Sweat Igbo Names And Their English Meanings 2021 (A-Z List)

This article seeks to show you all the amazing Igbo names and their English meanings. If you are looking for some sweet native igbo name to give to your child or your lover, then this article is for you.

We were able to pick out the best of igbo names and their English meanings from both ancient and modern igbo names.

Igbos generally are known to be an excellent group of people with great taste in all they do. They always try to have a mark of excellence in anything that you can identify them with. This is one feature that distinguish the igbo ethnic group from others.

pics of igbo tribe of south eastern nigeria

Since igbo names are one of the greatest identity that separates the igbos from the non igbos, special care is often taken in coining sweet names that will truly represent the rich cultural heritage of the igbo Nation.

If you can understand the meaning of the names of igbo people, chances are that you stand a better chance of understanding their ‘ behaviours. Why, because the circumstances that surrounds a persons birth mostly determines the name that he is finally given at birth.

Aside knowing their meanings, igbo names generally sound so sweet and interesting. If you are reading this article, chances are that you are looking for a sweet igbo name to give to your new born baby boy or girl right?

If yes, then you will surely see many igbo names that you can choose for your baby. But before then, what is Igbo names and why are they important in today’s world?

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What Are Igbo Names?

Igbo names are those set of local or native names that the people from Igbo nation bears. The Igbos dominates the south-eastern part of Nigeria.

They are a group of highly industrious people that are easily identified by either their attire, their accent, their entrepreneurial excellence or by their names.

If you are living in Nigeria, then you must have been hearing about Igbo names from your neighbours. As a quick hint, most igbo names normally start with “Chi” or ends with “Chi“.  You should equally know that Chi and Chukwu means one and the same thing. Hence the igbo name for God is Chukwu.

Any igbo name that starts with Chi or ends with Chi is a name that is referring to God. Hence, chi is the igbo word for God. Having known this, lets head back to our main discourse. Igbo names and their English meanings.

Igbo Names And Their English Meaning

In discussing igbo names and their English meanings, i intend to break it down into specific categories for easier understanding.

These categories includes:

  1. Igbo names for baby boys and their English meaning.
  2. Igbo names for baby girls and their English meaning
  3. Unisex igbo names and their meanings.

Igbo Names And Meaning For Baby Boy

There are many beautiful Igbo names that you can give to your baby boy, which will definitely be admired by many persons.

If you are expecting a baby boy or you already have one recently, you can go through this list to select a sweet igbo name for your baby boy. As you read on, you will discover that most of the names here are igbo names that starts with Chi.

Igbo Names And Meanings For Boys:

Abuchi – Human is not God

Achuzie – Pursue Well

Ahamefula – My name will not get lost

Akachukwu – Hand of God

Arochukwu – Gods thought

Azubuike – My back is my strength

Chibueze – God is Kind

Chibuike – God is strength

Chibuisi – God is the first

Chidalu Or Chukwudalu – God thank you

Chidera – Once God has signed it

Chidi – God is

Chidiebere – God is merciful

Chidindu – Gods holds life

Chidubem – God lead me

Chigadi – God will live

Chigozirim – God blessed me

Chikezie – If God create well

Chikezirim – God created me well

Chinedu – God lead

Chukwudalu – God thank you

Chukwudi – There is God

Chukwuka – God is greatest

Dike – Hero

Ekene – Thanks

Ekwueme – He does what he says

Emeka or Chukwuemeka – God has done well

Enyinnaya – His Fathers friend

Enyinna –  Fathers friend

Eze – King

Ifeanyi Chukwu – Nothing is bigger than God

Ifesinachi – Its from God

Ikechukwu – Gods strength

Ikenna – Fathers strength

Ike – Strenght

Kalu – Dont know the meaning, but still sweet anyways

Ndubuisi – live is the most important

Ndudim – I will live

Ndukwe – If life permit me

Nkemjika – The one i have is bigger

Nnachi – Godfather

Nnadozie – Father will do it fine

Nnaemeka – Father has done well

Nnamdi – My father is alive

Obi – My heart

Obiagu – The hearth of a lion

Obinna – Fathers heart

Obiora – The peoples heart

Obumneme – Is it me that do it?

Odogwu – Hero

Ogbonnaya – Fathers namesake

Okeafor – Don’t know the meaning

Okechukwu – Gods own share

Okezie – Shares well

Okoro – young man

Okpara – First born

Omenaukor – The person that do when things are difficult

Onyedikachi –  Who is like God

Onyeka – Who is greater

Orji – Big tree

Ozioma – Good news

Ozoemela – Let it not happen again

Tobe Or Tobechi – Praise God

Uchechukwu – Gods mind

Uchenna – Fathers thought

Udechukwu – Gods news

Udoka – Peace is greater

Ugochukwu – Gods glory

Uzoma – Good road

Igbo Names And Meaning For Baby Girl

These are the most unique igbo names for girls in 2020. There are few igbo girls name starting with K, while there are many igbo girls name starting with Chi or ending with Chi. This is so because igbos are a very religious group of people.

Feel free to explore the list of Igbo names for girls here:

Ada – First daughter

Adanne – Mothers first daughter

Adanna – Fathers first daughter

Adaoma – Good first daughter

Adaure – Adorable first daughter

Amara – Mercy

Amarachi – Gods mercy

Chetachi – Remember God

Chibuzo – God is first

Chidera – Once God approves it

Chidimma – God is good

Chidimma – God is good

Chidubem – God lead me

Chigozirim – God has blessed me

Chikamso – I follow God

Chimchetam – Remember God

Chimuanya – God is awake

Chimamanda Or Amanda – My God will not fail

Chinaecherem – God thinks about me

Chinaza – God answers

Chizaram ekpere – God answered my prayer

Chioma – Good God

Chukwuamaka – God is so beautiful

Eberechi – Gods mercy

Ezinne – Good mother

Kachisikwuo – As God has said

Kelechi – Thank God

Kosisorchi – As it pleases God

Mmesoma – Gods goodness

Ngbeke – Dont know the meaning

Nnenna – Fathers mother

Nneoma – Good mother

Obiageri – He who comes will eat

Obianauju – Who came in plenty

Ogbonne – Mothers namesake

Ogechi – Gods time

Olunna – Fathers work

Osinachi – Its from God

Oyiridiya – Looks like the husband

Sopuruchi – Respect God

Ugo – Glory

Ugochi – Gods glory

Uzochi – Gods way

Uzodimma – Good road

Uzoma – Good road

Some Sweet Igbo Names To Call Your Lover And Meaning

There are many ways in which you can spice up your love life. One of such ways is to often call your lover sweet pet names.

There are lots of names that you can call your igbo lover, which will immediately place them on that pedestal of romantic emotions.

Below is a handful of such sweet igbo names to call your lover and meanings.

Obim – My heart

Omalicham – My beautiful one

Nwanyioma – Good lady

Nwokeoma – Good guy or man

Pinopinom – My baby girl (Slang)

Odimnobi – You are on my heart

Oyoomu – My sugar

babymu – My baby

Nkem – My own

Asanwa – Fine baby

Example, how to say my love in Igbo language is Obim, or Odimnobi. You can also say Nkem and other ways.

How to complement a woman in igbo

There are many ways to complement a woman in igbo. My most preferred ones are:

Nne imaka _ Baby you are so beautiful

Obim, Isi ikere maramma_ My heart, your hairstyle looks amazing

Adaure, imaka_ My adorable angle, you are beautiful. The list continues ad infinitum.

If you have taking out time to go through this our long list of sweet igbo names and their English meanings, you must have come across a few names that will catch your attention.

Feel free to chose one for your new baby boy or girl, because the name you give to your baby represents his or her first identity.

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