coupled with its huge landmass that accommodates a large number of people.

Its also a great hangout spot and its also known for horse riding with great entertainment spots. The Bar beach is a great venue for shows, events and various entertainment show case.

24. Millennium Park.

Millennium Park is one of the top tourist attractions in Nigeria. This Park is located at Maitama, Abuja in Nigeria. It was commissioned by the then Queen of England, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The Millennium Park is the biggest park in the federal capital territory, Abuja and it is known for its huge large mass which serves as a great chill zone for kids and adults.

25. Ancient Nok Settlement.

This venue is located in Jaba, Kaduna State of Nigeria. It houses the various antiques of the Ancient Nok Settlement. These items are of great historical value and are priceless.

They are been displayed for tourists to see and guided through their rich cultural history.

26. The Abuja Arts And Crafts Village.

Like the name goes, it is located in Abuja, Nigeria. This Arts and Crafts Village is reputable for its handicrafts and various creativity displays.

They create room for showcasing those crafts for tourists to admire and purchase if they want.

27. The New Afrika Shrine.

This place is situated at Ikeja, Lagos state of Nigeria. It is a place where people who love to chill and enjoy great songs by the legendary Fela go to.

This chill zone is perfect for people who love good music and great outdoor food along with drinks.

28. Yankari National Park.

This beautiful park is located in Bauchi state of Nigeria. It has a landmass of about 2,244 km2 which houses several distinctive wildlife creatures. It has a great view and a good relaxation destination.

29. Kainji National Park.

This park is situated in both Kwara and Niger state of Nigeria. It is enormous with its three distinct signature parts, the Zugurma Game Reserve, the Borgu Game Reserve, and the Kainji Lake.

30. The Giant Footprint of Ukhuse Oke.

This attraction site is located at Ukhuse-oke in Edo state of Nigeria and it is the site for a huge footprint of a giant drawn from the Edo people’s history. This massive footprint is made on a huge granite rock.

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That is all on the 30 top tourist attractions in Nigeria.

I hope this article on the 30 top tourist attractions in Nigeria was helpful?

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