Strong Decoder Nigeria: Models, Channels and Prices 2020

Strong Decoder Nigeria: Strong Decoder is one of the best alternatives to DSTv decoder because it is less expensive to maintain.

One interesting thing about Strong Decoder is that it has a Free-To-Air decoder packed with interesting channels that could get you going all day long.

In Africa, Strong Decoder is known as the best FTA decoder, as it stands out because of its price and features.

In this Strong Decoder Guide In Nigeria, I will show you where to buy strong decoder, the latest price of strong decoder, FTA channels of Strong decoder, how to watch DStv channels for free on Strong decoder and how to contact Strong decoder Nigeria.

If you are set, then let’s get started, shall we?

Where To Buy Strong Decoder In Nigeria

Despite the fact that Strong decoder is a popular known company, the challenge, however, remains where to buy an original Strong decoder at an affordable price in Nigeria.

There are popular online retail shops in Nigeria where you can easily buy Strong decoder.  You can get a Strong decoder from Jumia, Konga, or any trusted electronics retail shop near you.

That being said, let me quickly show you the various types of Strong decoder and their latest prices in Nigeria.

Types of  Strong Decoder and Their Prices In Nigeria

I know you might be so eager and which to hurry off and go and buy Strong decoder.

However, before doing that, I suggest you read through this post, so you will learn the different models of Strong decoder and their prices.

First thing to note as we continue is that Strong decoder has different models, and each of them has been designated with SRT and four-digit code.

As a result of this, the features of Strong decoder defers, as do their prices.

Listed below is the different Strong decoders and their prices.

1. SRT 4935

The price of SRT 4935 is a little high. On Jumia for instance, SRT 4935 cost N35,000.

However, considering the fact that it is a free to air satellite decoder packed with features and channels, I can say the price is fair enough.

The SRT 4935, just like other Strong decoder models is a MyTv approved receiver with16 channels groups and over 6000 programmable channels.

This Decoder which displays in 1080p high definition has parental lock features, and 17 display languages.

2. SRT 4672

SRT 4672 Strong decoder has about 7000 programmable channels with about 16 favorite channels group.

This decoder also has parental lock features and an on-screen display in 17 languages.

This decoder allows you to do sorting alphabetically using transponders.

The current price of SRT 4672 at Konga is N26, 500.

3. SRT 4940

The SRT 4940 is a model of Strong decoder with amazing features that differentiates it from other Strong decoder models.

The SRT 3940 decoder has a video resolution of 1080i/p, 720p, 576i/p time shift, record, and playback features.

This decoder has about 10,000 programmable channels. The good thing about it is that, auto and manual search for channels can also be done with this decoder.

The SRT 4940 is currently sold for about N21,500 on Jumia and N25,500 on Konga.

4. SRT 4950H

Strong’s SRT 4950H is also another feature-packed Strong decoder model that has made it thrive in the Nigerian market.

This decoder has about 8000 programmable channels and 8 favorite channel groups. This decoder also has features such as recording, time shift, and playback via USB external mass storage device, etc.

The SRT 4950H decoder has 2GB of storage with OSD (onscreen display) in 12 languages.

The latest price of SRT 4950H decoder as sold on Jumia is N18,500.

5. SRT 4955B

Another type of Strong decoder with great features too is the SRT 4955 decoder.

This decoder has up to 8000 programmable channels, 8 favorite channels group, and 1080p HD video resolution.

The SRT 4955 also has automatic and manual channel search.  It might also interest you to know that the SRT 4955 Strong decoder is enabled to perform time shift, recording, and playback functions, with an external  USB storage device.

Currently, the price for SRT 4955B decoder in Nigeria is N15,000 on Jumia.

6. SRT 4922A

Ths SRT 4922A decoder, just like others mentioned above is also free to air satellite channel receiver decoder.

This decoder is packed with features, as it has 16 favorite channels groups and up to 10,000 programmable channels.

This decoder which has a 1080p High definition is MPEG4 enabled, and supports both auto and manual scanning of channels.

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The latest price of the SRT 4922A Strong decoder in Nigeria is N10,800.

Note: The above prices of the various Strong decoder models vary from seller to seller. You are also advised to verify the full features of the decoder you wish to get from the supplier.

List of Strong Decoder Channels In Nigeria

There are many Strong decoder channels. While most of them are religious channels, others are entertainment and lifestyle.

Below are the list of strong decoder FTA channels receivable in Nigeria and other African countries.

  1. Angel TV
  2. FAPM TV
  3. Gabriele TV Africa
  4. NOVY TV
  5. KICC TV
  9. ABDN TV
  10. ABN TV
  11. BETV
  12. Believe TV
  14. School On-Air
  16. MADANI
  17. MERCY TV
  20. GOD TV
  22. OLIVE TV
  23. RAK TV
  25. PBN
  28. PRESS TV
  29. DOVE TV
  31. IFILM English
  33. El-Shaddai
  35. JCC TV
  36. BCS TV
  37. MFM TV
  39. ATV
  40. Salem Broadcastion
  42. BTV ENC B
  43. ACNN
  44. ACBN
  45. CVV
  46. ITVN
  47. OMEGA
  50. 3ABN
  52. MSG TV
  55. KLN
  56. RTM
  57. UBN
  58. WRS
  60. Holy Ghost
  61. CTV
  62. Lumen Christi TV
  63. Shekinah TV Sat
  64. AKWO
  66. Manifestation TV
  67. Victorious TV
  68. MARANATHA World TV
  69. GMTV
  70. Act TV
  71. Angelic TV
  72. Vodacom TEST
  73. Yadah TV
  74. OMEGA TV
  75. Champions of Fire TV
  77. Channels TV
  78. NTA
  79. TVC News
  80. Super Screen
  81. Galaxy TV
  82. Silverbird TV
  83. LTV
  84. MBI
  85. AIT
  86. Africa Movie Net
  87. COOL-TV

How To Watch Free DSTV Channels With Strong Decoder

You can also watch free DStv channels with Strong decoder Nigeria. However, for that to be done you must have 2 things:

The things require for you to watch some DStv channels with your Strong decoder free are:

  1. Strong decoder – You must own a Strong decoder
  2. DStv dish or a pointer – You must also own a DStv dish or pointer.

With the above items, you are able to watch some DStv channels on your Strong decoder for free.

Some of the DStv channels you can watch for free with Strong decoder include:

  • Super Sports channels
  • Entertainment channels
  • BBC
  • Aljazeera
  • CNN and many other channels.

To watch DStv channels for free on Strong decoder, follow the settings below:

1. Switch on your Strong decoder

2. Go to “Installation

3. Enter your code (use ‘0000’ if you haven’t changed your code)

4. Next, select the Esutsat 36° E

5. After this, save the settings and re-open the manual scan

6. Now, you should connect your DStv dish to your Strong decoder via the cable.

7. Now, you are required to go to where your DStv dish is mounted and turn it. Before that, have someone standby and be watching your Tv for you.

Keep turning the DStv dish until it shows you a green blink. At this point, carefully knot it.

8. Finally, you can now go back and scroll your channel list, and you will find some added channels.

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How To Pair Strong Decoder With MYTV SMARTCARD

To pair your Strong decoder with MYTV Smart card, follow the process below.

1. Check the back of your Strong decoder, and find your Strong decoder serial number and code number.

2. Next, on your remote controller, press the MENU button.

3. Next, select System Setting

4. Next, enter your Strong decoder password. If you have not changed your password, then enter the default Strong decoder password which is 0000

5. The code will appear at the bottom line of your screen

6. Finally, quickly click on MYTVPAIR to pair your Strong decoder with your MyTv SmartCard.

How to Contact Strong Decoder Nigeria

If you wish to contact Strong Decoder Solutions in Nigeria, you can do so with the following Strong decoder Nigeria contact details below.

Address: Plot 746, IDU Industrial Area, Phase 1, Abuja

Phone: +234 803 659 6590/1

That’s all on Strong Decoder Nigeria: where to buy Strong decoder, Strong Decoder Price, the FTA channels on Strong decoder, and how to contact strong decoder.

I hope this guide on Strong Decoder Nigeria helps?

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      You can buy online from Jumia or Konga

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