Top 5 Websites To Download Nigerian Movies Free In 2021

This article is about the best websites to download Nigerian movies free in 2020. The recommended websites to download Nigerian movies  for free are quite few. Discover the best of them in this article.

Nigerian movies which is globally known by the name Nollywood movies has come a long way. It started way back as an ordinary backyard play. Now, Nollywood movies has gone global, and currently ranks among the top 3 movie industries worldwide.

I enjoy watching Nigerian movies a lot because it provides a platform in which we view what is happening within our very own society as opposed to the foreign movies that are mostly fictional.

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If you are reading this article, chances are that you are an ardent lover of Nollywood movies too right? If yes, then permit me to introduce you to the top 5 websites to download Nigerian movies free in 2020.

But before we start, and for the benefit of the non initiates in this, let’s attempt to answer one basic question, what is Nollywood ?

What Is Nollywood ?

Nollywood is a term that is used to represent the industry that is in charge of Nigerian movies.

At the moment, Nollywood is considered among the best movie industries globally as it is currently placed among the top 3 movie industries around the world, while producing more than 2oo unique movies per month.

The figure above is pretty an impressive one. The industry act movies on various genres such as action, epic, romance, tragedy among other interesting movie lines that will sure keep you entertained all day.

Top 5 Websites To Download Nigerian Movies For Free

There are many websites for Nigerian movies available on the internet today.

However, below is the list of the top websites to download latest Nigerian movies 2020:

  1. IrokoTV App
  2. Netnaija
  3. Naijapals
  4. Realnolly TV
  5. Nollyland

IrokoTV App:

irokotv sites homepage

One of the best websites to download Nigerian movies free is Irokotv. This website allows you to both watch and download your favourite Nigerian movies completely free of charge.

It has been known by many Nigerians as the Netflix of Africa due to its high quality video contents which are regularly being updated to suit your needs.

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With Irokotv, you are sure to have access to an unlimited number of premier world-class movie for Nigerians. No matter your physical location, you can always download the latest Nigerian movies and Ghanaian movies at will free.

Irokotv mobile app for android can be downloaded here for your unlimited Nigerian movies download

For IrokoTv movie download, visit their official website here


netnaija homepage

Netnaija is also among the top websites for Nigerian movies in 2020. With Netnaija, you can have access to watch and download the top rated Nigerian movies free from anywhere around the globe.

Officially one of the best sites to download Nollywood movies, Netnaija has been able to rise like the phoenix from the ashes, as its among the leading  website which gives Nigerians unlimited access to download Nigerian movies free

Netnaija equally gives you the ability to watch movies and TV contents from around the world from your smartphone easily. You can stream Yoruba movies, watch comedies and other categories of entertainment from this Nigerian movie website.

Netnaija also doubles as the best site to download foreign movies in Nigeria as it offers tons of foreign movies for free download.

Click here to visit the official site of Netnaija and start downloading the hottest Nigerian movies of 2020.

NaijaPals: homepage

Naijapals is another top-rated site to download Nigerian movies free. With its intuitive searching and categorization feature, it easily gives you the opportunity to search for any particular trending Nollywood movie you want to watch and download it immediate for free.

This free to download movie site in Nigeria is considered among the best websites for Nigerian movies. Started in 2007, Naijapals has risen to become a household name when it comes to the trending Nollywood movies to download now.

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You can use its jump to any scene feature to quickly navigate through the movie, if you want to watch just the highlight of the said naija movies.

What more can we say about this amazing website for Nigerian movies? To begin your download, kindly visit their official website here 


realnollytv homepage

Realnollytv is also among the best Nigerian sites to download free Nollywood movies in 2020. The website has a wide range of Nigerian movie categories for your viewing pleasure.

Videos can either be watched online or downloaded on your device free. With Realnollytv, you never have to miss out on any many Nollywood movies download, as almost all the trending Nigerian movies are published there for free downloads.

What are you waiting for, visit the site here to start Nigerian and African movies free.

Nollyland: homepage

Another movie website in Nigeria which can be rightly called the Netflix of Africa is Nollyland. With this free site for Nigerian movie download, you can have access to download and watch both Nigerian movies, Ghanaian movies, yoruba movies and many other African TV shows.

Movies can also be watched in HD or in MP4 format. Click to visit Nollyland website to begin downloading your Nigerian movies now.

Other top sites to download Nigerian movies free includes:

  1.  Buzz Nigeria
  2. Naij
  3. Naijaonpoint
  4. Nigerianfilmz
  5. 123 Movies
  6. Nigerian Nation
  7. 9jadownload

These are among the best sites to download movies free

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