Proven Tips To Start A Profitable Blog Business In Nigeria 2021

In this article, I will show you the proven tips to start a profitable blog business in Nigeria. If you have the passion to write and share your ideas with people, then this article will help you turn that passion into real cash.

There are many ways to make money online in Nigeria. Blogging has consistently ranked top on the list of online businesses. However, while few bloggers are making it big, the rest are really struggling.

Truth is, there are secrets that the top bloggers in Nigeria have that they are not sharing with anyone.

how to start a profitable blog in nigeria

And yes, this article on the tips to start blogging the right way in Nigeria was written to bring the truth to bare.

How to make money from blogging is a question that many Nigerians want an immediate answer to. However, only a few persons finally gets the chance to truly learn the inner logic of profitable blog businesses.

Statistics has it that more than 95% of new blogs in Nigeria are abandoned after their first year online.

The major reason people venture into blogging is primarily economic in nature. That is, people, especially Nigerians start up websites because they want to make money from the sites. Any other reason aside this can at best of seen as a secondary reason

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Once the expected money is not forthcoming from the blogs, over 90% of the sites simply goes down. That’s rather unfortunate if you ask me. The reason is because most of these sites didnt start blogging the right way.

The writer of this article relies wholy on the income he gets from blogging and doesn’t have the desire to go out in search of any other job in the nearest future. If he can do it, you too can.

What accounts for this unfortunate scenario, and how can one beat the odds in order to start a profitable blog in Nigeria? These and lots more engendered the writing of this great piece.

But before going into the full subject of discourse, its pertinent to formally introduce you to blogging.

What Is Blogging?

what is blogging in nigeria

The concept of blogging is fastly becoming so popular in Nigeria that one can easily assume that every Nigerian now knows about it. However, there is still a large chunk of Nigerians that are yet to know what blogging really entails. Hence, the need to explain it here.

The term BLOG in simple term simply means the different websites that give or provides information and other services in different categories to people across the globe, over the internet.

It is usually a portal of weblog where different kinds of information can be assessed online. Example of a blog is,, etc. In these websites, they specialise in providing different kinds of information to the users.

A Blogger, on the other hand, is a person who has acquired the necessary skills that are needed to successfully run a blog business. The writer of this article that you are reading now is an example of a blogger.

Blogging, on the other hand, is the process of running a blog or the administration that is being carried out by a blogger, as explained above.

Proven Tips To Start A Profitable Blog Business In Nigeria 2020

Just like every other engagement out there, blogging is a very serious business that requires a lot of time, energy, passion, focus and every other thing one gives to an offline business to make it profitable.

With this point, surfix it to say that the amount that bloggers make in Nigeria is dependent on a couple of factors unique to different websites like traffic, domain authority, domain age, quality content, etc. While some bloggers make more than 1,000,000 per month, other make from zero to N1000 per month.

If you are certain that you really want to make money off your blog, then you must learn how to start blogging in Nigeria the right way.

Below are the list of proven tips to start a profitable blog business in Nigeria 2020:

  1. Determine the right niche for your blog
  2. Choose a unique theme for your site
  3. Making use of the right keywords
  4. Writing quality articles
  5. Making use of social media
  6. Monetize your blog the right way

Determine The Right Niche For Your Blog

The first step into starting a profitable blog business in Nigeria is to first have a clear picture of the niche you are going for. While some niche are oversaturated, some are simple a gold mine waiting to be tapped.

Determining the right niche for your blog is one of the most important steps you must resolve correctly if you will ever make money from your blog as a Nigerian blogger.

This is so because the majority of the daily traffic that you will be getting in your site is to a large extent dependent on the kind of niche you are working on.

It is always advisable to go for the niche you know too well that you can write on without stress. Most Nigerian bloggers start up blogs that clearly lack the capacity to write on.

Example, me as a person can never successfully run a website on football niche because I don’t have the capacity to write on such a niche.

Hence, any attempt to write on any football-related post is always filled with stress and difficulties. At such, I can’t think of making any real money from such a blog, can I?

Also, there are certain categories of niches that you can decide to concentrate on with no real potential for many traffics. As expected, blogging is all about traffic. Hence, any niche that does not generate traffic can not give you the kind of money that you desire as a blogger.

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Carry out your research well to determine the trending things in Nigeria and pattern your niche in line with any of them that you feel you can write on without difficulties. This is one great way of turning your website into a profitable business.

The logic here is to consider what you know well, think about what the people want to know or learn about. When you have determined these two things, find a common ground between them and blog on it.

Determine A Unique Theme For Your Blog

By theme, I don’t mean the WordPress or blogger theme that you install in your site when you are building it. Choosing the right theme in this context simply means creating a short and precise description of what your site is all about.

This is very important as your site visitors get to know what to expect from your site by simply reading the theme. Another name for theme is Site Title.

If your site’s niche is on the fashion industry, and your targeted audience are Nigerians, then the right theme for you could be something like No. 1 fashion site for Nigerians, The site for all fashion lovers, etc.

A good site theme like this can instantly transport your site traffic from zero to thousands of organic visitors. This is so because both search engines like google and humans as well understands what your site is all about on the go and they love it.

Hence, you should try as much as possible to capture the entire essence of your site using a very short but accurate sentence.

Leaving your sites theme to the default JUST ANOTHER WORDPRESS SITE is a sure way to start blogging the wrong way.

Making Use Of The Right Keywords

Like I said earlier in this article, blogging is a game of numbers, which is generally seen as traffic. The amount of money that you can make with your blog is dependent on the amount of traffic that you are able to get from search engines and social media back into your site.

This being the case, it’s instrumental to note that writing of articles alone is good, but not good enough to generate traffic if it’s not backed up by good and apt keywords.

Keywords are those small and focused words that tell search engines what your article is all about so that it can better rank your articles based on the searches related to the keywords that you specify in your articles.

You must endeavour to carry out thorough research about the specific keywords that you must include while writing an article, and include as many keywords as possible on any giving article you are writing so that google can better rank you on each of those keywords thus provided.

For help getting the right keywords for your articles, you can visit

writing Quality Articles On Your Site

People go to the internet these days for two main reasons; one is to provide information or solve a problem, while the other is to obtain some information needed to solve a problem. As a blogger, your duty is to solve some perceived social problems that are related to your chosen niche.

How do you do this? Its simply by writing well-researched articles which are free from typing errors, ambiguous words, fully optimised for search engines to understand what the articles are all about, etc.

Also note that while writing articles on your site, endeavour to be original, and avoid copying other peoples works as this is called plagiarism. Plagiarism is a crime everywhere in the world, so avoid it as much as you can.

Making Use Of Social Media

In these days, one cannot afford to overlook the importance of social media in promoting a website. This is so because most social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc individually have over a billion monthly visitors.

The huge monthly visitors from these sites can be deployed to the advantage of your site. You can easily drive traffics from these social media platforms back to your site at little to no cost at all.

If your site’s niche is mostly on Facebook guides, it will interest you to note that you can be writing your Facebook-related articles which you will be sharing on your Facebook pages and be getting as much as 1000 daily visitors only from Facebook.

This means is the easiest way of driving huge traffic back to your site, and making a lot of money through it.

Monetize Your Blog The Right Way

The question of how to monetize your blog in Nigeria is very crucial because the main reason why people start up blogs is to make money online from it. The money only comes when you have learned to monetize your blog site, which can be done in many ways.

Most of what I have been discussing above are ways in which you can position your blog so as to be getting huge traffic from it. Just like I said earlier, blogging is a game of numbers, without driving traffic into your site, you cannot make money from it.

Once you have started getting reasonable traffic from different sources as we have tried to establish above, then its time to monetize your blog.

As a Nigerian blogger, you can use different means to monetize your blog so as to start making some money from it. However, the method that I recommend is google Adsense. Google Adsense is obviously not perfect, but it still stands out among the rest as the best way of monetizing your blog in Nigeria.

The amount that you can make with Google Adsense is dependent on the amount of traffic that you are able to bring into your site. That’s why I spent a lot of time above writing on ways in which you can easily drive traffic into your site.

Like I have said countless time above, blogging is a game of numbers. The more traffic you generate, the more money you make from it.

Some have asked, how do bloggers get paid in Nigeria? Well, there are different ways in which bloggers get paid in Nigeria. Some of which are through PayPal, Payoneer, direct bank transfer etc.

However, i should say that as a beginner, how to get paid blogging in Nigeria should be the least of your worries for now. Just concentrate on buiding your sites traffic, and the money will follow.


In this article, I have tried to show you how you can easily start making money online in Nigeria from your blog site. It is my view that if you follow the steps that I have discussed above, then you may never be in need of looking for any other job, especially in the era where there is no job for the common man on the street.

Focus on those activities that drive traffic to your blog first, as we have established above. Once the traffic starts coming in, then apply for Adsense and simply monetize your site.

With these few tips, you will be on your way to financial freedom in Nigeria. Thanks for reading this article, even as we look forward to receiving your comments and questions below. Thanks

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