The Best 8 Book Publishing Companies In Nigeria You Should Know About

In this article, I will be introducing you to the best 8 book publishing companies in Nigeria right now in 2020. If you are excited about this, lets dive right into it.

While there are many publishing industries in Nigeria, believe me, you don’t want to take your book manuscript to most of them.

In order to save you from the stress of going through trial and error in finding the best book publishing company for you, we have compiled this list of best 8 book publishers that already has a proven record in the industry.

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Whether you have already written a book or you intend to write one in the nearest future, this article will be of immense benefit to you.

In this article, you will learn about the things to look out for when choosing a publishing company, the best book publishing companies in Nigeria generally and in Lagos specifically, the cost of publishing a book in Nigeria, and lots more. Ensure to read till the end to learn all about this.

But before going into the list of best 8 publishing companies in Nigeria, its pertinent to first establish the criteria we used in coming up with this list in the first place. This, we believe will guide you in making an informed decision as regards the company to publish your book.

best book publishing companies in nigeria 1
Best book publishing companies in nigeria

Features Of Good Book Publishing Companies

Basically, the work of a writer is just to simply put down his ideas into a manuscript, every other thing from here is to be handled professionally by the publishing company.

While there are many book publishing companies out here in Nigeria, below are the list of things to look out for in a good publishing company:

  1. Professional Editing: A good publishing company will thoroughly edit your work, correcting every possible word and structure that are not right or sounds too basic. This determines the overall quality of the book. The best publishing companies hires the best editors for this job.
  2. Book Design And Layout: A good publishing company will give you a solid and eye-catching book design with proper formatting. Most readers first get attracted to the aesthetics of a book cover before the main content.
  3. Book Promotion: Another key quality the best publishers have over others is the ability to promote your book. They invest a lot of money in the promotion of your book through different methods, including Amazon listings. Believe me, it’s not all publishers that have the capacity for this.
  4.  Cost: When it comes to any service in Nigeria, the cost is often the defining factor for many. With all the above features of good publishing companies, you really don’t expect the cost of publishing to be very low. However, a good publishing company will still offer you premium services for less. (Will talk more about the cost of book publishing in Nigeria later in this article)
  5. Publisher right: A good publishing company wouldn’t want to insert clauses in your copy right that takes away your right as a publisher to enjoy the full benefit of your artistic creation.

The Best 8 Best Publishing Companies In Nigeria

If you are into publishing, you must have heard about the big 5 publishers in the world. While access to this big 5 couldn’t be more frustrating, going for these selected Nigerian publishing companies will be a perfect substitute.

8 best book publishing companies in nigeria

Here is the list of 8 best publishing companies in Nigeria you should know about:

  1. Grace Springs Africa Publishers
  2. University Press PLC
  3. Cassava Republic
  4. Book Craft Africa
  5. Black Tower Publishers
  6. Parresia Publishers
  7. Evans Brothers
  8. The New Gong

Let’s take a closer look at the list of the best publishers in Nigeria quickly:

Grace Springs Africa Publishers

Grace springs Africa publisher is among the foremost book publishing companies in the whole of Africa. They publish a wide range of books from different categories, some of which have become bestsellers in their different ratings.

With a cutting edge technology in the printing world, this company has made a name for themselves. If low cost is a concern to you, grace spring’s got you covered.

Location: They are located at No 9 Illupajo Bye-pass besides KFC building Lagos.

University Press PLC

This book publishing company is considered as the best book publishing companies in Nigeria. It is also seen as one of Nigeria’s oldest book publishing company. It was formally established in 1949 under the name of Oxford University Press Nigeria. With this wealth of experience, you are sure to have the best publishing service you could get within Nigeria. You should note that they publish mostly academic books though.

Location: University press PLC is located at Ibadan Nigeria

Cassava Republic

Cassava republic is a book publishing company in Nigeria that has broken many records in the publishing industry. It owns the record of being the first publishing firm in Nigeria to have branches both in the UK and in America. Being established in 2006, this company has helped many enthusiastic African writers make their dreams come true by making book publishing affordable for every body.

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They provide the highest standard of book publishing in the whole of Africa. Hence, we consider them the best publishers in Nigeria and Africa.

Location: They are located at No 9 Errie, Maitama Abuja, Nigeria

Book Craft Africa

Book craft Africa is one of the most iconic book publishers in Nigeria with interest in a lot of book categories like drama, science fiction, politics and more. They boast of being the best book publishers not only in Nigeria but also in Africa.  This boast is not without merit as they have published for great icons like the legendary Chinua Achebe among others.

Location: They are located at No 23 Adebajo street, Ibadan

Black Tower Publishers

Black tower publishers are well known by the religious authors in Nigeria. Their expertise in this field has led to the publication of many reputable religious books that are recognized both within and outside the bothers of Nigeria.

This is not to say that they only publish religious books. On the contrary, this publishing company also publish other types of books. Their major goal is to make a star anyone who publishes with them at an affordable price. They are among the top publishing firms in Nigeria.

Location: Plot 1 GRA, Akwa in Anambra State.

Parresia Publishers

This is equally among the best publishing firms in Nigeria with international recognition. It was established in 2012 by Mr Ali and Azafi, two great entrepreneurs whose main vision was to create an Africa where peoples ideas can easily be permanentized through printing press.

Books published here are tailored to meet the needs of African scholars. You really don’t need to be a great author to become a star as their great theme of editors will polish any piece of writing you come to them with. All these come at a very affordable cost. In one sentence, it’s among the leading publishing companies in Nigeria

Location: Allen Avenue Ikeja, Lagos

Evans Brothers

Evans Brothers is a household name in the book publishing industry in Nigeria. They major in the publication of pre-university educational books, ranging from nursery to secondary school books. Their editors are among the best you could find in the industry, and would sure give your books the best polishing you could think of within Nigeria.

The New Gong

New Gong is very good at what they do, especially in book publishing sector. They engage in a lot of things like the publication of magazines, books and images for both online and offline uses. Base on their professional services, we rank them high on the list of publishing companies in Nigeria.

Location: 11 Abiona Street in Lagos State.

Book Publishing Companies In Lagos State

Lagos state as the commercial center of Nigeria has got quite a good number of good publishing companies.

book publishing companies in lagos state
Book publishing companies in lagos state

Below are the list of Best book publishing companies in Lagos State:

  1. Literamed Publications Nigerian Limited
  2. Zedek Resources Publishing Ministry
  3. The New Gong
  4. Empathy Books And Inspirational Materials
  5. Grace Spring Africa Publishers
  6. Publiseer
  7. The New Breed Resource Center
  8. Evans Brothers
  9. Black Tower Publishers
  10. Book Craft Africa


In this article, we have tried to list the best performing publishing companies in Nigeria, and the reasons we consider them among the best.

If you have’ve ever published with any of these companies, do well to use the comment section below to share your ideas with us, so we can learn from you.

Still got some other questions? Use the comment box below, and we will respond as soon as we can. Thanks.

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