Mouka Foam And Vita Foam Which Is Better In 2021 (Reviews And Comparisons In)

Mouka foam and Vita foam are obviously the two most popular foam brands in Nigeria, as millions of Nigerian families either go for one or the other.

For many years now, Nigerians have been bipolarized on the question whether or not Mouka foam is better than Vita foam.

Obviously, the two mattress companies are actually doing good jobs in producing durable foams that comes in different price range and types.

However, as rational economic agents, we always want to buy the products with the most benefit to us. Hence, the desire to know the best foam brand in Nigeria.

Our readers have often asked us, is Mouka foam better than vita foam? People also ask the reverse of this question – Is Vita foam better that Mouka foam.

In order to answer this question once and for all, we have invested a lot of personal time gathering information from people who are using these two amazing products.

In this article, we will review and compare Mouka foam and vita foam in order to determine the best form brand in Nigeria. The current price of Mouka foam and Vita foam in 2020 will also be discoursed in great details.

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These and many other things will be covered in details as we proceed with this article. if you are ready, let’s get started.

Types And Prices Of Vita Foam In 2020

Just like we said earlier in this article, Mouka foam comes in different qualities, sizes and price range. Below is a quick list of the various types and prices of Mouka foam in Nigeria in 2020.

The prices of Vita foams below are dependent on the foam dimension that you chose from, ranging from 6ft – 3.5ft to 6ft – 7ft which represents the lowest and highest prices.

Below are the types and prices of Vita foams available in Nigeria:

S/N Name Of Product Price Range Image
1 Vita Galaxy (Classic Mattress) N46-104,000  Vita Galaxy (Classic Mattress)
2 Vita Galaxy (Orthopaedic Mattress) N51-135,000  Vita Galaxy (Orthopaedic Mattress)
3 Vita Sizzlle N92-181,000  Vita Sizzler
4 Vita Standard Hospital Mattress N34000 Hospital%20mattress
5 Vita Corona N8500-74000 Vita Corona
6 Vita Ground N28-55,000 VITA%20GRAND%20MATTRESS%20(2)
7 Vita Haven N30-115,000 Vita Haven
8 Vita Shine N6-8,000 Vita Shine
9 N68-145,000 Vita Spring Firm Vita Spring Firm
10 Vita Spring Flex N36-73,000 Vita Spring Flex
11 Vita Supreme N35-102,000 Vita Supreme
12 Vita Twill Double Mattress N105-205,000 Vita Twill Double Mattress
13 Vita Twill Single N101-197,000 Vita Twill Single

Source: Vitafoam online store.

How To Know Original Vita Foam In 2020

While Vita foam is obviously among the best quality foams in Nigeria, you must agree with me that the Nigerian market is laden with lots of fake products, including Vita foams.

A lot of Nigerians with good intentions have gone to buy Vita foam, only to discover that what they actually bought was one made in Aba kind of mattress.

original vita foam sign

To avoid this issue, any time you want to buy a Vita foam brand, kindly follow this trick below:

When you want to buy a Vita foam, look for the scratch card that is located at the body of the mattress, scratch the card to review the secret digits on it.

Once the secret pins have been reviewed, text those numbers as SMS to 38353. If it’s an original Vita foam, you will receive an instant message from Vita foam confirming the originality of the mattress you want to buy. if you don’t receive this message, then know that the foam is fake, and you should avoid it ASAP.

How To Become A Vita foam Distributor

To become a Vitafoam distributor, simply reach out to the distriutor manager via their distributors contact foam via this link, after which you will be giving further instructions on what to do, step by step along the way.

If you want to know the nearest Vita foam distributor near you, use this link to locate one ASAP. This ensures that you get the best vita foam mattress anywhere in Nigeria.

Mouka Foam Contact Address

Vita foam online store, 162 Oba akran Avenue,

Ikeja, Lagos.

Types And Prices Of Mouka Foams In Nigeria 2020

Just like Vita foam, Mouka foam also comes in different types, sizes and price range.

Below is the list of Mouka foam and their prices:

S/N Name Of Mattress Price Of Mouka Mattress
1 Mouka Quilted Mattress N51600
2 Mouka Flora Queen Mattress N51960
3 Mouka Flora Double Mattress N80,400
4 Mouka Flora King mattress N90,120
5 Mouka Flora California King Mattress N99480
6 Mouka Flora California Easter King Mattress N101280
7 Mouka Regal orthopaedic Mattress N101,600
8 Mouka Regina Semi-orthopaedic Mattress N135,000
9 Mouka Mondeo Spring Mattress N85,000
10 Flora Premier N73,000

How To Know Original Mouka Foam In 2020

Just like Vita foam, there are many products that masquerade themselves as Mouka foam. Hence, knowing how to differentiate between the original Mouka foam and fake is key, and would save you a lot. All original Mouka foam mattress comes with an authentication imprint with the official Mouka foam logo

To identify an original Mouka foam, look out for the  authentication imprint with Mouka foam official logo, which is located at the rails of Mouka foams mattress follow-come-bed-covers. Always look out for such authentication labels.

mouka foam authentication sign

If you can’t see the label, which is usually very conspicuous to see, then the Mouka foam is definitely a fake.

The above only applies to Mouka foams with follow come covers. There are also Mouka foams that comes without any cover.

How to identify original Mouka foam without cover is by looking out for the Mouka foam logo which is usually encrested on the body of naked Mouka foams. All original naked Mouka foams comes with this imprinted logo, so ensure you check them out.

How To Become A Mouka Foam Major Distributor

To become a Mouka foam distritubor in Nigeria and start making money, all you need to do is to visit the official mouka foam distributor website here, get the number of the regional sales manager at your geographical location and give the manager a call, he will assist you on what to do next.

The numbers to call are:

Regional sales manager Lagos: 09087429268

Regional sales manager West: 08094983136

Regional sales manager South South: 09087201941

Regional sales manager North East: 08099098056

Prices Of Mouka Foams In Inches (Updated in 2020)

The current price of 20 inches Mouka foam is between N85000 to N100,000 in 2020.

The current price of 18 inches Mouka foam is between N75,000 to N90,000 in 2020.

The current price of 16 inches Mouka foam is between N65,000 to N75,000

The price of a 14 inches Mouka foam in Nigeria is around N50,000 to N60,000

The price of a 10 inches original Mouka foam is between N30,000 to N40,000.

Mouka Foam Contact Address

Head Office Lagos: Plot M Awosika Avenue,

Ikeja industrial Estate,

Lagos State.

Mouka Foam And Vita Foam, Which Is Better?

The debate over the best Nigerian foam brand has raged on for many years now. While many sees Mouka foam is the best foam brand in Nigeria, others sees Vita foam as the best quality foam.

In order not to appear subjective in our search for the ultimate and best foam brands in Nigeria, we have asked different Nigerians to air their view as to the foam brand they prefer. The sum total of this data thus gathered gives us the objective answer to the question.

By way of comparison,  both Mouka foam and Vita foam are the dominant foam industry in Nigeria. They both produce durable mattresses, so much so that it will be difficult to really determine the one that produces a much better quality mattress.

Anyways, while Mouka foam is a private company, Vita foam is a public traded company with an excellent financial record.

In order to be objective, we carried out a survey on Facebook to determine what people think about Mouka foam and Vita foam. In this survey, over 500 persons aired their views. While 56% of the respondents said voted in favour of Mouka foam, the other 44% voted in favour of Vita foam.

Dr John Virgil argued that he’s been using his Mouka foam for over 20 years now, and the mattress has never shown any sign of ageing to say the least.

Another respondent argued that the comfort that one gets while sleeping on Mouka foam can only be compared to a person sleeping on a fibre mattress.

So to answer the question, between Mouka foam and Vita foam which is the best? From the data we have gathered thus far from our respondents, Mouka foam is obviously the better choice, especially when you are considering  durability, affordability and general comfort.

The result of our research does not by any means suggest that Vita foam is anywhere inferior to Mouka foam. No, just that it appears as though more Nigerians prefers using Mouka foam to Vita foam.

At the tail end of it all, the question of which is better between Mouka foam and Vita foam remains at best the question of personal preference.

I hope this comparison between Mouka foam and Vita foam was an informative one? If yes, kindly use the share button below to share this article to the persons you know might need it. Still have some questions, use the comment section below, and we will try to reach out to you as soon as we can.

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