Mini Importation Business Guide: How To Start And Make Money In Nigeria

In this timely guide, i will teach you everything you need to know about mini importation business in Nigeria, and how you can deploy that knowledge into a regular stream of incomes for you and your household.

If you want to learn how to start importing goods from China to be reselling in Nigeria with a little start up capital, then this article will be a useful guide to you.

This mini importation training is one in the right direction. You can also read our top investment opportunities in Nigeria this 2020, just to acquint yourself with all the necessary knowledge you may need to become financially free.

It is no news that Nigeria is an import dependent nation. In fact, about 60-70 percent of items used in Nigeria are imported. These include refined petroleum products and food items!

graph of nigeria importation trend

The list of imported items in Nigeria is endless. At a point in time, someone jokingly said “Nigeria imports everything including toothpick”. Funny as that statement sounds, there is some vestige of truth in it.

Rather than complain about it, how about taking advantage of this gap by importing some of the essencials that are not available locally in Nigeria?


What differentiates entrepreneurs from ordinary men is the ability to spot an opportunity and take advantage of it.

A lot of smart Nigerians who have taken advantage of this golden opportunity by venturing into mini importation in Nigeria are already big time millionaires.

You can ask ‘Alaba boys’. Those who don’t have huge capital to venture fully into full scale importation are into mini-importers- where they are smiling to the bank on a daily basis.

while we have all heard about mini importation business in Nigeria, a lot of us don’t really know how to go about it.

This explains the necessity of this mini importation guide in Nigeria.

In this timely mini importation guide, you will learn about mini importation, requirements to start mini importation business, start up capital, mini importation websites as well as how to buy goods cheap from China and import same to Nigeria in the cheapest way possible.

If you are excited about all this, then endeavour to read this article till the end.

What Is Mini Importation Business?

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Mini importation is actually one of the ways of making money online in Nigeria. It simply refers to the act of buying goods from a foreign country (importing) on a small scale to resell at home at a higher price.

Mini importation business in Nigeria involves the importation of cheap goods with low investment capital to resell locally for profit. As a mini importer, you can import goods for your personal use or to sell and make profit.

As a rule of thumb, mini importation business is ideal for people with low investment capital like corpers, students, young graduate and anyone who want to invest in business to become financially free in this competitive world of business.

Requirements To Start A Profittable Mini Importation Business In Nigeria 2020

Many Nigerians have asked, What are the minimum requirements to start a profitable mini importation business in Nigeria?

This question is one in the right direction as it springs from a mind that seeks to know.

Below are the list of requirements to start a profitable mini importation business in Nigeria 2020:

  • A good internet connection to enable you carry out your shopping on the net more effectively.
  • An active email address which you might need when signing up on some of the online stores.
  • A valid home or office address where your goods will be delivered to.
  • Your start up capital. Just like every other business, you will need your business capital before commencing mini-importation.
  • A means of making payment online such as a Master Card, Naira Visa Card, PayPal account etc.
  • The list of items you want to import. It is important you make your marketing survey and decide on the best selling items before going online to import them. Else, you might end up importing items that are not in demand in Nigeria.

Minimum Start up Capital For Mini Importation Business In Nigeria

Just like the name suggests, its called mini importation, which means that you don’t need to have millions to start importing goods from China to Nigeria.

This being the case, you can start your mini importation business in Nigeria with as low as N10,000 and grow progressively when your fortunes begines to rise.

Though N10,000 will only get you a few items but with patience and diligence, you can grow gradually.

However, if you are buoyant enough, you can start your mini importation with between 100-500 thousand Naira. This will include the cost of purchasing the items, shipping and adverts.

Remember, its often better to start your mini importation business with more capital, as this will afford you the opportunity to buy more at reduced prices.

But for safety reasons, we encourage you to import your first set of goods with the least capital investment and see how the local market welcomes it. After which, you can invest more money on it to get more units with less.

Dont worry we will show you the best selling products you can import into Nigeria and make more sells and profit later on.

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Best Mini Importation Websites For Nigerian Start Ups

Basically, there are two channels that mini-importers in Nigeria utilize to source for goods – From China and from United Kingdom UK.

But I will be dwelling more on importing from China to Nigeria since the Chinese markets feeds the import dependent Nigerian markets more than any other market in the world.

Importing From UK Markets To Nigeria

If you want to import products from UK to Nigeria, there are several mini importation sites for that, with the most popular being and

To use these channels as a Nigerian mini importer, you will need to register on and you will be assigned a UK address that you can use to carry out your shopping on any online shopping platform in UK.

Your goods will be delivered to the address (which happens to be the office address of over there in the UK) given to you. will then ship the goods and deliver them to you here in Nigeria.

The reason many Nigerians are no longer importing from UK as they used to is because goods made or used in the UK are generally very expensive to sell in Nigeria.

The second reason being that it takes a lot of processes buying from UK, since you have to buy through a mini importation agent –

However, the quality of items there are of superior quality compared to those from China so some importers still go for quality regardless of the price.

When profit is our main concern, quality can only be a luxury that many cant afford to have.

Importing From Chinese Markets To Nigeria

Mini importation from China to Nigeria is the best because as an importer, you have a direct access with the producers which make you buy at the cheapest rates, and also because chinese firms ships directly to Nigeria.

When it comes to importing products from China, there are many reputable sites where you can buy goods at bargain prices, directly from the producing companies.


Below is the list of best sites to import goods from China to Nigeria at cheapest rates in 2020:


This is the bigger version of They ( and are owned by the same parent company, Alibaba Group. has a larger collection of items but they deal mostly on wholesale. I.e. those who are importing in large quantities.

That is not to say mini-importers can’t use this platform, no! In fact, the items here are cheaper than those on

However, you need to be very careful when dealing with suppliers on because the payment method there is not as secure as that of where escrow method is used.

This online shopping platform is owned by Alibaba Group. It is one of the most popular ecommerce market place in the world today. Purchasing items on is quite easy and safe. There are a lot of household items on this platform to choose from.

In fact, if you are venturing into mini importation with a very small budget, you can start from here because they offer free shipping for selected items so you’ll spend less in order to increase your profit margin.

The issue with the free shipping offered by is that you are made to wait for a longer time (20-50 days) before your goods are delivered at the nearest post office here in Nigeria. Recently, their delivery time has been reduced significantly between 20 to 30 days.

This is another platform with a large collection of household items. Just like the other two, purchasing items on is easy and simple. I won’t dwell much on this because it will be tantamount to repetition. Let’s move to the one that stands out.

This is obviously the largest and cheapest platform for importers in Nigeria. The items on this website are by far cheaper than those on, etc. the issue with is that the website is in Chinese.

So as a Nigerian, making use of a website that displays its content in Chinese will be a big problem. However, there is a way to go about it. Make use of the latest version of Google Chrome or UC browsers to open the site.

For Chrome, you will go to settings and enable translation; everything on the website will then be translated to English Language for you.

There are several other websites but these are the recommended ones for a newbie in mini-importation in Nigeria.

How To Import Goods From Chinese Websites Down To Nigeria

To begin your mini importation business in Nigeria, you will need to log on to their website, , , or and register as a member using your email.

Then take time to go through the site(s) to search for the goods you want to purchase and import.

Note: there are a lot of sellers on these platforms selling similar products with varying prices, so ensure that you take your time to search for the supplier that is offering the product at the cheapest price(s).

Once you see the product, click on it, select the quantity, colors, and shipping company. After which you can fill in your credit card details to purchase the products.

If you are importing your products from Aliexpress, There are two methods of shipping your products down here to Nigeria:

Express shipping which takes 24-48 hours to arrive here in Nigeria and the Standard shipping which takes more than 2 weeks to arrive in Nigeria.

Aliexpress shipping  is very fast but more expensive, so I won’t advice you as a new mini-importer to go for this method because it will increase your cost of importation thereby reducing your profit margin.

The normal shipping which usually takes about 14 days to arrive here in Nigeria will take more time to arrive, but is mostly free delivery.

So as a new mini importer in Nigeria, you may want to go for the basic shipping plan, which is free but takes more time to arrive. Later on, when you start having plenty orders, you can upgrade to Express shipping.

When your package arrives at the office of your third party logistics company here in Nigeria (Lagos), they (the agent) will call you to come and pick your item if you are in Lagos.

With a little additional fee, they will send it to your location if you are outside Lagos state. You pay according to the weight of your package.

How Can I Get A Trusted Logistic Shipping Agent In Nigeria?

There are a couple of efficient and reliable logistics companies that are used by most mini-importers in Nigeria.

These logistics companies that I will be revealing to you here all have offices in Nigeria and China.

The best third party logistic shipping agents in Nigeria includes:

  • Baze1 Logistics
  • St Patrick International Logistics
  • NonnyKings Logistics

Note: You need to do your due diligence by visiting the website/office of these logistics companies or contact them through phone to make verifications before commencing business with them.

Best Selling Products To Import From China To Nigeria 2020

What are the best selling products that i can import from China to Nigeria to make more profit?

Knowing how to import items is one thing, knowing the hottest selling items that you can import and make huge profit within the shortest time frame is another thing.

The hottest selling goods to import from China to Nigeria in 2020 includes:

  • Beauty and Health products like human hairs and suppliments
  • Automobile and safety products like car security gadgets
  • Technology and Lifestyle products like phones, phone spare parts and laptops and its spare parts.
  • Clothing lines like men and female wears, including shoes and palms.

These products all have ready made markets for them. Import them and see how they sell like wide fire.

How To Promote Your Imported Products In Nigeria Better

Getting your products across to prospective buyers as well as your customers is one of the most important thing in mini-importation. Because, of what essence will it be if after importing items, you are unable too sell them?

So even before you purchase an item, ensure you’ve mapped out a clear marketing strategy for that product.

Below is the list of ways to market your imported products from China in Nigeria 2020:

Useful Tips For Newbies In Mini Importation Business In Nigeria

  • Start with little amount and grow from there. Do not measure the depth of a river with both feet. Start with cheap items that have good profit margin.
  • Do not import items because you think they are beautiful. Import items that are in high demand. This will give you a better turn-over.
  • Do not start with the importation of products that people can easily walk into a nearby shop and purchase.
  • Go for products that solve a particular problem or address a pressing need,

Download free mini importation business guide in Nigeria pdf

I believe that from what you’ve learnt from this article, you are now fully equipped to begin your journey into mini-importation business in Nigeria.

Should in case you have any question, feel free to drop it in the comment box bellow. Thanks for reading, and do well to consider our other articles.

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