The Cheapest Courier Delivery Services In Nigeria 2021

In this article, I will show you the list of the cheapest courier delivery service providers in Nigeria. If you are reading this article, chances are that you’ve got some parcel you want to send to another part of Nigeria, or even overseas right? If yes, simply know that you are reading the right article for that.

As commerce increases, so does the importance of parcel delivery services. However, in as much as we want to use the best courier services to send our products within and outside of Nigeria, we really don’t want to spend so much on that, do we?

While there are many parcel delivey services in Nigeria that are good, most of them charges outragous service fees, which unfurtunately is a huge concern to many Nigerians.

The above concern was what bestirred my team and i to carry out extensive research about the cheapest courier service providers in Nigeria. It’s our view that it will be of great benefit to you.

This article will be divided into two parts. While the first part will deal with the list of the cheapest courier services in Nigeria, the second part will focus on the cheapest courier services that ship to Nigeria

So, having established that background, why don’t we get started right away?

What Is A Courier Delivery Service In Nigeria?

meaning of courier delivery service in nigeria
Meaning of courier delivery service

In order to clear the myths and misconceptions of what courier service is and is not, I have decided to start this article with the meaning of courier service.

A courier service is any service that allows someone to send his parcel or product to a new location, often through a registered company or individual delivery agents.

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In Nigeria, there are many courier service providers and individual delivery agents that send our packages both within and outside the shores of Nigeria.

While some of these logistics companies in Nigeria are expensive, others provide similar service with far lesser service fees. It’s our understanding that Nigerians mostly want to do business with the latter more than the former.

List Of The Cheapest Courier Delivery Services In Nigeria

Below are the list of the cheapest courier delivery services in Nigeria:

  • Nigerian Postal Service
  • Gig Logistics
  • ABC Cargo
  • EMS Speedpost
  • UPS
  • AB Logistics

A further analysis of this cheap logistics companies in Nigeria becomes pertinent.

Nigerian Postal Service NIPOST

As much as we hate to admit this truth, the Nigerian postal service is the cheapest logistics service provider in Nigeria. It’s true that it’s not the fastest and most innovative in parcel delivery services, it still gets the job done, only with a little more time.

pics of nipost delivery service

Nipost as a public corporation in Nigeria is hugely funded by the Nigerian government so that their services could be affordable to the average Nigerian.

Nigerian postal service NIPOST is the cheapest courier delivery service in Nigeria, and we recommend it if affordability is your major concern.

A package you spend N2000 to deliver on other courier services will only cost you half the amount in Nigerian postal service. To get more information about the different cost of posting your parcel to different part of Nigeria and the world using NPS, visit this link

How To Track Your Order With NIPOST Online

To track your packages on NIPOST, simply visit Nipost tracking page here

On the tracking page, enter your tracking ID and click the search button to check track your package online, as seen below.

track nipost order online

Gig Logistics

Another good courier service provider in Nigeria which is equally very affordable with all the modern features of delivery service is Gig Logistics. Actually, Gig logistics is where efficiency meets affordability.

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You can easily log into their website to track the current location of your package with ease, and equally get your product right on time. However, it should be stated that sending your product with Gig logistics with insurance inclusive makes the cost quite higher. The cost of 2kg package with Gig logistics can be as low as N3000, and N4500 when insurance is included.

Generally, Gig logistics is among the most affordable and cheapest courier service providers in Nigeria, and also one of the oldest.

How To Track Your Order With Gig Logistics Online

To monitor the progress of your order with Gig logistics, simply head over to their tracking page here.

Enter your unique tracking ID and click on the search button to get real data on the current location of your order as shown below.

gig logistics tracking

ABC Cargo

ABC cargo is another affordable courier service provider in Nigeria with a very long history in operation. Being started in the early 90s, ABC cargo has made a name for itself in the parcel delivery business in Nigeria.

They’ve got terminals scattered across all the states in Nigeria. This ensures that your products are delivered at the minimum cost to you and your partners.

The shipping of 1kg package with ABC cargo can go for N2000. However, if you want to include insurance fee, you pay additional 0.5% of the total value of your product or package. Generally, ABC is among the cheapest courier services in Nigeria.

To calculate the actual cost for your delivery, use this link

How To Track Your Order With ABC Cargo Online

The ability to track your order with ABC cargo online is one of the premium services they provide you with.

  • On the page, enter your AWB number and hit the search button. With this, you will see the exact location of your product or order on the next page that pops out.
abc cargo tracking
ABC cargo tracking service

EMS Speedpost

EMS speedpost is among the most efficient parcel delivery service providers in Nigeria. With their huge experience in this business, you are sure that your package will get to its desired location pretty fast.

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It offers one the ability to monitor the progress of his shipment at any given time, with no additional cost. Sending a 2 kg package from North to West can be as low as N3500, hence making it one of the best and cheapest courier services in Nigeria.

How To Track Your Order With EMS Speedpost Online

  • To track your order with EMS speed post online, simply visit this site
  • On the site, put your item tracking number in the search box and hit the tracking button.
  • On the next page, you will see the current location of your order fast.
ems speedpost tracking


UPS is a British courier service provider in Nigeria, and among the most popular in the business after DHL. The cost of shipping your package with UPS is not particularly cheap by many standards. However, given its premium service, we can easily overlook the price, while we enjoy the efficiency of their service.

A 2kg package from North to West can cost up to N7000 on standard shipping, and about N12,000 on express shipping. This is quite on the high side. But then, you get real value for your money.

With all these premium services, UPS has positioned itself among the best courier services in Nigeria and in other countries they operate in aside Nigeria.

How To Track Your Order With UPS Online

To track your order on UPS online, kindly visit the UPS tracking page here

On the page, type in your tracking ID and hit the track button as shown below.

UPS tracking

AB Logistics

AB logistics is among the cheapest logistics service providers in Nigeria. The combine a high level of expertise and affordability together in given one the best delivery service instantly.

If you want a fast and affordable shipping service in Nigeria, you may want to consider AB logistics, because you can pay as low as just N2400 to deliver a 2kg package from the North to the West in record time. A level of service you hardly see anywhere else.

How To Track Your Order With AB Logistics Online

Tracking your order with AB logistics online is simple. Simply visit AB logistics tracking page here

Enter your tracking ID in the box provided and hit the track button. With this, you can see the location of your order in real time as seen below.

AB logistics tracking

The Cheapest Courier Services That Ship To Nigeria

Just as we have courier services in Nigeria, there are many international shipping companies out there. While most of them don’t ship products to Nigeria, others do so at a very high cost.

However, there are quite a good number of courier services that ship to Nigeria at pocket friendly prices.

The list of cheap courier services that ship to Nigeria includes:

  • UPS
  • TNT
  • Aramex
  • Royal international group
  • Antron express
  • TCS express and logistics
  • Naparex
  • Parcelforce
  • International express delivery service
  • International parcel services and parcel shipping

Cheap Shipping Companies From China To Nigeria

What are the cheapest shipping companies from China to Nigeria? There are many shipping companies in China though. However, the cheapest courier services that ship to Nigeria from China includes:

  • Nonnyking logistics
  • Base 1 logistics
  • St Patrick international logistics
  • Shipwire
  • Floship
  • Fleet logistics

The Fastest Shipping Companies From China To Nigeria

There are many good logistic companies that ship from China to Nigeria. However, for most of them, your goods takes more than 3 weeks to arrive Lagos, and that’s bad for your business.

However, a few of these shipping companies delivers your goods from China to Nigeria in less than 2 weeks, from the day the goods got delivered to them from your suppliers.

Below is the list of the fastest shipping companies from China to Nigeria in 2020:

  1. Skyjet international logistics company
  2. DHL
  3. UPS
  4. Parcelforce
  5. Shipwire


There are many courier services out there that offers seemingly similar service at different price ranges. While most of them offer express services with a few additional features at exhaubitant prices, a few others give you basic services.

However, the goal is to get your parcel delivered, which the affordable courier services still achieve. If for some reasons you want some express service, and are willing to pay the full price, we recommend going for DHL. If not, you will be better off with these cheapest courier services we have identified in these post.

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