Top 5 Generator Brands And Prices In Nigeria 2021

This article is about the best generator brands and prices in Nigeria 2020. However, we shall concentrate on the top 5 most durable generator brands in Nigeria and their prices.

If you intend to buy a generator in Nigeria, then this article will enable you make the right choice in choosing an enduring and efficient generator brand to buy.

The necessity of having a generator in Nigeria can never be over emphasized, given the state of the Nigerian power supply system.

We all know that many locations in Nigeria can stay for more than 1 month without seeing light in their houses and business shops and offices.

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For more than 65 years now, this seemingly hopeless situation has endured, leaving many Nigerians to wonder whether there will ever be a time when the power supply system in Nigeria will get better.

As Nigerians, since the government is not doing too well, we mostly rely on ourselves to provide all the necessities of life for ourselves, including power supplies.

The border is opened though for all manner of imported goods, including generators. But it should interest you to know that not all these Chinese imported brands are of durable quality.

Hence, if you are reading this article, chances are that you want to know the best generator brand in Nigeria that can endure over time. If yes, then continue reading as I will show you the best generator brands in Nigeria.

But before going into the details of these best generator brands in Nigeria, lets answer an important question

What is Power Generators?

Power generators goes by many names in Nigeria like generators, Gen, plant and at times “I better pass my neighbour”. All these terms are used interchangeably to mean one and the same thing – A machine that is used to generate independent power supply for use at home or anywhere else.

What is the meaning of KVA for a generator? KVA stands for Kilo-Volt-Ampere which is used to determine the level of power output that a particular generator can generate. Hence, the capacity of generators are measured by the number of KVA they have. A higher KVA equals more performance.

Power generators in Nigeria are the major means in which Nigerians do have access to power supplies at home, since the national power generating mechanism seems dead and performs too abysmal.

And on this note, i present to you the top 5 generator brands in Nigeria 2020

Top 5 Generator Brands And Prices In Nigeria

The list of the best generator brands in Nigeria includes:

  1. Honda
  2. Sumec Firman
  3. Elemax
  4. Elepaq
  5. Thermocool

Honda Generators:

hunda generator brand in nigeria

Every Honda product is normally built with durable materials. People mostly know Honda to be a brand that specializes in the manufacturing of cars, but their generators are also of very high quality.

The best generator brand in Nigeria 2020 is Honda generators. Honda generators are usually the best, as the mostly come with 4 stroke engines, which greatly increases its fuel management efficiency and durability.

Honda generators are built with starting voltage of 450V upwards. The current price of Honda generators in Nigeria starts at N55,000 upwards. A bit expensive right? Yes, but the quality justifies the price, if you ask me.

Honda generators comes in different sizes and capacities. The one you go for is dependent on what you want to use it for. However, they are all good anyways.

Sumec Firman Generators:

Sumec firman generator brand

Sumec firman generator are generally considered among the best generator brand in Nigeria. This generator is built with long lasting materials, which explains its popularity among many Nigerian households.

Sumec firman generators is among the top rated generator brands in Nigeria both in terms of its prices, fuel efficiency and durability.

This top generator brand starts with an output of 0.9KVA up to 9KVA. You can use a semec firman generator to power some of your home appliances like your small refrigerator, your TV and DVD player, including your bulbs and ceiling fan.

The current price of Sumec firman generator in Nigeria starts at N42,000 for a 0.9KVA type and can cost significantly more depending on your location and the seller.

Elemax Generators:

pics of elemax generator brand in nigeria

Elemax generators are among the top brand generators in Nigeria in 2020. The come in different capacities and price range. The power output of Elemax generators starts at 2KVA.

A 2KVA elemax generator can power almost all your home appliances, including your small fridge, TV set, home theater amongs few other appliance.

The current price of a 2KVA elemax generator cost around N200,000. Elemax generators are highly efficient and reliable brand which gives you real value for your money. You can purchase them both online and on stores too from accredited agents.

Elepaq Generators:

pics of elepaq generator brand in nigeria

The current price of a 1.3 KVA elepaq generator in Nigeria is around N40,000 depending on the seller. Elepaq generators are infamously known for producing high noise, which many Nigerians fines repulsive.

However, the fact that this generator brand conserves fuel a lot makes it a household name in Nigeria and one of the best generator brands in Nigeria.

What is the cheapest generator brand in Nigeria? The cheapest high capacity generator brand in Nigeria is Elepaq generators.

A 1.3 KVA elepaq generator can confortably carry most of your household appliances with ease. If you need more, you can go for the ones with higher KVAs.

Thermocool Generators:

thermocool generator brand in nigeria

Thermocool are mostly known in Nigeria for their top-notch refrigerators. What many don’t know is that they equally produce one of the best generator sets anywhere else in Nigeria.

Thermocool generator brands are often very expensive in relation to other top brands above. It comes in many types and categories. The current price of a 1.1KVA thermocool generator cost around N60,000 in Nigeria.

However, when you consider its durability, its fuel management capacity as well as other factors, then you can see that it is among the top 5 generator brands in Nigeria. Most Nigerians considers it the best generator brand in Nigeria by all possible index.

How To Choose The Right Generator To Buy In Nigeria

If you intend to buy a generator in Nigeria, there are certain things that should guide you in choosing a generator to buy in Nigeria.

The things to consider when buying a generator in Nigeria includes:

  1. Durability
  2. Fuel efficiency
  3. Noise level
  4. Total power output
  5. Availability of spare parts


How durable is the generator brand? On this note, you may need to inquire from your friends who are already using that particular brand that you want to buy for an honest review.

Fuel Efficiency:

Fuel efficiency is another important determinant to consider which choosing the best generator brand in Nigeria. Since you are likely going to be running the power generator often, you wouldn’t want to spend all your fortunes only on fuels, would you?

Noise Level:

One factor that places a generator among the top 5 generator brands in Nigeria is the level of noise emission it produces.

Most generator brands in Nigeria produces a lot of noise. And am sure you don’t want to have such around your neighbourhood, would you?

Total Power Output:

While going for the best generator brand in Nigeria, you should endeavour to pick the one with a high power output. A generator that can carry all your home appliances at once. It’s not always advisable to go for the i better pass my neighbour kind of generators.

Availability Of Spare Parts:

You don’t want to  buy a generator set that don’t have any spare part available around your locality. That will be a disaster you know?

In choosing the right generator to buy, you must make sure that the brand that you chose has spare parts in the Nigerian markets.

The Best Key Start Generators & Prices In Nigeria 2020

Technology is growing on a daily basis. On this, the traditional way of starting generators are gradually fading away in place of their modern key starting ones.

You may ask, what are the best key start generators in Nigeria in 2020?

The best key start generators to buy in Nigeria includes:

  1. Elopaq 4.5 KVA generator
  2. senwei key start generator
  3. Luthian key start generator
  4. Bison gasoline key start generators

Elopaq 4.5 KVA key start generator:

The price of elopaq 4.5 KVA generator is 102,000 naira on jumia store.

Senwei Key start Generator:

Senwei key start generators generally cost between N85,000 to 120,000 in Nigeria

Luthian Key Start Generators:

Luthian key start generators are quite efficient and cost effective as well. You can buy one on Jumia for N135,000

Bison Gasoline Key Start generators:

The cost of bison gasoline key start generator is around N120,000 upwards.

Best Remote Start Generator brands and prices in Nigeria 2020

While key start generators are obvious improvement to the traditional power generators, remote start generators comes with smart features that makes life even much easier.

By remote start generators, we mean those generators which can be turned on and off with a smartphone, or with any device with an active internet connection. Sounds pretty good right?

With a remote start feature in a generator, you don’t need to be physically present or close to your generator before you can turn it on/off. This becomes particularly useful when the weather outside is not too friendly for you to go out to turn it off.

Below is the list of best remote start generators brands and prices in Nigeria 2020:

  1. Sumec firman
  2. Luthian
  3. Thermocool
  4. Elepaq
  5. Honda

Sumec Firman: The price of a Sumec Firman remote start generator starts at N140,000, and can cost more, depending on the seller. You can buy on jumia here

Luthian: The price of Luthian remote start 6.9 KVA generator is N260,000 in Jumia. It can be assessed offline at a slightly cheaper price, depending on location and the seller.

Thermocool: The price of Thermocool remote start 7KVA generator starts at N297,000 in Nigeria, and can cost significantly more. Thermocool generators are usually more expensive than most brands in Nigeria.

Other notable remote start generators in Nigeria includes:



Do well to check them all out as they add more value to the whole power generating experience.

Its our view that this article on the best generator brands and prices in Nigeria was helpful to you?

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