Top 12 Best Sites to Download Nigerian Movies For Free 2021

Looking for the best sites to download Nigerian movies for free? This article will help.

Entertainment is a very pivotal part of our society and everyday life. Despite our diverse professions, careers, and goals in life, we still need moments in our days to relax and take our minds off our daily struggles. This is where entertainment comes to play.

A very good form of entertainment amongst a lot of them is watching movies. The world has evolved over the years to embrace the role of movies in society and Nigeria is not left out.

Amongst several movie industries such as Hollywood, Bollywood, and so on, Nigeria over the years have nurtured its own movie industry known as Nollywood and it has grown rapidly.

From its early times, movies were packaged in cassettes and various forms of video storage devices and sold to the public, but things have evolved till this present day and now Nigerian movies can be downloaded and stored on our devices be it phones, hard drives, laptops, etc.

The challenge however, is how to find the best movie download sites to download your favorite movies from.

If that’s also your challenge, then don’t worry because in this article, you will show you some of the best sites to download Nigerian movies for free.

Let’s get started.

List of the 12 Best Sites to Download Nigerian Movies For Free

Below is a list of the top 12 best Nigerian movie download sites to download Nigerian movies for free.

  1. Netnaija
  2. Ibaka Tv
  3. BuzzNigeria
  4. 123Movies
  5. Naijapals
  6. RealnollyTv
  7. Nollyland
  8. WapBaze
  9. CodedWAP
  10. Naijaonpoint
  11. Video Moja
  12. Iroko Tv

Let’s consider them one after the other, shall we?

1. Netnaija

One of the top best sites to download Nigerian movies for free is Netnaija.

Netnaija site has grown so much over the years that they now have millions of downloads and streaming on their site.

They have built a reputation of providing their users with the latest movies cutting across Nollywood, Hollywood, Bollywood, and so on.

Netnaija also provides music, music videos, and various entertainment gists to keep their users updated in the world of entertainment.

Their official website is

2. Ibaka TV

Another top free Nigerian movie download sites is Ibaka TV. Ibaka tv was created and owned by Mrs. Blessing Idonigie and has been a very good option for downloading Nigerian movies amongst other movies.

They have grown over the years and since the time of their creation been efficient in their up to date display of Nigerian movies.

Ibaka tv gives the public the opportunity to download and stream high-quality resolution movies on their site.

They have also made it easier for the public by creating a mobile app so people can download Nigerian movies directly to their mobile phones.

To download Nigerian movies from Ibaka tv, visit their official website on

3. BuzzNigeria

BuzzNigeria is another best website to download Nollywood movies for free. BuzzNigeria website creates a wide range of access to various Nigerian movies from the comfort of your home or anywhere.

This free Nollywood movie download site, give the public easy access to entertainment at their fingertips through the download and streaming options on their website.

To download Nollywood movies from BuzzNigeria, visit their website on

4. 123Movies

If you are looking for a very good site to download Nigerian movies for free, then 123Movies is your best bet.

123Movies has grown rapidly over time since creation and now has a platform that serves over thousands of Nigerians.

123movies provides high-quality resolution Nigerian movies for both download and streaming, despite the fact that it is not a Nigeria based website.

They provide movies that cut across Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood, and so on in various formats directly to your device regardless of the country you access it from.

You can reach 123Movies download site via.

5. Naijapals

Ranked amongst the top 12 sites to download Nigerian movies online is Naijapals. They offer a wide range of entertainment ranging from music to movies with a great reputation of providing up to date Nigerian movies for streaming and download.

It is also a social platform that educates and gives insight on certain topics. Their official website is

6. RealNollyTv

This Nigerian movie download site is rich in up to date Nigerian movies, but only subscribers can access that provision.

Although they also make provision for free download of Nigerian movies to non-subscribers. It is ranked amongst the top sites to download Nigerian movies due to its massive concentration on providing up to date Nigerian movies amongst various entertainment gists.

Visit Realnollytv at and become to watch your favorite Nigerian movies today.

7. Nollyland

Nollyland is also another great site to download high-quality Nigerian movies easily and comfortably.

They provide the public with the alternative of streaming these movies on their site using any mobile device as long as it has a good internet connection.

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Nollyland offers a wide range of movie downloads that also cut across both Hollywood and Bollywood with High-quality resolutions too.

Nollyland also provides a platform for the public to subscribe to various streaming plans. Their official website is

8. Wapbaze

Another best site to download Nigerian movies for free is Wapbaze. Wapbaze entertainment platform provides the public with various entertainment options besides just Nigerian movies.

They provide music, music video downloads, and other kinds of movies besides just Nigerian movies.

Wapbaze is like a home for entertainment generally and this has put them amongst the top sites for downloading Nigerian movies.

They also created a platform for interaction with users through comments on various posts on their website.

Check out the Wapbaze Nollywood movie download site here.

9. Codedwap

Codedwap provides a platform whereby people can gain access to a large number of Nigerian movies from the comfort of their homes with mobile phones or laptop computers.

They also provide a streaming platform for movies and videos on heir website and this makes it easier for users to watch their favorite movies and videos online.

Codedwap provides entertainment that cuts across music and various entertainment gists besides movies alone.

You can visit the Codedwap download site here.

10. Naijaonpoint

This movie site provides its users with up to date Nigerian movies that are easily accessible with mobile device or PCs.

Downloading movies on this platform is not restricted to just Nigerian movies alone, but also cuts across Hollywood moves as well as other foreign movies.

Niajaonpoint also provides its users with entertainment gists, music, and music videos for both streaming and download.

It is ranked amongst the top sites for downloading Nigerian movies because of its vast display of High-quality Nigerian movies as well as other movies.

Visit the Naijaonpoint movie download website today, and begin to enjoy your favorite Nigerian movies.

11. Video Moja

The Video Moja platform is one of the best platforms for downloading the latest Nigerian movies. They don’t have a website for users to download or stream Nigerian movies but they have an app that can be downloaded to a mobile phone and all their great features are on display for viewers to access.

This has made it very easy and convenient for the public to get the latest Nigerian movies on their fingertips right in the comfort of their homes or any place provided they have a good internet connection.

12. Iroko Tv

Iroko tv is ranked amongst the top-recommended sites to download Nigerian movies because of its originality and up to date display of Nigerian movies.

Despite the fact that it was kick-started on December 1, 2011, by Mr. Jason Njoku, it has grown massively and ranked amongst the African movies, online distribution giants.

They have earned the name “The Netflix of Africa” due to their wide range of African movie distribution to the world.

They offer various services which include online streaming of movies and also downloads in various formats to our devices.

To watch or download Nigerian movies from Iroko Tv, visit the Irokotv official site.

That’s all on the 12 best sites to download Nigerian movies for free.

I hope this article on the 12 best sites to download Nigerian movies for free helps?

If you know any other great Nigerian movie download sites that aren’t contained in this article, do well to let us know via the comment box.

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