In this guide, I will show you the best 5 PayPal alternatives for Nigerians to receive money abroad 2020. The advantages of having a means of receiving the money that you made through your internet businesses and other means can never be over emphasized.

The question of how do I receive money on PayPal in Nigeria have been asked by a lot of Nigerians for many years now. Having a PayPal account that receives money in Nigeria is not legally possible, unless you want to risk having all your hard-earned money breezed by PayPal.

This is precisely why we made this post, to show you the best alternatives to PayPal that you can freely use in place of PayPal. Remember, safety is always the key, especially when it comes to money issues.

There is no headache for webmasters in Nigeria as much as the pain of being unable to withdraw their funds from PayPal here in Nigeria. This is particularly the case for Nigerians that are making money online freelancing on


Though PayPal happens to be the most popular and most reliable means of payment online, it has a lot of key restrictions for countries like Nigeria.

As a Nigerian, you can carry out other functions on PayPal but can not receive money from abroad or get paid for your online jobs/transactions.

If you are into mini importation business in Nigeria, you know that you cannot afford to stay without having a means of receiving money from your foreign associates.

Though many smart Nigerians who are involved with one form of business or the other have been bypassing these restrictions and receiving their money here in Nigeria, but the majority of Nigerians still find that as a tall mountain to climb.

Considering the fact that PayPal has a penchant for easily freezing and suspending accounts of those who have violated their policies, it is only wise that we Nigerians look for credible alternatives to it.

best paypal alternatives to nigerians

In respect to this, has decided to share with our dear readers the best 5 paypal alternatives for Nigerians to send and receive money abroad without too much wahala.

Some might want to ask this question: what’s PayPal? Worry not, for that is why we are here!

What Is PayPal?

paypal nigeria

PayPal is a leading online payment solution provider that enables its users send, receive money and make payments for online transactions globally with ease.

It is a preferred method of payment on major e-commerce platforms globally as well as other online platforms that involves payment.

Why Nigerians Need Close Alternatives To PayPal

Despite being a very popular financial service provider with great presence in Africa, PayPal has over the years refused to remove the restrictions it placed on Nigerian accounts. This is particularly affecting even the Nigerian students into online businesses.

The toughest of these restrictions which happens to be the most important is the inability of Nigerians to receive funds here in Nigeria through PayPal.

This restriction has been a ‘bone in the neck’ of many Nigerians who are involved in one form of online business or the other.

So many hard working Nigerians have been denied many opportunities online while others have been unable to cash in on big opportunities because they can’t directly get their money here in Nigeria. More specifically, the Nigerian youtubers making their money without adsense

With these and several other challenges, there has been a continous search for worthy alternatives to PayPal for Nigerians to receive funds from abroad.

Best PayPal Alternatives For Nigerians

In a bid to help simplify the search process of getting a reliable alternative to PayPal in Nigeria, has put down the list below in no particular order.

Below are the top list of PayPal alternative for Nigerians to send and receive money abroad 2020:

  1. Payoneer
  2. Western Union
  3. Skrill
  4. Foreign Cheque
  5. 2Checkout


payoneer account in nigeria - alternative to adsense

Once you mention the best alternative to PayPal in Nigeria, the first name that comes to the minds of many is

Payoneer which is an online payment solutions provider that offers a wide range of financial services to its numerous customers across the globe has been able to maintain its stance as a viable competitor to Paypal for Nigerians.

Payoneer has been the last hope for so many webmasters in Nigeria who have been using the platform to receive their earnings here in Nigeria without much stress.

How Payoneer Work

Payoneer works very fine in Nigeria with no restrictions at all, thats why its the closest alternative to PayPal for Nigerian bloggers. Through payoneer, you can receive payment from various platforms such as etc. as well as many affiliate programs.

What you need do is just create a payoneer account for free on and request for a Payoneer Mastercard which will be delivered to your doorstep here in Nigeria.

Payoneer will issue you a Virtual US bank account which will also be linked with your payoneer Mastercard with which you can withdraw your money at any Master Card enabled ATM in Nigeria.

The Virtual Account Number given to you by payoneer can be used for all your online payment needs as an alternative to PayPal. And once money is sent to that account number, you will be able to withdraw it using your payoneer mastercard anywhere in the world through a Mastercard enabled ATM.

You can read my step by step guide on how to get a free Payoneer mastercard in Nigeria here

Western Union

pics of western union nigeria

No doubt one of the oldest and most popular medium of international funds transfer across the world, Western Union is used by many Nigerians in place of PayPal.

Western Union is a reliable wire transfer medium that allows you to quickly transfer or receive money to or from any where in the world. This places it among the best alternatives to PayPal in Nigeria 2020

How Western Union Works

The cost of transferring funds via western union all depends on where you are sending money to, how the money is to be received and method of funding the payment.

However, it is still preferable for transfers that involve huge sums of money due to the fees charged by Western Union for transactions.

For a comprehensive tutorial on how to use Western union to send and receive money in Nigeria, kindly refer to this article


skrill nigeria homepage

Aside from Payoneer mastercard that has been discoursed above, the next payment alternative to PayPal in Nigeria is skrill.

As a Nigerian with legitimate hustle online, Skrill stands tall as a credible alternative to Paypal. Skrill is a popular choice among Nigerians today due to its numerous features that help ease the stress for receiving your funds here in Nigeria.

How Skrill Works

Skrill Nigeria allows you to send and receive money here in Nigeria. It also gives you the opportunity to send money through its platform from your Nigerian bank account and vice versa.

With Skrill, you can equally transfer money from your Payoneer card to your Skrill account and then move it from there to your local bank account here in Nigeria without much stress. The closest alternatives to PayPal and Skrill in Nigeria still remains the Payoneer mastercard.

Sounds interesting right? Many online outlets that allows PayPal equally allows skrill as a viable of sending and receiving money online in Nigeria.

Actually, skrill is arguably among the best 5 paypal alternatives for Nigerians anytime anyday. Read my step by step guide on how to open a skrill account in Nigeria here

Foreign Cheques:

pics of foreign cheques in nigeria

For a lot of freelancers and affiliate marketers, receiving money through cheques here in Nigeria will likely be a good option to consider instead of going through the trauma that is often caused by PayPal here in Nigeria.

Even those who are under 18 can still use cheque to send and receive money abroad, hence limiting the age limit that is associated with using PayPal.

How It Works

To receive funds through cheques here in Nigeria, you will need to open a domiciliary account with your local bank here in the country. Just visit any bank in Nigeria and open a domiciliary account.

After that, you can request that your payment be made through cheque. A U.S cheque will then be sent to you through your mailing address which you can then cash at your preferred bank here in Nigeria.

Note: This method often takes some days/weeks before you can have access to your money. Read my step by step guide on how to cash a foreign check in Nigeria here


2checkout alternative to adsense

This list won’t be complete without mentioning 2Checkout which is an online payment solution that you can integrate into your website or blog and receive payment for the products you sell or services that you are rendering.

The good thing about 2Checkout is that it accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal as a means of payment on its system.

If you dont want to go through the stress of PayPal in receiving your money here in Nigeria, then the best alternative to Paypal for you will be 2checkout.

How 2Checkout

2Checkout Nigeria works in such a way that, you will have to register on their platform and set it up on your website or blog for your clients across the globe to make payments to you via Paypal or credit cards.

What 2checkut does is that, it serves as an agent that receives money on your behalf and then sends it to you through your preferred medium.

Once you’ve started receiving payment into your 2checkout account, you can withdraw your funds weekly through several means such as:

2Checkout is also among the best 5 paypal alternative for Nigerians to receive and send money abroad, for all their online businesses and engagements.

Note: When registering on 2checkout, you will be charged an application fee of $10 and 2checkout will have to verify that you are into a legitimate online business before approving your account. Read my step by step guide on how  setup a 2checkout account in Nigeria

Other Great Alternatives To PayPal For Nigerians 2020

Below is the list of other great PayPal alternatives for Nigerian bloggers 2020:

  1. Direct bank wire
  2. Blue snaps
  3. Click2sell
  4. Interswich webpay
  5. Voguepay
  6. Payza
  7. Paytm

Things To Consider When Choosing A PayPal Alternative In Nigeria

Below are the things to look out for when chosing a paypal alternative in Nigeria:

  1. Cost of transaction
  2. How reliable is that medium
  3. How urgent do you need the money
  4. Convenience

Cost of Transaction:

How much will you be paying as transaction fee? This issue should be of serious concern to you if you are just starting out in your online business in Nigeria because you cant afford to have transaction fees take out the little you have made online.

How Reliable Is That Medium:

Though all the alternatives mentioned in this post are credible and reliable but that shouldn’t stop you from more about their credibility before making a rational choice.

How Urgent Do You Need The Money:

You also need to take into consideration the time it will take before your funds get to you here in Nigeria. For instance, payments through cheques might take a longer time to cash than funds sent through Western Union.


How convenient will it be for the money to be sent and then received by you is another factor to consider when choosing an alternative to PayPal in Nigeria.

Always have it at the back of your mind that most of these alternatives are only close substitutes for PayPal, they may not necessarily be perfect replacements for it. PayPal will always be PayPal!


I believe that after reading this article on the best 5 paypal alternatives for Nigerians, you are no longer bothered about PayPal rejecting you again, because you can now conveniently receive your money here in Nigeria through other reliable means apart from PayPal.

You can go for any of the methods listed above to receive your money here in Nigeria without the fear that your account will be frozen/suspended and cash withheld if they figure out that you are a Nigerian.

Still don’t know how to make money online in Nigeria? Our master guide on how to make money online will show you how.

Do you have any question on our best 5 paypal alternatives for Nigerians? Feel free to drop your question(s) or comment(s) in the comment box bellow. We’ll be glad to hear from you!

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