This article is a detailed guide on the top 10 paid survey sites in Nigeria 2020, and how you can make money online by surveying products and services. Sounds interesting right? You may want to visit this article to learn more about other ways of making money online in Nigeria.

If you are always making use of the internet, chances are that you must have come across many online survey sites. Issue is, many of them are nothing but scam survey sites that don’t pay.

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To save you the stress of doing trial and error in your search on how to make money online in Nigeria through survey sites, we have come up with a comprehensive list of best 10 online paid survey sites in Nigeria. We do hope that it will be a good guide for you.

Fiverr is also another great way of making money online in Nigeria. To learn more about how to make money on Fiverr in Nigeria in 2020, visit this link

But before we proceed any further, you may want to know what online survey sites are.

What Are Online Paid Survey Sites?

Online paid survey sites are those sites that present various products and services from different manufacturers for people to review them and get paid.


Manufacturers generally requires genuine reviews from the general populace about their products and services, as this will enable them to provide better services to their customers or consumers later on.

Just like we said earlier, there are many scam online paid sites across the internet, just as there are many scammers everywhere trying to defraud people of their hard-earned monies.

top paid survey sites in Nigeria

Partnering with genuine survey sites can be rewarding as much as it can be fun. The fun part of it comes with the level of knowledge you will come to have over various topics and products which you have reviewed in the past from survey sites.

You may have asked yourself, how do online survey sites in Nigeria work?

How Online Paid Survey Sites In Nigeria Work

Just like every other business in the world, online survey sites in Nigeria has a logic of its own, which determines its operation.

In essence, online survey sites provide a platform in which products and services can be reviewed from people in different sociocultural backgrounds. These reviews are usually in the form of questionnaires.

Usually, the reviewer is presented with a lot of predetermined questions on the questionnaire for him to choose the options that best suits his opinion. And in doing so, he gets financial rewards.


Manufacturers and service providers relies on this information from the questionnaires to improve their products and services. That’s why people get paid for reviewing stuffs on paid survey sites.

For instance, as a content publisher, I may choose to present series of questions to my readers, seeking to obtain certain information from them about what they think about my writing skills. Once they complete this task, I personally will pay them certain agreed sum of money in Nigeria. That’s the logic of paid online survey sites.

Actually, it’s not all the reviews that you do online that pays you. Most of the survey sites only begs you to please review some products free. However, in this article, I’m presenting to you the top 10 sites that truly pays you for your time as you survey products and view ads.

It may interest you to note that some of the highest paying online survey sites are websites that pay for viewing ads in Nigeria. On this, you may want to learn the requirements to start using these money making sites.

Requirements To Make Money Through Online Paid Survey Sites In Nigeria 2020

On how to make money through online surveys in Nigeria, there are certain conditions that you must meet to qualify for the program.

These are the requirements to make money through online paid surveys in Nigeria:

  • You must have an electronic device you can use to log into the internet, such as a smartphone or a laptop
  • You must have access to the internet
  • You must be at least 16years of age to qualify for the program, and a working email address.

How To Make Money With Online Paid Survey Sites In Nigeria 2020

There are many high paying survey sites in Nigeria 2020 that you can make a lot of money from. Making money through online paid survey site in Nigeria is a straight forward activity.

  1. Below are the things you should keep in mind, if you must make money through online paid surveys Nigeria:
  2. You should register on the paid survey sites with your correct details.
  3. Most survey sites requires that you install certain number of apps on your smartphone or PC, you should do this always.
  4. Make sure that you have access to your email as most of the top 10 online survey sites in Nigeria sends you surveys through your active email address.
  5. Always ensure that your response to the survey questions are genuine. Never answer survey questions at random, as this will backfire on you once they find out what you are doing.

Having put all these into considerations, lets get started with the top 10 paid survey sites in Nigeria 2020

What Are The Best Paid Survey Sites In Nigeria 2020?

Below is the list of best paid survey sites in Nigeria 2020:

  1. Mogrog
  2. Triaba
  3. The panel station
  4. Paid viewpoint
  5. Quick thoughts
  6. Opinion world
  7. Test Spin
  8. Pay champ
  9. Mobile express
  10. Survey savvy


mobrog nigeria homepage pics

Mobrog is one of the highest paid survey sites in Nigeria 2020. With Mobrog, you can earn some quick money online by simply filling out surveys that they send to you through your email address. Its as simple as that.

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Mobrog (Nigeria) tell their reviewers how long each survey should last and equally the amount of money that you can make while reviewing their products or services. This explains why its among the top paying survey sites in Nigeria this 2020.

Another feature that makes Mobrog one of our top 10 online survey sites in Nigeria is the fact that you can decide to participate in the survey anytime that is convenient for you. That’s why its among the best paid surveys in Nigeria.

Do you own a smartphone or a computer set? Why not try out Mobrog today and make some money online?


triaba nigeria homepage pics

Triaba is among the top 10 online survey websites in Nigeria. It is a multinational online survey site that operates in many other countries of the world, including our own country Nigeria.

This site is among the best paid surveys in Nigeria 2020 by any standard that you want to measure it from.

The site was built with an easy to navigate interface, so that everybody can freely make use of it. At Triaba, you are usually assigned about 10 surveys per month, so that you can take your time to answer the review questions.

One thing that makes it one of the best survey sites in Nigeria is the fact that it pays you in your local currency. Users are also offered the option to be paid using their PayPal account.

A particular survey can pay as much as $5 withing a period of 20 to 30minutes. If you ask me, that’s an impressive point down there. To visit Triaba Nigeria, go to


the panelstation homepage pics

The panel station could be said to be the highest paid survey site in Nigeria 2020 with a lot of reasons which I will show you presently.

With the panel station, you are mostly required to carry a reviews on market surveys in Nigeria, by providing actionable suggestions about products on how they can get better.

Most manufacturers relies on such suggestions to better improve the quality and standard and quality of their products. Each survey that you complete in the panel station survey site, you gain some point. The points that you gain can later be converted into real cash.

The surveys are usually not long, as a typical survey takes less than 20 minutes to complete. These are part of the reasons why the panel station is considered one of the best paid surveys in Africa 2020 and in Nigeria.  To start with the panel station survey program, kindly use this link


paid viewpoint homepage

Paid viewpoint is among the highest paying survey sites in Nigeria as at the time of writing this timely article in 2020.

In our top 10 online paid survey sites in Nigeria, paid viewpoint offers the most dynamic user experience when compared with the other survey sites in Nigeria that we have discourse above.

The surveys that you review are usually sent to your email address, and the tasks involved are usually less than 10 minutes. There are certain commissions that you earn each time you refer somebody to the program.

You are also offered some daily surveys which is designed to boost your earnings daily, for a more speedy cash outs.

Your accumulated commissions can easily be cashed out using PayPal, and voucher cards. Paid viewpoint is among the top 10 online paid survey sites in Nigeria. To get started with paid viewpoints in Nigeria, click on this link


quick thoughts homepage

Quick thoughts is another top paying survey sites in Nigeria as you can earn as much as $3 for some surveys that usually takes less than 30 minutes by simply reviewing some products and services.

In order to simplify the whole experience, quick thoughts built a mobile application, so that you can always have access to one or more surveys per time, and make money online with your smartphones in Nigeria.

The money that you make with quick thoughts can easily be withdrawn in any part of the world using your PayPal account. Quick thoughts is among our top 10 online survey sites in Nigeria in 2020 and one of the best paying survey site in Nigeria.

To get started with quick thought survey site in Nigeria, kindly visit their official site here to sign up.


opinion world survey homepage pics

One good thing about opinion world is the fact that their surveys are usually not long, as a typical survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

You should know that if you have not completed your previously assigned surveys, new ones will not be added. Completing your user profile allows opinion world to send you those surveys that matches your profile description.

This is why opinion world is seen as one of the best survey sites in Nigeria 2020, and also among the highest paying survey sites in Africa as at present.

Once you have acquired points of about $10, you can request for cashouts, which will be sent to you ASAP. To get started with opinion world, kindly use this link to visit their official site 


Test spin is among our list of top 10 survey sites that pays in Nigeria in 2020. At test spin, you may be asked to survey of varying degree of survey categories. While some survey categories rewards you with more points, others gives way less.


But which ever survey that you choose to participate in, you are certain that you are making a lot of money from one of the top paying survey sites in Nigeria. Once you have earned a certain amount of point, you can request for you pay, which you can withdraw using your Payoneer mastercard or PayPal.

To get started with Test Spin, visit their official site with this link


Pay champ is officially our highest paying online survey site in Nigeria, far exceeding others comparatively in many stands as you can earn as much as $90 per survey. Can you believe that?

Its also among the most content rich online paid survey sites in Nigeria, giving the range of survey categories that you can participate in, ranging from real estate, to technology, to music and the rest.

Surveys generally last between 10 to 20 minutes, and your earnings can easily be withdrawn anywhere in the world using your PayPal account. This makes it stand out among our top 10 online paid survey sites in Nigeria in 2020.

You want to sign up for pay champ and start earning in online surveys in Nigeria? Click here to begin


Mobilexpress is among our best paying online survey sites in Nigeria with tons of survey activities to engage in and earn some extra cash online.

One exciting thing about mobilexpress is your possibility of winning an instant $100 as your sign up registration bonus, through their monthly raffle draws. Who knows, you could be the next winner. This is why mobilexpress is among our list of top 10 online paid survey sites in Nigeria.

Just like most other survey sites listed above, the survey don’t last real long, as a typical survey last for less than 15 minutes. Click here to begin participating in mobilexpress



Are you looking for survey sites that pays daily in Nigeria? Then survey savvy is your best shot. This amazing survey site in Nigeria pays you $1 once you complete a survey. Sounds amazing right?

You can never get run out of surveys to review with this survey site. And the amount of money you make is totally dependent on your effort. Survey savvy is among the best survey sites in Nigeria 2020.

There are various ways to earn money with survey savvy. Is there any better way to start earning than to get started? Click here now to sign up for survey savvy.

Other Great Suvey Sites In Nigeria To Consider 2020

The above list of survey sites in Nigeria are not the only viable one that pays.

Below is the list of other paying survey sites you may consider in Nigeria 2020:

  1. Wow app
  2. Hiving survey
  3. Featurepoints
  4. Univox
  5. Clixsense
  6. Cointiply


Gone are the days when we simply look at surveys as scams. The survey sites that we have discoursed above have been tested by my team, and we are all making a lot of money from these sites.

If you found the article informative, you can use the comment section to tell us the one that you consider the best online survey site in Nigeria.

If there is any high paying survey site in Nigeria that we have failed to include on this list, do well to use the comment section below to inform us, we will review it and add it accordingly.

Thanks for reading our top 10 paid online survey sites in Nigeria, and do well to share this article on your social media using the icons below.

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