Top 5 MLM Companies In Nigeria To Partner With In 2021

With over a hundred multilevel marketing companies in Nigeria 2020, it could become a daunting task trying to decide which to partner with.

All MLM company in Nigeria lay claims of being great, but how true are these claims? Many Nigerians have had the unsavory experience of partnering with the wrong MLM companies in past years.

While many of the popular multilevel marketing companies in Nigeria have low incentives for weak marketers, the best MLM in Nigeria 2020 is largely unknown to many.

In order not to do the trial and error yourself and learn the hard way, we at have research about these MLM companies and have compiled the list of top 5 network marketing companies in Nigeria with the best packages to help you earn passive income regularly.

In line of the above observation, this article seeks among other things to help you identify the best MLM companies in Nigeria and make more passive income. If you are excited about this, then I encourage you to continue reading through.

But before then, and just for the benefit of the non initiates on MLM, permit me to write a little about multilevel marketing.

What Is MLM All About?

Most of us have heard about Multi-level marketing before, but some still don’t really know what it truly means.

MLM is an acronym which stands for Multi Level Marketing, and it’s a system of marketing products of a particular company with the view of earning some commission through your sales and even the sales of the persons you introduce into the marketing platform.

While MLM companies have their areas of differences, their unifying factor is on the use or sell of products

The logic is quite simple, if you cannot sell much product, invite people into the MLM program who can sell, and you can earn much more on passive income.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A MLM In Nigeria

featurs of a good network marketing company

There are many variables that determine a good Multilevel marketing.

All the latest MLM in Nigeria 2020 have the following in common:

  • Good product: The life wire of every network marketing in Nigeria is a good product. You want to partner with a MLM company whose products are in high demand due to its quality. The MLM with poor product quality is doomed to fail already.
  • Accessibility: You want to partner with the MLM with physical address here in Nigeria. While many multilevel marketing companies operate in Nigeria, most of them don’t have any physical address here. This of course comes with lots of issues you don’t want to face.
  • Membership of a professional body: Any MLM that is not a registered member of DSA or MLMIA should be avoided at all cost.
  • Age: You need to partner with a MLM that have been in operation for a considerable number of years and still waxing strong. Such companies will have large customer and product base, which you can easily use to your advantage.

Top 5 MLM Companies In Nigeria 2020

Haven surveyed over 50 MLM companies in Nigeria, we have identified the best ones among the rest.

Here is the list of 5 best MLM companies in Nigeria 2020:

  1. Longrich
  2. Max International
  3. Norland Nigeria
  4. Alliance In Motion Global
  5. Trevo Nigeria


longrich nigeria pics

While there are many MLM companies in Nigeria, Longrich entrance into the industry has drastically changed the rules of the game with innovations and packages that goes beyond the ordinary plane.

located in southern China, Longrich majors in the production of top cosmetic and healthcare products which many households need on daily basis.

They became operational in Nigeria in 2012, and has helped thousands of Nigerians escape the rat race of poverty.

With their excellent structure, compensation plan and product lines, just about anyone can make it big by simply partnering with them.

Top Reasons To Join Longrich MLM In Nigeria

Below is the top reasons to join Longrich today in Nigeria:

  • You stand a chance to win a scholarship to do your Masters abroad completely free, no other MLM company in Nigeria does that.
  • Longrich has a range of quality daily consumables that families need on a day-to-day basis. From toothpaste to soup and body creams, etc. Simply switch your brand as a member by using longrich products at home and start earning immediately.
  • You don’t pay any registration fee unlike most MLM companies that operate in Nigeria. To start, you just need to buy the product worth a particular entry level and you are already a full member that is entitled to all the benefits.
  • You don’t need to meet any monthly targets or buy PVs if you must earn. Also, your weekly bonuses are directly paid into your Nigerian bank account.
  • At longrich, team work is the key, you don’t earn from just your personal labor alone, you leverage on the works of your downline till the very last point of it.

Max International

max international pics

Max international is among the latest network marketing business in Nigeria 2020 that has blessed the lives of many Nigerians, not only financially but health wise also.

Relatives new in Nigeria, Max international was officially opened in Nigeria on 26 October 2016, and has quickly spread across the whole 36 states of the country due to the benefits that comes with partnering with the healthcare MLM company in Nigeria.

By any standard, Max international is among the top network marketing companies in Nigeria 2020.

Top Reasons To Join Max International In Nigeria

Below is the top reasons to partner with Max International in Nigeria today:

  • By partnering with Max international, you enjoy the privilege of partaking in the global profit of their breakthrough inventions.
  • Max has a wide range of excellent product that guarantees the health of you and your loved ones. Selling some of these products gives you an additional source of cashflow.
  • Ability to win SUVs and all expense paid trip to Asia, Europe and America.
  • Excellent compensation plan, as you are richly rewarded each time you or your downline sell any product. On this, Max international is among the top MLM company in Nigeria with the best bonus packages.

Norland Nigeria

norland nigeria pics

Norland MLM is among the best MLM in Nigeria 2020. It company came prepared to revolutionize the network marketing business in the world and in Nigeria to be specific.

It has patented many ground breaking products that are making wave both on the global scale and in Nigeria, like the famous Mebo GI, to mention a few.

Because of its excellent product lines and compansation plans, Norland has enjoyed huge patronage from Nigerians as it currenly has over a million Norlanders across all the states in Nigeria.

Top Reasons To Join Norland Nigeria

Below is the top reasons to join Norland Nigeria in 2020:

  • Norland Nigeria offers you the opportunity to be a proud owner of 2020 SUVs at no additional cost to you.
  • The MLM company is still new in Nigeria, which means that the market for it is still growing and has not been over saturated unlike many other MLM of similar standing.
  • Since the products are what people use everyday in their households like toothpaste, soup, cream, etc, it means that selling these products will be fun and easy.
  • In Norland, there are about 9 different ways that you can earn from. This was designed to make sure that every body, irrespective of your skill set earns on a weekly basis.

Alliance In Motion Global

alliance in motion global pics

Looking for the best MLM company to join in Nigeria? Alliance is among the top network marketing company to consider in Nigeria.

This company has been in business for over 10 years now, offering great value to millions of lives globally.

Even while there are many competing MLM companies operational in Nigeria, Alliance has proven to be a worthy competitor, and has thus been considered among the top MLM companies in Nigeria by many onbservers.

Reasons To Join Alliance In Motion MLM

There are many reasons to join alliance global. However, below are some of the most important ones:

  • You stand a chance to win a scholarship to study at the world most reputable institutions completely free of charge.
  • The major reason to join Alliance MLM is that their product line is second to non. The reorders of alliance food supplements is high due to its high qualities. With this, you can always make more sales easily and earn more.
  • With a very strong commitment to team building, winning an SUV is something that an entire team not just one person can easily win.
  • You can easily monitor the activities of all your team members to know how they are performing online.

Trevo Nigeria

trevo nigeria pics

Another good MLM company in Nigeria is Trevo. This network marketing is radically different from other MLM operating in Nigeria because unlike others, the only have an all-in-one product that you are required to promote.

Reasons To Join Trevo Multilevel Marketing Business

There are many benefits of joining Trevo MLM company in Nigeria. These include but not limited to the following:

  • Parnering with Trevo gives you access to a free domicellary account and a website.
  • After paying the initial 34,000 naira registration fee, you are not required to pay any other money through.
  • As Trevo member, you are only promoting one product which contains many nuetraceutical contents. This reduces your workload in marketing just one product.
  • You are not encouraged by Trevo to buy products with your money, you are rather encouraged to focus on team building.
  • You dont have to put yourself into any stress by trying to meet set monthly targets. You only work at your own pace and choosing.


The goal of this article was not to show you how to register in these top MLM companies, the goal is to help you identify the best of them all in Nigeria. With this, you can carry out specific research into how to become a member and other information you need to know in order to do well in the business.

In this article, we have explored the top 5 network marketing companies in Nigeria that anyone can join and stand a good chance of becoming financially free.

While you can make a furtune out of MLM in Nigeria, remember that the goal is not for you to depend on MLM business structures alone. The goal is for you to use it as a passive income in funding your offline businesses.

We at don’t encourage our readers to have only one source of income. Having many sources of income is the key.

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