Top 10 Cheapest UK Universities And Cities For Nigerian Students In 2021

Most Nigerians want to obtain quality education in the top UK universities. However, the first and most decisive factor that discourage a lot of us is the high cost of studying in the UK – both in tuition and cost of living there.

If the tuition fees in the UK universities were affordable, many Nigerians would really love to study there in order to realize their dreams.

But what if I told you that there are a few UK universities that are really affordable, would you be happy to learn about them? If yes, then continue reading below as I take you through the list presently.

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In this article, you will know about the top 10 cheapest UK universities for Nigerian students and the most affordable UK cities to live in while you study in 2020. This will be followed by some bonus tips which you will learn at the end of this article, so do well to read till the end.

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UK’s universities could be quite expensive, especially when you are coming from Nigeria, given our exchange rate. Ordinarily 20,000 pounds should not be much for us if Naira was relatively stronger.

However, since the reverse is the case, our only option in studying in the UK is to look for those colleges in the UK whose tuition fees are quite less compared to other schools in their rank.

While there are over 200 universities in the UK, going through all to find the ones with low tuition fee for your study could be a daunting task. That is why we have done it for you, and are thus presenting you with the list of top 10 low tuition UK universities in 2020 for Nigerian students.

In making the choice as to the particular cheap UK university to study in as a Nigerian student, you need to know the location of the University in view.

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A UK university might offer a cheap tuition fee, while the cost of living in that city might be quite exorbitant. What truly defines a cheap UK university for Nigerian students is both the tuition fee and the cost of living in the city where the school is situated. This is what will guide us in listing the cheapest UK university for you to choose from.

10 Cheapest UK Universities For Nigerian Students 2020

Below is the list of 10 most affordable UK universities for Nigerian students in 2020:

  1. University of Stirling
  2. Coventry University
  3. Royal Agriculture university
  4. University of Suffolk
  5. University of West of Scotland
  6. University of Sunderland
  7. Teesside University
  8. Harper Adams University College
  9. Leeds Trinity University
  10. London Metropolitan University

University Of Stirling

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University of Stirling is a relatively young university that is located at Scotland – United Kingdom. In recent times, it is among the top ranking UK universities for international students, especially Nigerian students, mostly for post-graduate studies.

Stirling is among the most affordable study destination centre for Nigerian students who wish to study in the UK. For a master’s degree, the tuition fee is as low as £11,000.

I said as low as because in comparison with the UK schools in similar ranking, that is pretty much an affordable tuition fee. The reason many Nigerians prefer this school is the fact that it offers one the most dynamic payment options, with the best being the ability to pay tuition fees on monthly basis.

Coventry University

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Coventry’s university is one of the cheapest UK universities for Nigerian students. No wonder it has over 2000 Nigerian students schooling there. At the moment, a post graduate degree in Coventry University cost as low as £9000-£12,000 per annum.

As one of the top global ranking institution, that cost comes relatively cheaper compared to what you would ordinarily expect to pay in the likes of Oxford and the rest.

Royal Agriculture University

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The tuition fee in this UK university is quite cheap for Nigerians as it ranges from £10,000 to £13,000 per year. The school was established in 1845, and has thus become a global voice in agricultural research and output.

University Of Suffolk

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Another affordable UK university for Nigerian students is the university of Suffolk. Though its one of the youngest UK universities (founded in 2007) its research output, quality of lecturers and infrastructure is by no means less excellent.

The tuition fee at the university of Suffolk is presently £10,080 per academic year. This is why many Nigerians prefer to study here than in many other popular UK universities out there, because basically you are getting the same level of quality education.

University Of West Of Scotland

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Another UK university with low tuition fee for Nigerian students is the University of West Scotland. With a national ranking of 87, the school fees for this affordable UK university is relatively cheaper at £10,600 per annum.

The university of West of Scotland is located in the heart of Scotland, a city that is rich in UK cultural heritage, and friendly people. There are also many scholarships available for Nigerian students which can greatly reduce your general tuition fee.

University Of Sunderland

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The University of Sunderland was established in 1992. When comparing it to the institutions in the UK that have been there for over 1000 years, you begin to see it as a very young institution of learning.

This doesn’t mean that it lacks behind in research output when compared with the older Universities in the UK. This university is very affordable for the average Nigerian family, as their tuition fee is only £10,500 annually for postgraduate studies.

Teesside University

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Teesside’s university is among the list of UK universities with the lowest tuition fees for Nigerian students in 2020. The tuition fee ranges between £9,750-£13,000.

It has a QS ranking of 8001-1000 in 2019, and among the top universities for international students. Scholarship opportunities are also available for international students to supplement your study cost.

Harper Adams University College

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Another low tuition university in the UK for Nigerian students for post graduate studies is the Harper Adams University College. According to top university rankings, Harper Adams University college ranks in 200-250 subject ranking globally.

Most M.Sc. program in this university cost between £10,000-£13,000 for international students. And like expected, it has lots of scholarship opportunities for the deserving candidates.

Leeds Trinity University

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This university is among the top universities with the highest rate of students satisfaction. The guardian university guide 2020 ranked it at the top 25 on students’ satisfaction, and 24 on teaching. These are indexes of a quality university, yet with an affordable tuition fee for international students.

With a tuition fees that ranges between £9,500-£11,000 per year for most PDG programs, Leeds trinity university is considered one of the most affordable UK universities for Nigerian students. No wonder the rate of Nigerian students there are increasing by the day.

London Metropolitan University

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B.Sc. in this university cost only £10,000 pounds each year, while M.Sc. programs cost about £13,000. QS university ranking places it on the top 800-1000 top universities around the world.

With all these, paying a tuition fee of 10,000 pounds will be seen as an affordable fee to pay, giving the quality of education you will be getting in the heart of London metropolis.

The Cheapest Cities In The UK For Nigerian Students 2020

Below is the list of the cheapest UK cities for Nigerian students in 202:

  1. Edinburg
  2. Coventry
  3. Nottingham
  4. Birmingham
  5. London
  6. Briton
  7. Newcastle
  8. Glasgow
  9. Cardiff city
  10. Bristol

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