5 Actionable Tips For Writing A Winning Scholarship Essay To Study Abroad

In this article, you will see exactly how to write a winning scholarship essay in order to study your dream course abroad all for free. If this is what you really want to achieve, then continue reading below.

Most of us that are not too financially buoyant to sponsor our studies abroad knows that the only way to achieve that is to win those fully funded scholarships free.

However, to achieve this, you need to write a very standard scholarship application where you will be able to show the scholarship awarding institution the reason you deserve the scholarship slut more than anyone else.

how to write a winning scholarship essay

Yes, winning a fully funded scholarship to study abroad largely depends on the quality and uniqueness of your scholarship essay. Regrettably, many persons really don’t know much about how to sell themselves through writing.

Many persons have asked, how do I write a good scholarship application? Others have asked also, what is the best way to write a winning scholarship essay?

If you randomly select 100 different scholarship essays, you can hardly find any regular pattern that made them standout and win in their respective scholarship competitions.

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This is so because there is really no one best way method of writing a winning scholarship essay. Different people have different unique ways of presenting their thoughts.

As a person who won the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship in 2018 (University of Leeds in the UK) I will be sharing with you the 5 actionable tips that enabled me write the winning essay for that scholarship.

If you apply these tips in any other scholarship essay you are writing, then you stand a good chance of beating your competitors and winning the scholarship to study abroad.

Note: Before writing any scholarship essay, ensure you have met with the other scholarship requirements, as these are as important as writing a very good scholarship essay.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into this interesting topic.

5 Pro-Tips For Writing A Winning Scholarship Essay 2020

I should repeat that there is no singular best scholarship essay format anywhere in the world. You are at liberty to flow, provided you include the guiding principles we will be sharing in this article presently.

tips in writing a winning scholarship essay

Having studied over a hundred essays that won different scholarships in the recent past, I was able to find 5 common elements that ran across all of them. It is these tips that enabled me win the commonwealth scholarship back in 2018.

These tips should guide you in writing your scholarship essay, and thus will improve your chances of winning most of them with easy.

Below is the top 5 tips for writing a winning scholarship essay in 2020:

  1. Follow the standard essay format
  2. Understand the core mission of the scholarship provider
  3. Get Feedbacks from past winners
  4. Proofread your essay thoroughly
  5. Pray To God

Follow The Standard Essay Format

To write a winning scholarship essay, it’s advisable to be as unique as possible as this makes your essay standout among the rest. However, in seeking to do this, ensure not to deviate from the standard scholarship essay format – Introduction, Body and Conclusion

Hence, you are to make a very strong impression in your introductory paragraph, giving the assessor the reason to continue reading your other stuff.

If the scholarship essay is the one with many subheadings like in Commonwealth shared scholarship, do well to end each subheading with an engaging conclusion that logically links with the next subtopic you intend to write next.

To end a scholarship essay the right way, give the scholarship assessor the impression that you are looking forward to discussing in greater details the points you’ve highlighted in the essay with him in person. It has to end with that positive vibe that shows confidence.

This is one of the best ways to make your scholarship essay stand out among other essays.

Understand The Core Mission Of The scholarship Provider

One of the best ways to write a winning scholarship essay is to first identify what the scholarship awarding institution is actually looking for.

While there are many scholarships available for scholars, all of them have different qualities they are looking for in the applicants.

It is your duty to research about the scholarship you are applying for to know exactly what their core missions and objective are, and then write exhaustively on how your capacity and personal experience fits into that mission.

Chevening scholarship for instance is looking for people with strong leadership potentials, Commonwealth is more concerned with your development impact, etc.

Capturing these highpoints is what differentiates a winning scholarship essay from other essays, because it shows the assessors that you have taken out your personal time to research about the scheme, and are thus the best candidate for it.

Failing to identify the core objective of the scholarship is one sure way of losing your sport. To know what the core mission of a particular scholarship is, go to the website of the scholarship board, and read up their about us page and mission statement.

Get Feedback From Past Winners

Before you start, ensure to submit your scholarship essay outline to the persons who have won the scholarship before you for proper guidelines.

Sample their professional suggestions, and use all that to write a killer essay that would give you an edge over other competitors. Even after writing your essay, do well to take it to them for corrections and further suggestions until the essay becomes a masterpiece.

With these personal inputs from people who have been there before you, you are sure going to come up with a winning scholarship essay to win that fully funded scholarship to study abroad.

Proofread Your Essay Thoroughly

After you have gathered all the advice from past winners, and have applied yourself to the scholarship essay, ensure to proofread your work and even submit it to other persons who you trust their mastery over the English language to help you proofread it too to make sure that all is well.

Even after writing a unique scholarship essay, the presence of grammatical errors (even one) can hinder you from winning that scholarship. Be diligent in every step along the way.

Pray To God

The God factor in winning any scholarship can never be overemphasized. This is so because people generally win scholarships not necessarily because they wrote the best essays, but because with their best work, God decided to show them mercy.

Hence, after writing your essay, its only God who can truly make it a winning scholarship essay, the type that can get you that fully funded scholarship at no extra cost.

With all these tips, am confident that you will be prepared to write a very good winning scholarship essay to study abroad for free.

After Thought

In answering scholarship essay questions, try as much as possible not to deviate from the question being asked, but also don’t be too narrow in your answer. Incorporate other related and relevant stuff into your answer to make it as comprehensive as possible.

While writing about yourself in scholarship essays, try to sell yourself to the assessor by writing interesting things about what you have done in the past as it relates to the specific question that is being asked.

However, selling yourself to him doesn’t mean you should write about things you obviously have not done in real life. Believe me, the assessors are not dumb, they’ve seen people like you a thousand times.

Be very real and original. If you must tell a little lie to promote your self, make it a believable one, and ensure you have some evidence to support that claim (No matter how you could get it).

That is it guys. If you have some questions, use the comment box below. Like and share this article with the persons that you know might be needing it to win the scholarship to study abroad free.

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