Nigerian AirForce: Ranks, salary Structure And Operations In 2021

Do you want to know the various ranks and salary structure of the prestigious Nigerian Airforce commissioned and non-commissioned officers? I guess you do. Well, who wouldn’t want to?

In this article, I will be taking you on a journey into the core of the Nigerian airforce, while exposing you to the various ranks in Nigerian air force, monthly salaries of Nigerian airforce officers and non officers as well as other important things you need to understand about this special force. Do well to stick around till the end.

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The Nigerian armed forces is duly divided into 3 branches, vis; the Nigerian Army, the Nigerian Navy and the Nigerian Air Force. While most Nigerians think that Navy is the most respected arm force in Nigeria, others think that the Airforce is the most respected armed force. Whichever the case, it’s enough to know that the Airforce commands a considerable degree of social respect and recognition.

nigerian airforce

Being one of the branches of the Nigerian armed force that specializes in the control of the nations’ airspace, Nigerian airforce gained its full constitutional validity in April 1964. Ever since this date, it has grown to be the largest and most powerful airforce in the whole of African continent.

The Nigerian airforce has demonstrated a high level of expertise in air warfare over the years, especially during the 30 months Nigerian civil war. This was largely because of the level of intensive training they got from the German airforce in 1963.

After the civil war in 1970, the Nigerian airforce has undergone a lot of reforms ranging from their command structure to their operational modus, even in the acquisition of the latest aircraft to meet with the latest challenges of this 21st century.

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There are many reasons you may want to know how much Nigerian airforce personnel make on a monthly basis. Part of which could be because you are considering building a career in this agency, or simply for the sake of satisfying your curiosity.

Before going into the salary structure of the Nigerian airforce, its pertinent to first list the various ranks in the airforce. This is because the monthly salary that each Nigerian airforce personnel receives per month is dependent on his or her rank.

Divisions Of The Nigerian Airforce 2020

division of nigerian airforce

The Nigerian airforce is divided into two broad categories, vis; The commissioned officers and the Non-commissioned officers. The ranks within these 2 broad categories in the Nigerian Airforce will be listed below.

Ranks In The Nigerian Airforce For Commissioned Officers

You may have asked, what is the difference between commissioned officers (COs) and non-commissioned officers (NCOs) in the military? Well, the basic difference is that while commissioned officers enter into military force directly from the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) after obtaining a university degree, non-commissioned officers get their promotion and leadership position through enlisted ranks.

ranks in nigerian airforce

Below is the list of ranks in the Nigerian airforce for commissioned officers, from the highest to the lowest ranks:

  • Air chief marshal
  • Air marshal
  • Air vice marshal
  • Air commodore
  • Group captain
  • Wing commander
  • Squadron leader
  • Flight lieutenant
  • Flying Officer
  • Pilot officer

Ranks In The Nigerian Airforce For Non-Commissioned Officers

Below is the list of ranks in the Nigerian airforce for non-commissioned officers 2020:

  • Trainee
  • Cadet (trainee)
  • Aircraft man/woman
  • Lance corporal
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Flight sergeant
  • Warrant officer
  • Master warrant officer
  • Air warrant officer

Monthly Salaries Of The Nigerian Airforce 2020

How much does Nigerian airforce personnel earn per month? This is a question that many Nigerians have always wanted to know about. This becomes true owing to the fact that many persons that are joining the Nigerian airforce and other forces commonly do so for more for the salary (with no disrespect to our gallant military men/women)

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Hence, the issue of knowing beforehand how much airforce officers earn becomes so necessary. Below, we will show you how much Nigerian navy pay their commissioned and non-commissioned officers accordingly.

salary structure of nigerian airforce

The commissioned officers in Nigerian Airforce earns between N1,724,000 to 189,000 monthly while the non-commissioned officers in Nigerian Airforce earns between N53,000 to N170,000 per month.

A further breakdown of what each person earn per month becomes pertinent at this point.

Salary Structure For Commissioned Officers In Nigerian Airforce

  • Air chief marshal In the Nigerian airforce earns N1,724,280 per month
  • Air marshal In the Nigerian airforce earns N1,486,200 per month
  • Air vice marshal In the Nigerian airforce earns N1,376,343 per month
  • Air commodore In the Nigerian airforce earns N677,895 per month
  • Group captain In the Nigerian airforce earns N352631 per month
  • Wing commander In the Nigerian airforce earns N342,586 per month
  • Squadron leader In the Nigerian airforce earns N248,004 per month
  • Flight lieutenant In the Nigerian airforce earns N232,484 per month
  • Flying Officer In the Nigerian airforce earns N218,400 per month
  • Pilot officer In the Nigerian airforce earns N187,159 per month

Salary Structure For Non-Commissioned Officers In Nigerian Airforce

  • Trainee in the Nigerian airforce earns N10,200 monthly
  • Cadet (trainee) in the Nigerian airforce earns N40,000 monthly
  • Aircraft man/woman in the Nigerian airforce earns N53,000 monthly
  • Lance corporal in the Nigerian airforce earns N56,000 monthly
  • Corporal in the Nigerian airforce earns N58,700 monthly
  • Sergeant in the Nigerian airforce earns N70,000 monthly
  • Flight sergeant in the Nigerian airforce earns N87,200 monthly
  • Warrant officer in the Nigerian airforce earns N102,000 monthly
  • Master warrant officer in the Nigerian airforce earns N165,700 monthly
  • Air warrant officer in the Nigerian airforce earns N172,000 monthly

This article has exhaustively dealt with the Nigerian airforce ranks and salary structure in simple format. We have carried out an extensive research to come up with the above facts and figures. However, if any of the amount mentioned above is inaccurate, kindly point that out to us in the comment section, and we shall fix that as soon as we can.

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