Top 16 Things To Buy in Dubai And Sell in Nigeria

Are you asking “what can I import from Dubai to Nigeria?” Then this article is for you as it contains the top 16 things to buy in Dubai and sell in Nigeria.

A lot of Nigerians like shopping for things abroad rather than in our local markets.

The reasons are either they want quality items or such items are not available in Nigeria.

Besides traveling for site seeing, romantic getaways or business trips, a lot of Nigerians who own shops or businesses in Nigeria buy their products in foreign countries and then bring them down to Nigeria to sell to their local customers who love quality products.

One of such foreign countries where Nigerians buy things from and come to sell in Nigeria is Dubai.

Dubai is known for its beauty and glamour besides its reputation for luxury.

The fact that Dubai is beautiful and a home for most quality items have made it a destination for most individuals who want to get gift items, products to sell or vacation.

Dubai has become widely known for its beautiful shopping places with their tax-free system.

The reputation of Dubai as a center for great malls and shops has made Nigerians, as well as people from several other countries, travel down to purchase quality items to sell back home.

Every couple, family or individual who travels to Dubai for any reason would be tempted to buy an item to take back home.

Besides big shopping malls and large market places, Dubai is known for its hotels.

Our focus today is on the purchase of items aspect. Given the high demand for quality products like jewelry and so on, A lot of business owners now travel over to Dubai to purchase most of these items in order to sell back home.

Dubai is rich in great market places and top-class shopping centers. This gives travelers a good number of options when they want to purchase items.

Regardless of your purpose of shopping, Dubai got you covered with their exquisite items of immense values.

For business people who intend going shopping for items in Dubai, here are some of the things to buy in Dubai and sell in Nigeria.

16 Things To Buy in Dubai And Sell in Nigeria

In this section, I will show you the 16 products you can import from Dubai to Nigeria.

1. The Arabic Attar

The first thing you can buy from Dubai and sell in Nigeria is the Arabic Attar. This is a perfume oil that is non-alcoholic and unisex.

It is widely used by both men and women to make their own personal fragrance. It comes in various fragrance and the prices differ depending on the quality of the content.

2. The Shisha Pipe

Shisha Pipe is also one of the things to buy in Dubai and sell in Nigeria. The shisha is the flavored substance applied on a hookah pipe.

This is a very common practice in the middle east and it is also used as home décor.

The hookah pipe is beautifully crafted and comes in various designs, just like the Shisha which comes in various unique flavors so buyers can have a variety of choices.

3. Dubai Dried Fruits

The Dubai dried fruits are a huge part of their culture and it is used in great celebrations like the RAMADAN where it is eaten to break their fast and sometimes given as gift items in celebrations.

This is another great thing to buy from Dubai and sell in Nigeria, as they are very rich in certain nutrients and have huge health benefits.

4. The Persian Rugs & Carpets

The Persian Rugs and Carpets is one of the things to buy in Dubai and sell in Nigeria.

These items are quite expensive and they come with great value.

The quality they possess makes their prices stay on the high side and the good part about them is that they can be re-sold at any time.

The great thing about these carpets is that they come in various designs and styles making it easier to make choices.

It is also possible to get one designed according to your taste.

5. The Camel Milk Chocolate

This is a locally made item in Dubai and it is produced by a single company known as Al Nassma.

The camel milk chocolate was initially produced locally for consumption but has now been exported around the world.

This particular item comes in different varieties and are all top quality in their various forms.

6. The Oudh

The Oudh is also one of the things to buy from Dubai and sell in Nigeria.

This is a sweet-smelling oil with a beautiful fragrance. It gives a very captivating aroma to a room or place where it is applied.

This oil is quite expensive and most times people use it in place of scenting candles because of its long-lasting effect when applied.

7. Pashmina Shawls

Quality pashmina shawls are quite expensive and they are crafted from cashmere.

This cashmere is then applied to linens which after certain processes of creation becomes a quality pashmina shawl and its quite beautiful on women.

8. Arabic Coffee Pot and Coffee

The Arabic coffee dates back to their history as a traditional drink.

The taste of Arabic coffee is quite different from the normal coffee that most coffee lovers are accustomed to.

It has a unique taste and is medicinal in terms of its effect health-wise. This coffee is best served and preserved in a special coffee pot.

This coffee pot has its ability to keep it hot and fresh for a long time. The pot is called DALLAH and it can also be used as a house-hold décor.

10. Dubai Spices

If you are looking for things to buy from Dubai and sell in Nigeria, the spices are definitely one of them.

One very unique thing that Dubai is known for is its beautiful spices which stand them out from various middle eastern countries.

Dubai is home for captivating spices and it makes their local dishes unique.

These spices are in different varieties and it gives the buyer the ability to make choices from the various options presented.

10. The Gold Jewelry

Gold is a very rare commodity and that attracts a very high value to it.

A lot of people are willing to pay any amount of money to acquire such items so business people travel to Dubai to purchase gold jewelry or items to sell back home to their customers.

Although the price for gold is quite on the expensive side but it makes it worth the value and wealthy customers who want quality items of gold nature are willing to pay any amount to have them.

11. Lanterns

Dubai has a great sense of design even down to lanterns.

The beautiful writings and carvings on the body of their lanterns with gold or silver body works, stands as a gorgeous item to be placed as a décor for homes.

These lanterns are of various sizes and designs which makes it a creative blend of culture and fantasy.

12. Electronics.

Beautiful electronics like sound systems and the host of others can be gotten in the major malls in Dubai with reasonable discounts applied.

They offer high-quality electronics that are sometimes embedded with beautiful Arabic writings that make them attractive.

13. Incense Holders

For those who love incense or are religiously inclined to having one, Dubai offers great incense holders with beautiful designs.

These incense holders are remarkably crafted in such a way that it is both authentic and beautiful.

14. Shoes

Dubai malls have a great display of nice foot-wears ranging from sneakers to sandals.

For those who love unique and quality foot-wears, Dubai is your destination.

The traditional sandals that go with their wears can be purchased in both malls and big market places.

15. Jewel Chest

Women who have a long line of jewelry collections would need a place to keep them safe and what better place to get that other than in Dubai.

This makes the Jewel chest one of the top things to buy from Dubai and sell in Nigeria.

Their strong and beautifully crafted jewelry chests are displayed in their markets and malls which comes in various sizes and designs.

16. The Quaran Stands

Muslims need a stand for their Quran which holds it above a plain surface and it gives the Quran a unique look which makes it beautifully set.

Muslims around the world come to Dubai to acquire these items and then also use it to beautify their living rooms.

That’s all on some of the things to buy in Dubai and sell in Nigeria.

The items listed above are not the only goods to import from Dubai to Nigeria.

There are many more. However, these are the hot selling products many other online marketers are importing from Dubai and selling in Nigeria.

Now you know what to buy from Dubai and sell in Nigeria. I hope this article helps?

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