Solutions To WAEC Withheld Result In 2021 | Release Date Of WAEC Withheld Result 2021

WAEC withheld result 2020. Do you want to know how to get your WAEC withheld result released? How to check the status of WAEC withheld result online? When will WAEC withheld result be released in 2020? These concerns and many more related questions will be discussed in details here in this article.

If you are reading this article, chances are that your WAEC result was withheld in 2020. If that is true, then consider yourself lucky to be on this page right now, as you will learn how to get your WAEC GCE result released ASAP.

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Available statistics has it that the West African Examination Council WAEC withheld 180,205 results in 2019 alone due to huge level of examination malpractice. Coming down to 2020, the figure of WAEC withheld result 2020 dropped to an all-time low of 548 withheld results.

This means that more WAEC results were withheld in 2019 than in 2020. If you are among the unlucky ones whose WAEC result are still withheld in 2020, there is a couple of things that you need to know to get your result released on time. Keep reading to get all the details below.

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Before proceeding to WAEC withheld result 2020, it’s pertinent to know why WAEC withhold students’ result in the first place. But before then, what is WAEC withheld result?

What Is WAEC Withheld Result?

WAEC exams, just like every other exams out there has a set of rules that attract punishments when one breaks any of it.

When you see that your WAEC result is held or withheld, it therefore means that you have been tried and found guilty of violating the rules that guides WAEC exams.

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You may want to ask yourself, did I tear part of my WAEC answer script? Did I submit the complete answer booklet or part of it? Did I write anything that suggests cheating on my answer sheet? Did the invigilator leave a negative remark on my paper? This and many others contributes to WAEC withheld result.

Why Did WAEC Withhold My Result In 2020 ?

Just like we highlighted above, there are a couple of reasons why WAEC withheld results.

Below is the list of reasons why WAEC could withhold your result in 2020:

  1. Incomplete answer sheet
  2. Uniform answers from all candidate in the same exam hall
  3. Torn exam paper
  4. Bad report from invigilator
  5. Errors on your WAEC result
  6. High level of malpractice in your exam centre

When Will WAEC Release Withheld Result In 2020?

WAEC withhold results they suspect of not meeting their best exam practices. Hence, before a held WAEC result is released in 2020, the WAEC board sets up a committee to evaluate all the cases of held results. The duty of this committee is to identify and separate the WAEC result of those that cheated from those that didn’t cheat.

When is WAEC withheld result coming out in 2020?

Going by the latest news on WAEC GCE held result 2020, all held WAEC result should be released on or before December 2020 as the above committee has already been constituted long before now to filter out the bad eggs from the good one.

This information above came after the recently concluded WAEC NEC meeting 2020. Still haven’t heard from WAEC? You can use this link to check your WAEC result online to see if it has been released?

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