Top 7 Actionable Ways To Promote Your Music As An Upcoming Artist In Nigeria 2021

In this article, you will learn about the top 7 actionable ways to promote your music as an upcoming artist in Nigeria 2020. As an upcoming artist in Nigeria, its pertinent to know that writing and singing good songs is only half the things you need to do, the other half is promotion.

effective music promotion tips in nigeria

Reason being that no matter how good your music in Nigeria is, if you don’t know how to promote your music, you and your friends might be the only once ever listening to it. Believe me, nothing could be as bad as that for upcoming artists.

Many new artists in Nigeria have struggled with their songs just because they don’t know how to promote their songs, especially when they can’t afford the services of the best music promotion companies in Nigeria 2020.

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It is without a doubt that the Nigerian music industry has grown exponentially large over the last couple of years, rewarding artists and promoters alike in many ways.

The only way to join the league of Nigerian big artists is to sing your song and promote it. However, music promoters in Nigeria charge a lot these days. Should this border you so much? Certainly not, there are better ways to promote your songs in Nigeria free, and that is what we will be sharing with you in this article.

What Is Music Promotion All About?

what music promotion is in details

By music promotion in Nigeria 2020, we mean the process of advertising your recorded songs from the studio, to that people will know of its existence and thus listen to them.

There are good music promotion companies in Nigeria. However, you should know that the cost of music promotion in Nigeria is rather high depending on the channel you chose to use.

Hence, if you can’t afford to pay their rather high price as an upcoming artist, your best shot would be to promote your songs yourself. That’s why we are presenting you with the list of top 7 actionable ways to promote your song in Nigeria free.

Singing good songs without promoting them is like having good products that people really need without showcasing them in places where people can have access to them.

7 Actionable Ways To Promote Your Songs In Nigeria 2020

As a newbie who is still mindful of cost in the music industry, you may be preoccupied with the question of how to promote my song as an upcoming artist in Nigeria.

Music promotion doesn’t have to be problematic, as there are actionable steps you can take right away to promote your songs almost free of charge.

Below is the list of top 7 actionable ways to promote your music in Nigeria 2020:

  1. Live Shows
  2. Using Social Media
  3. Music Promotion Companies
  4. Making Use Of Personal Blogs
  5. Uploading Songs On YouTube
  6. Make Song Available For Free Download
  7. Paid Adverts

Live Shows

One of the best practical ways to promote your music as an upcoming artist in Nigeria is through live shows. By live shows I mean the art of making yourself available on concerts, and performing your music live on the stage without demanding for any fee.

There are many shows available every now and then in Nigeria, you should ensure that you build your connect base so as to know when every show is taking place and plan well to attend.

When Tuface first started out in the Plantation boyz group as brook guys, the only way they were able to sale their music brand to Nigerians was through free live shows.

By promoting your songs through live shows, you stand a chance of being recognized by the big music promotion companies in Nigeria. Do this right, and your journey into fame is only a step away.

At the end of your live show, try to give out your contact number so that people can always reach out to you for more show, and with this, you gain more exposure and the chance of being seen by more music promoters.

Using Social Media

using social media to promote your song in nigeria

How to promote my music on social media in Nigeria is a question that have been asked by many Nigerians seeking to make it big in the music industry.

The power of social media in music promotion in Nigeria can never be overemphasized. These days, the best place to start trending for free is on social media.

To promote your music on social medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, you have to sign up with them and be active. Ensure you upload your song on your social media handles and tag as many friends as possible to ensure that the music gets to as many persons as possible.

To promote your music on Facebook free in Nigeria, create a new post on your Facebook about your music and tag your friends on it. Encourage them to share the music on their timeline and also tag their friends along. With this, your music will go viral in matter of days.

Actually, Facebook and Instagram are the two best social medias to promote songs free in Nigeria and everywhere else around the world.

Music Promotion Companies

There are many music promotion companies in Nigeria that you can partner with to promote your music without stress. However, the cost of music promotion in Nigeria could range from 30,000 for each music to 150,000, depending on the promotion company you are working with.

If you can afford their services as an upcoming artist, I strongly recommend going for them right away, as they have the resources needed to push your song into the mainstream of the society, and connect you with the right persons easily.

Below is the list of top music promotion companies in Nigeria:

  1. Best N’ Mix Studios
  2. eNuelMedia
  3. 1710 Media
  4. Target Media
  5. Explicit Multimedia Agency
  6. Naija Mix Entertainment
  7. Theblow360entertainment
  8. Naija Artiste Promotions
  9. Derebels Records
  10. Kles Media

Making Use Of Personal Blog

While there are many ways to promote your song as an upcoming artist in Nigeria, most of them requires a huge investment capital, which many upcoming artists can not afford at the time being.

However, owing a personal blog, and using it in the promotion of your new song can be the cheapest way to promote your music in Nigeria.

Its quite simple, create a website and upload your music on it, then use your social media handles like Facebook to direct people to your personal blog where they can download the song free and help you share it. This approach sounds simple but highly effective.

You can also reach out to other blog owners in Nigeria, to send your song to them, so they can help you advertise it on their sites and refer people back to your site to assess the songs.

Uploading Song On Youtube Channel

If you have a music video, YouTube can be a great place to promote the music video for free. Simply create a new YouTube channel and upload the new music video there. Ensure you properly optimize the video so that people can see and watch it.

However, before the video starts to play, ensure you state that you are looking for sponsors, so that potential sponsors can see the video and contact you.

And like always, you can still use social media to direct people to your Youtube channel to watch your music videos. The goal is for you to be known by as many persons as possible. Youtube is a good source of music promotion in Nigeria 2020.

Make Songs Available For Free Download

I know you want to make money with your music, but at the level where you are still seeking out ways to promote your songs, the best way to do that is to make your songs available for free downloads.

There are many sites in Nigeria where you can promote your music and offer them for free download. Believe me, these sites gives you and your songs instant recognitions, and a better chance of being known by the big music promotion companies in Nigeria.

Below is the list of top music promotion sites in Nigeria 2020:


Paid Adverts

The most effective way to promote your music as an upcoming artist in Nigeria is to use paid adverts. Paid adverts gives your music an instant boost, and gives your new song instant visibility that would normally take many years to achieve without the paid ad.

As internet keeps increasing, so are the many ways of running paid adverts.

Below are the top paid advert channels to promote your song effectively in Nigeria:

  1. Facebook paid ads
  2. Google Adword
  3. Instagram Paid Ads
  4. Youtube Paid Advertisement
  5. Sponsored Adverts On Blog Sites

The above are some of the best ways to promote your song in Nigeria with paid advertisements. While they are all effective, the one you chose is dependent on what works for you. If you can afford it, I encourage you to pick at least 3 of these ways to promote your new song. Remember, you can always start with a low budget and grow progressively.

The Cost Of Music Promotion In Nigeria 2020

The cost of music promotion in Nigeria is not fixed at all, it all depends on the method you chose to use in the promotion of your new or existing song.

To promote your music using the services of the top music promotion companies, you will budget between N30,000 to N100,000. To promote your music on Facebook paid ads, you can budget between N5,000 to N50,000, On Youtube, budget between N100,000 to N500,000, On sponsored adverts on sites, budget between N20,000 to N100,000, and on Google adword, budject around N50,000


In this article, we have covered the various ways to promote your song in Nigeria as an upcoming artist. It should be noted that the music industry is becoming more and more competitive by the day as more persons are making their ways into the industry.

One good way to force yourself in like others is to engage in an effective music promotion. Ensure to try out a couple of ways that we have fully explained in this article, and use the comment section below to share your problems with us. Who knows, you could get some help.

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