Steps To Open A Nigeria Business PayPal Account That Receives Money Abroad

Hello guys, in this timely article, I will take you through practical steps on how to open a Nigerian PayPal account that receives money from in 2020.

If you have been looking for a way to get a business PayPal account in Nigeria with no restrictions, then this article is designed just to meet your need.

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In this time and age, the average Nigerian has one or more online business that he/she is engaged in. He could be making money online via Fiverr, his Pinterest account, or his Instagram account Etc.

In all these, one thing stands out tall – he’s either earning from internet or he expects to receive some fund abroad.

This being the case, its no longer news that PayPal that is the number one online payment service in the world as at 2020 does not accept Nigerians for reasons that are best known to them. This raises a lot of concern for the many Nigerians that makes their money online.

People like myself that have mastered the act of making money through blogging in Nigeria understands the impact of not having a functional Paypal account that can receive money from abroad.

The best that PayPal could do for Nigerians was to grant us access to create a Paypal account that can only send money out of Nigeria.

This feature does not really solve the real concern of the average Nigerian out there. The concern being on how to cash out the monies we have made via our many legitimate online hustles in Nigeria.

How to open a US Paypal account in Nigeria may not be the problem. The problem is usually on how to withdraw from Paypal to Nigerian bank account.

In the bid to cushion the effect of this sad narrative, many Nigerians have resulted to using VPN services to create Paypal accounts, with the constant fear that the hidden IP address may easily be identified by Paypal, which comes with immediate suspension of account, with all the money in it.

It is against this background that this article becomes pertinent. In this article, I will show you how you can genuinely create a Nigerian Paypal account that can both receive and send money abroad, without using VPN.

But before then, and for the benefit of the non initiate in the world of internet businesses, lets first establish what Paypal really means.

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What Is Paypal?

Paypal is a highly encrypted online money system which allows you to save, send and receive money online without the use of the traditional banking system.

explaining what paypal is all about

With a Paypal account, you may not necessarily need a traditional bank account as it does all that your normal bank account does and even better, due to its flexibility.


The importance of knowing how to open a verified Paypal account in Nigeria can never be over emphasized, as Paypal is recognized as a valid means of payment almost in every online store in the world.

Even the closest alternative to Paypal (Payoneer Mastercard) still can’t perfectly fill the void that the lack of PayPal business account creates in the lives of Nigerian internet hustlers. Most especially the Nigerians that are making money through Clickbank affiliate website

However, we have an article on how to easily get a Payoneer mastercard in Nigeria if you don’t want to go through the stress of getting a verified Paypal account in Nigeria. Pioneer account still does the job almost the same way as Paypal.

How To Open A Nigeria Business Paypal Account That Receives Money

Today, the internet is replete with the question ” how can i open a Paypal business account in Nigeria?”. Many sites tend to offer you e-books that claims to have the answers to the question, but for a price in Naira.

However, at we bare everything completely free.

Paypal has two different kinds of account that you can open for your businesses. They are :

  • Business Account.
  • Personal Account.

Nigerians are not allowed to open a PayPal business account, which is actually the account that you can use to send and receive money online in Nigeria. We are only given access to create a personal Paypal account.

While they make the rules, we break the rule, especially when breaking the rules do not jeopadize the security of any body.

Hence, in this article, i will show you practical steps on how to open a business paypal account that receives money in Nigeria 2020.

But before then, you may want to consider our top 5 Paypal alternatives available for Nigerians to send and receive money abroad.

To open a Nigerian PayPal account that receives money abroad, simply follow this simple steps below.

Visit The ls is an abbreviation for Lesotho, since Nigerians can’t directly create a business account with a Nigerian IP address. You don’t need any VPN for this to work, just follow my lead.

Clicking on the link will bring you to the Paypal home page for Lesotho as shown below. Once there, click on the sign up button to begin the process.

how to create a business paypal account in nigeria pics

Remember, for you to come to this particular page, you must not use a Nigerian Paypal address like Using it will give you access to only the Paypal Personal Account. You should rather use, and that should take you to the page above.

Now hit the sign up button to begin the process of creating your PayPal business account in Nigeria.

The next page that pops up gives you the option to either open a personal account or a business account, as shown below. Select the Business account and hit the proceed button.

Screenshot 73steps to open a business paypal account in nigeria

The next step requires you to put your email address in the box provided and hit the continue button. Once you are done, hit the continue button

Screenshot 74steps to create a business paypal account in nigeria pics

Hit the enter button to continue creating your paypal business account in Nigeria.

In the Legal business name, put the name of your website or your business there. Thats the name that will be visible when you want to send money to a client.

In the business phone number, change the prefix to Nigeria which is +234, and put your real Nigerian phone number in the other box.

steps to open a paypal business account in nigeria

In the village, state and postal code column, use Nigerian details there, not Lesotho. Proceed to fill the other information correctly and click the Agree and Continue button to proceed.

In the business type, click and select the sole proprietor.

In the product or service keywords, type WEB and select the option for computer programming…

Leave the business URL and the country or region of incorporation columns blank and proceed.

Screenshot 78open a business paypal account in nigeria pics

Put your real date of birth as it appears in your international passport, change the nationality to Nigeria. Click on the identify document and select your mean of identification( International passport, drivers license, etc) and continue.

If you have followed us closely, you should be in this page by now. And if yes, then congratulation on the creation of your new Paypal business account in Nigeria 2020.

paypal business account homepage for nigerians

As you can see from the picture above, our Nigerian Paypal business account has been set up and working perfectly. With this method of creating a Nigerian Paypal that receives and sends money abroad, you don’t need any VPN whatsoever. Its all a legitimate means of doing it.

How To Link Nigerian ATM Card To PayPal Account 2020

Whether you are using a Nigerian Visa or Master card, the process of linking your Nigerian ATM card to your Paypal business account is basically the name

  • To link your Nigerian ATM card to your newly created Paypal business account, simply log into your Paypal account and click on the Payments Menu.

Screenshot 81paypal payment menu

  • Click on link a new card

link a new card pics

  • Once you click on the link a new card button, you will be taken to the page below

paypal link card form

  • Put your Nigerian ATM bank details correctly in the space provided and click on the link card button to continue.

Click on the “confirm your card button“. By clicking the confirm your card button, PayPal will withdraw $1.99 from your Nigerian account. This amount will later be released back into your account within 2 weeks.

confirm your card button on paypal nigeria

After all these, you must log into your email and confirm your PayPal email address by clicking on the confirmation link that was sent to your email.

How To Link Nigerian Bank Account To Paypal 2020

Haven learned how to create a Nigerian PayPal account that receives money abroad for all your online businesses, the next important step is to link your Nigerian bank account to your created paypal account.

At the moment, you can only link your Nigerian credit or debit card to your Nigerian business PayPal account that can send and receive money online.

With your linked Nigerian credit card, you can directly fund your PayPal account for online purchases.

However, since you cannot link your Nigerian bank account to your Nigerian business account, it means that there is another way you can withdraw the money in your Nigerian PayPal account into your Nigerian bank account.

How To Withdraw PayPal Fund To Nigerian Bank Account 2020

There are a few ways you can withdraw your PayPal fund into your Nigerian bank account. However, the means that i strongly recommend is by using your Payoneer account.

If you don’t have a  Payoneer account in Nigeria or Payoneer Mastercard in Nigeria, our comprehensive guide on how to open a Payoneer account in Nigeria and get a Payoneer Mastercard  right here in Nigeria will be of great benefit to you.

Haven said this, to link your PayPal account to your Payoneer virtual bank account, simply follow the quick guide below:

  • Log into your PayPal account and head over to the transactions tab.
  • Click on it and select the add a new bank account tab.
  • Now once this is clicked, put your Payoneer account number, including your routing number in the space provided for them (This can both be assessed from the global payment service of your virtual Payoneer account)
  • Confirm the two amount that PayPal will send into your Payoneer Mastercard account and hit the save button. Once you do this, you have safely linked your PayPal account to your Payoneer account.
  • Now once this is done, you can easily transfer funds from your PayPal account into your virtual Payoneer account, and withdraw your money anywhere in Nigeria with your Payoneer MasterCard

So that is it guys. It’s our hope that you now have a verified Nigerian PayPal account that can both receive and send money abroad right? Use the comment section to share your thoughts with us as to what you think about this topic.

And do well to like and share this article on how to open a nigerian paypal account that receives money abroad to your friends and family members.

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