Nigerian Navy: Ranks And Salary Structure In 2021 (Updated List)

Are you interested in understanding more about the ranking structure of the Nigerian navy, both for commissioned and non-commissioned officers? How about the salary structure of Nigerian navy ? If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, then you will find this article most useful.

In this article, I will be showing you presently the different ranks in the Nigerian navy, how much money naval officers earn monthly and other bonus information that you certainly should know about the Nigerian navy. Do well to stick around till the end.

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The Nigerian arm forces is duly made up of 3 branches, vis; the army, the air force and the navy. While the army is in charge of the land borders of Nigeria, the air force protects the airspace while the naval force is fully in charge of the protection of the sea space of Nigeria against all forms of internal and external aggression.

nigerian navy

As a military organization where order flows from the top to the bottom, the Nigerian naval officers are grouped into two broad categories, vis; the commissioned and non-commissioned officers, and the navy salary in Nigeria corresponds with the rank of each officer. Hence, the higher your rank, the higher your monthly salary in Nigerian navy.

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Before going fully into the ranks and salary structure of the Nigerian navy, its pertinent first to show you a brief background of the Nigerian navy.

A Brief Background Of The Nigerian Navy

The Nigerian navy had its origin way back in 1914 after the amalgamation of the Southern and the Northern protectorates. Then it was known by the name Nigerian Marine.

However, the Nigerian marine thus formed was not a full military organization, but was considered by many to be a quasi-military body. Shortly afterwards, the Nigerian marine became known as the Nigerian naval force (at least in name). It wasn’t until 1959 that the Nigerian naval force was transformed into a complete navy when the queen of England renamed it the Royal Nigerian navy.

Later in 1963 when Nigeria became a republic, it was then renamed the Nigerian Navy, with more and more roles and trainings given to the Nigerian naval officers.

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Ever since this period, the Nigerian navy has undergone series of reforms both in operation and personnel welfares. All these are targetted towards making the naval force more efficient in the protection of the territorial water space of Nigeria.

And as expected, the many years of training and retraining has finally paid off, making the Nigerian navy among the best naval force in the whole of Africa.

Ranks In The Nigerian Navy 2020

You may have asked, what are the ranks in the Nigerian navy? There are many ranks in the Nigerian navy. The Nigerian navy ranking system are duly grouped into two major categories, vis; the commissioned and non-commissioned naval officers.

While The Admiral Of The Fleet is the highest ranking officer, the Naval Trainee or Recruit is the lowest ranking officer in the Nigerian naval force

difference between commissioned and non commissioned officers in nigerian navy

The difference between commissioned and non-commissioned naval officer in Nigeria is that while a commissioned officer has gained a commission through his educational qualifications, the non-commissioned naval officer has not gained any commission yet.

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It should be stated that being a commissioned officer in the navy takes a great deal of time and courage. However, the reward that comes with it is really worth it.

Nigeria Navy Ranks For Commissioned Officers 2020

Below is the list of Nigerian navy ranking system for commissioned officers in 2020:

  • Admiral of the fleet
  • Admiral
  • Vice-admiral
  • Rear admiral
  • Commodore
  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Lieutenant commander
  • Lieutenant
  • Sub Lieutenant
  • Acting sub-lieutenant
  • Mid shipman

The above are all navy ranks for commissioned officers in Nigeria. We shall turn to the full analysis of these ranks later on in this article.

Nigeria Navy Ranks For Non-Commissioned Officers 2020

There are many ranks for non-commissioned officers in the Nigerian navy. Below is the list of Nigeria navy ranks for non-commissioned officers:

  • Warrant chief petty officer
  • Chief petty officer
  • Petty officer
  • Leading rating
  • Able rating
  • Ordinary rating
  • Trainee

Nigerian Navy Ranks In Details

Below is a detailed explanation of the ranks in the Nigerian navy for both commissioned and non-commissioned officers in 2020:

Admiral of the fleet:

The highest rank in the Nigerian navy is the rank of an admiral of the fleet. Some persons funnily say that it’s only the gods that truly attain this rank in the navy. Reason being that one need to perform beyond the ordinary in order to get to this position in the navy ranking system in Nigeria. At the moment, the position is still empty until a deserving candidate emerge to fill it.


The rank of admiral in the Nigerian navy is the second highest position. Just like the admiral of the fleet, getting to this position is a Herculean task. This is similar to an army general with lots of power within his control. The admiral is a senior officer to the vice admiral


The rank of vice admiral in Nigerian navy is lower than that of admiral, but slightly above that of rear admiral. In the army, we would have called him a Lieutenant general.

Rear admiral:

Rear admiral is a higher naval rank than that of commodore but below the rank of a vice admiral. This is the equivalent of a Major General in the Nigerian army ranking structure.


In the Nigerian navy ranking structure, the commodore is a respectable position that is below the rank of a rear admiral, but superior to that of a captain. In the Nigerian army, this position corresponds to the rank of a brigadier.


A captain is a high rank in the Nigerian navy. He entirely controls a large ship for war, and every crew member onboard the ship is directly under his control. This Nigeria navy rank is superior to the rank of a naval commander, and the most popular rank in the Nigerian navy ranking structure.


Within the naval ranking structure, the rank of a commander is equivalent to that of a lieutenant colonel in the Nigerian army. He directly reports to the naval captain, but a higher rank than lieutenant commanders.

Lieutenant commander:

In the ranking structure of the Nigerian navy, the rank of a lieutenant commander is superior to that of a lieutenant, but below that of a commander. In the army, it corresponds to the rank of a major in Nigerian army.


This rank in the Nigerian navy is usually the subordinate of the lieutenant commander in the navy ranking structure. This rank is the equivalent of an army captain within the army ranking structure.

Sub Lieutenant:

The sub-lieutenant is a rank in the Nigerian navy ranking order. It is superior to the position of acting sub-lieutenant but equivalent to the rank of a lieutenant in the Nigerian army.

Mid shipman:

The lowest rank in the Nigerian navy for commissioned officers is the rank of a mid shipman. This rank in the ranking order of the Nigerian military is equivalent to the position of a second lieutenant in the Nigerian army.

The ranks of the non-commissioned officers will not be discussed any further in this article. However, its pertinent to highlight the monthly salary structure of the Nigerian navy here.

Salary Structure Of Nigerian Navy 2020

You may want to ask like other Nigerians, how much is navy salary in Nigeria 2020?

salary of nigerian navy

Following the new minimum wage in Nigeria, the Nigerian navy salary structure has slightly adjusted upward. Below is the updated list of the Nigerian navy monthly salary:

The monthly salary of Nigerian navy ranges between N46,000 for recruits to N1.3million naira for the highest rank in the naval force. Below is the updated list of the Nigerian navy monthly salary:

  • An Admiral of the fleet in Nigeria navy earns N1.3million salary per month
  • A Vice-admiral in Nigeria navy earns N1.1million salary per month
  • A Rear admiral in Nigeria navy earns N1million salary per month
  • A Commodore in Nigeria navy earns N615,000 salary per month
  • A Captain in Nigeria navy earns N310,000 salary per month
  • A Commander in the Nigerian navy earns N281,000 salary per month in Nigeria

From an unofficial source, the Nigerian navy recruit salary is N46,000 monthly. 

The above Nigeria navy monthly salary is not complete as at the time of writing this article, as we are still gathering the necessary information from direct source.

However, we don’t make guarantees that the figures above are 100% accurate as the can change at any time. If any of the information provided thus far appears wrong or misleading, kindly use the comment section below to inform us, and we shall make the appropriate corrections ASAP.

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