Top Brands And Prices Of Soundproof Generators In Nigeria 2020

This article is about the top brands and current prices of soundproof generators in Nigeria 2020. If you intend buying a soundproof generator presently, then this article will be a valuable asset to you.

The level of power output in Nigeria is horrible when compared to what is obtainable around the world. For more than 65 years now, Nigeria has been battling with the issue of power supply.

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Consequently, as a last resort, Nigerians now depends on the use of all kinds of power generating devices. Regrettably, most of these generators are injurious to health due to noise and air pollutions. The worst of these power generating machines used in Nigeria is called  Lister generator.

Gone are the days when companies and big organizations used to rely on Listers to power their industrial machines and offices.

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The reason is not far-fetched from the fact that Lister generator produces lots of noise which disturbs both the company involved and the entire neighbourhood.

At the same time, it equally produces high rate of carbon which is highly toxic to health. At the end of it all, one would be left to wonder whether the Lister was worth the whole stress in the first place.

Hence, the best way to address the noise and air pollution problem that accompanies the traditional Lister generators was to migrate to soundproof power generators.

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But then, there are many soundproof generators out there in the market, which brand of soundproof generator should i buy in Nigeria? What are the prices of soundproof generators in Nigeria? We shall attempt to answer these pertinent questions in details presently. But then,

What Is Soundproof Generator?

Soundproof generators are those power generating machines that neither makes noise while steaming nor vibrate. When they are turned on, you could barely notice that an engine is steaming.

We all know how shaky and noisy Lister generators could be right? Soundproof generators are the exact opposite of them. Although soundproof generators are generally more expensive to buy and maintain over other generator types, the good side of it is in its noiselessness and high-powered capacity.

But what are the major difference between soundproof generators and other generators? The major difference is that soundproofs generators are noiseless while other generator types can be as noisy as hell itself. Also, soundproof Gens don’t vibrate as much as other generators.

Top Brands Of Soundproof Generators In Nigeria

best soundproof generator brands in nigeria

Just like we have the top manufacturers of other products, there are of course the top brands of soundproof generators in Nigeria. This is so because not all soundproof generator brands are of durable quality.

Because these generators are expensive, you wouldn’t want to spend over a million naira on a brand that would not give you a real value for your money.

Below is the list of the best brands of soundproof generators in Nigeria 2020:

  1. Perkins
  2. Marapco brands
  3. Elemax brands
  4. Sumec firman brand
  5. Gateway power brand
  6. FG wilson brand

The above are the most durable soundproof generator brands in Nigeria you can go for with real value for your money.

Current Prices Of Soundproof Generators In Nigeria 2020

Soundproof generators are more pricey when compared to other types of generators in the market. Below are the current prices of soundproof generators in Nigeria in 2020.

  • The current price of Marapco 100 KVA soundproof generator is N5,300,000. Click to buy on Jumia
  • The price of Elemax soundproof generator is N1,680,000. Click here to buy at the market price
  • The price of 50KVA perkins soundproof generator in Nigeria is N3,372,500
  • Perkins 40KVA soundproof generator price in Nigeria is N2,800,000.
  • The price of Perkins 60KVA soundproof generator in Nigeria is N4,200,000
  • The current price of FG Wilson 45KVA soundproof generator in Nigeria is N5,000,000
  • The Current Price of FG Wilson 30KVA soundproof generator in Nigeria is N4,000,000 – N4,500,000
  • The price of Lionrock 22KVA soundproof generator in Nigeria is N3,000,000 from authorized dealers.
  • A 45KVA Gateway power soundproof generator cost between N4,500,000 – N5,000,000

Which soundproof generator should i buy in Nigeria 2020?

The soundproof generator you should buy is dependent on what you intend to be doing with it. Generally, the brands that we have identified above are the best brands in Nigeria currently.

Hope this helps?

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