Top 5 Free Online Dating Sites In Nigeria 2021 To Find True Love

There is a man for every woman, and there is a woman for every man. However, people don’t just get to know themselves like that without putting some conscious effort to mingle.

Online dating sites in Nigeria 2020 are those sites that connects single Nigerian men with single ladies seeking true love. No one can truly tell where they will finally meet the love of their lives, is there anyone who can? Many Nigerians have however found true love on the internet.

While some Nigerians don’t like online dating sites, many others are quite crazy about it, and have thus reaped the benefits that comes with it, which is finding true love.

top free dating sites in Nigeria

Some Nigerian guys are naturally too shy to woo girls, hence the leverage the power of free online dating sites in connecting with the persons they crush on.

These hookup sites in Nigeria 2020 have been a portal that has connected many guys to their true loves, which have resulted into long-lasting relationships and marriages today.

If you are reading this article, chances are that you are seeking to know some mature dating sites in Nigeria for hookup? If that is the case, then stay put and read till the end.

But before going into the top 5 free dating sites in Nigeria 2020, you may want to ask, what are dating sites all about?

What Are Online Dating Sites In Nigeria All About?

Online dating sites are those websites that serves as portals where people come to meet with other people with the view of exchanging personal information and building relationships, which could later become personal and mostly sexual.

While there are many good hookup sites in Nigeria, most of them within this category are not free. However, we have taken our time to assemble the top 5 free online dating sites for serious relationships in Nigeria where you can find true love easily. This will be discoursed presently.

Qualities Of Good Online Dating Sites In Nigeria 2020

Like we said earlier, there are many dating sites for singles to mingle in Nigeria, however, you don’t want to waste your time on most of them.

Below are the things that makes a dating site worth it in Nigeria 2020:

  1. The dating site has to be 100% free so that singles can have access to it. Money can discourage many good candidates from signing up on the dating site, and hence would limit your chances of finding true love.
  2. The phone numbers of the ladies should be easily assessable by the guys.
  3. The option to make voice and video calls should be available.
  4. The dating site in Nigeria should have the ability to match people base on their stated interests. This makes it easier to start communicating with the matched person.
  5. It should be loaded with modern features of communication like emojis, Gif and other means of adding spices to communication.

Top 5 Free Online Dating Sites In Nigeria 2020

Below is the list of 5 top online dating sites in Nigeria 2020 for instant hookup:

  2. Hookup.Ng
  5. Christains.Ng

Sexy Naija as the name suggests is among the best dating sites in Nigeria 2020 and has since caught the attention of many Nigerians over the years.

One interesting thing about sexy Naija dating site is the fact that you can meet single ladies in Nigeria with their phone numbers freely, without going through stress to get them.

Established in 2005, the site has simply gone from good to better over the years, helping thousands of Nigerian singles to mingle with more ease. A lot of persons have found true love in this amazing site. With this, has established itself among the best free dating online sites in Nigeria 2020.

All you need do is to sign up for a free account on the site, and you can use their many features to easily navigate through until you find a hookup partner who could make your day. Its as simple as that.


Another great dating site in Nigeria is Hookup.Ng. Just as the name implies, its a Nigerian based site that helps single men and ladies find love online.

One great feature that places HookupNg as one of the top free dating sites in Nigeria is its ability to match persons base on location and stated interests.

Interestingly, it has a dynamic way of knowing the kind of persons you are looking for, and would not hesitate in recommending them to you for some quick hookups.

it also came with the ability for you to personally search for the kind of ladies or guys you are interested in, from the long list of potential matches, you can always try your luck until you get to the right person that will lead to a lasting relationship or casual fun.

Above all, Hookup.Ng is among the top free dating sites in Nigeria because it simplifies the process of finding love, even for the guys who are shy to talk to ladies physically. homepage

Naija planet also known as the rich Nigerian dating site is also another great site to find Nigerian hookups free. You can access a limited number of things when you have not yet signed up for a free account on

However, all these goes away the moment you create a free account with them. With Naijaplanet, you can specify the kind of relationship you are interested in, whether it’s a sexual one or a lasting relationship. With this information, the site can easily connect you with people having similar interest.

With this arrangement, getting a real partner on the basis of shared interest becomes a matter of time. Generally, is among the top free dating site in Nigeria 2020 to find mature dating partners for free. homepage is among the top mature dating sites in Nigeria where you can find people who are really ready to settle down for good.

Tinder dating site gives you the opportunity to date mature Nigerian ladies free. If you are finding it difficult getting into any relationship for some reasons, I can almost guarantee you that you will find a hookup partner on

Tinder dating site do match over 20million related partners each day, and with such huge population, there is just enough hookups for everybody. Simply make yourself available and declare your interest to be matched, the system does the rest for you free of charge.

It’s the best rich Nigerian dating site you can find entirely free on the internet today. Sign up by visiting with your browser, and thank me later.

Generally, I see as a unique free dating site where anyone can easily find true love.

Christians.NG homepage

If you are looking for a dating site where you can find true Christian brothers and sisters to date, then Christians.Ng is the right choice for you. The philosophy of is similar to that of some of the Islamic dating sites in Nigeria where Muslims go to find love base on their religious codes.

As a person who values Christian ethics and morals, I consider Christian.Ng as the best free dating site in Nigeria for many reasons, top among them is the fact that it regulates and frowns at any form of immoral usage of words, while promoting good Christian values to their members.

On this dating site, you can easily request for a girls number and start something more personal from there. I personally recommend dating site to anyone seeking to find a religious partner in Nigeria.

List Of Top Free Dating Apps In Nigeria To Download

Below is the list of top 5 free dating apps in Nigeria 2020 to download to your android phone right now:

  • SexyNaija mobile app
  • Hookup mobile app
  • Naijaplanet dating app
  • Tinder dating app
  • Christains dating app

Each of this free dating apps can be downloaded free via playstore or by simply doing a simple google search on them.

If you are still among the many Nigerian singles fighting so hard to find true love, the internet has simplified the work for you. All you need do is to sign up on these top free dating sites in Nigeria, and if you are committed at it, in less than 1 month, you will be going out on your first date with a girl or guy you met online through online dating sites in Nigeria.

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