Microworkers Nigeria: How To Earn Money With Microworkers

Microworkers Nigeria: This article is about how to earn passive income with microworkers in Nigeria. If you want to earn some extra cash online performing little tasks or micro jobs, then this article is for you.

There are many ways in which Nigerians now make money online. However, microworker stands on Olympian aloofness over the rest, especially if your intention is simply to be making some passive income online.

Basically, microworkers in some sense works like Fiverr and Upwork, and people are really making a lot of money from these platforms.

The distinguishing factor here is that while you need to be a professional on the services you provide on Fiverr and Upwork, you really don’t need any special skills before you can begin earning online in microworkers.

Want to learn more about Fiverr and how to begin with it, this article on Fiverr is specifically written for Nigerians to help them make more money on fiverr.com

Fiverr and Upwork are freelance websites that obviously pays more money for services rendered, but requires more skills, while microworkers requires no special skills to execute the micro jobs and earn some money.

In the light of these, this article will show you all that you need to start earning passive income on microworkers from your home. But before then, what is microworkers all about?

What Is Microworkers?

Microworkers is a freelance website which tries to connect employers to workers online. Simply put, in microworkers, people get paid for providing simple services online like liking of Facebook pages, reading news online, and similar services.


Usually, you are not required to do much job on microworkers. That’s why you don’t also expect to make millions of naira from it. A typical micro job you can do will take like 5mins of your time, and you are done with it.

Now I believe you have got the central idea of what microworkers is all about. Now let’s get started with the real deal on how to earn money with microworkers in Nigeria.

Microworkers Account Signup 2020 (A Guide)

To sign up for an account in microworkers is a straight forward activity. Simply follow my lead, and within a few minutes, your account should be up and running.

To get started, visit the official website of microworkers here. 

On the sites homepage, click on the sign up button as shown on the pics below.

microworkers signup

Clicking on the register button will bring you to the microworkers sign up page. Fill the necessary information like your email, names and password, and other information in the right space provided for each.

When you are done with filling your correct information, endeavour to check the i accept the terms and conditions button, and click continue.

Once you click on the continue button, microworkers will send you a confirmation email on the email you used in signing up. Click on the link they sent to your email to verify your email address.

Clicking on that verification link will bring you to a page where you will be required to sign into your microworkers acount for the first time as shown in the picture below.

sign into microworkers pics

Enter the email and password you used in signing up for the account to log into your microworkers account. Once you have logged in, don’t feel too excited yet as there are still two very important things you must do before your account will permit you to start doing micro jobs and earning money with microworkers in Nigeria.

  • First, you must verify your Nigerian phone number.
  • Secondly, you must complete what is called microworkers admission test. These two things will be discussed here presently.

How To Verify Phone Number On Microworkers

To verify your phone number on Microworkers, simply log into your microworkers account and click on the account section at the top of the home page.

On the new page that pops up, click on the verify phone number button, and input your phone number on the provided space.

Once you have done this, Microworkers will show you a number that you will send a text message to with your number. To send the message, simply test Activate to +19723609222. Note that the SMS is free. Once you send it, your phone number will automatically be verified.

How To Solve Microworkers Phone Verification Problem

A lot of Users encounters difficulties while trying to verify their phone numbers on microworkers. However, the first step in solving this problem is for you to send the verification message with the phone number that you signed up with.

And make sure also that you typed the correct phone number while signing up for a microworkers account. On this, you may want to check again to see if the number you signed up with is correctly typed.

Also ensure that you have network service on your phone as at the time of sending the verification message. These helpful tips will help you solve the phone verification problem of microworkers.

How To Complete TTV Microworkers Admission Test Easily: Microworkers Nigeria

To start and complete the microworkers admission test easily, kindly log into your microworkers account and click on the job tap.

Once the job windows opens, scroll all the way down till you see complete microworkers test as shown on the picture below.

microworkers admission test

Click on the microworkers admission test and read all the information on the next page. Read it thoroughly as this will be the questions you will be required to answer.

Once you are done reading the essays, click next to get to the pretest area. Read through and answer the simple questions that you will be asked which usually takes about 10 minutes to finish. After this, you are good to start making money on microworkers quickly.

Performing these above will get your account and you ready to earn money with microworkers in Nigeria

How To Make Money On Microworkers: Microworkers Nigeria

To start earning some passive income on Microworkers, first sign into your microworkers account and click on the job tab on the top menu.

From the job windows, select the particular micro job that you want to do as shown in the pics below.

selecting microworkers job

On this case, the micro job that we want to go for first is on Youtube. So we click on the YouTube micro job to see more instructions about what actually the employer wants from us.

Click on it, you or any other micro job that you want to do first, and a similar window will pop up.

microworkers job requirements

From the micro job requirement above, you are required to visit the YouTube channel, watch about %80 of the video, like the video, comment on it and subscribe to the channel. Once you have done this, you can screenshot your proof that indicates that you have done all these.

How To Submit Required Proof Of Job Completed On Microworkers

The particular micro job we chose to do on this tutorial requires 3 proofs of job completion to be uploaded which are:

  • screenshot of like
  • your youtube channel name
  • your social media link

Before you do these, you should download and install a small sized app called snapshot which can be downloaded here. its less than 2 mb.

For the first proof, go to the youtube page and screenshot the like button (which should indicate that you have actually liked the page)

Once you screenshot it, snapshot pops up a small menu. On that menu, click on the cloud icon which is the first button of the menu.

upload screenshot on microworkers

Click on that cloud icon to upload the screenshot on snapshot server, and copy the uploaded link.

Now paste the link on the space provided on your submit required proof page as shown on the picture below.

proof of job finished in microworkers

Press enter and follow the above procedure to screenshot all the other proofs and upload their links as shown above on new lines.

After this, click on the i confirm that i have completed this task button and you are done. The employer will review the assignments and credit your account with the required commission.

After all this, microworker now verifies that you have completed this task and credits your account with the required fund.

Its as simple as this.

Microworkers Vs Picoworkers, Comparison

Both microworkers and picoworkers perform the same function. However, there is a few difference which may interest you to note.

  • Signing up for a free account on Picoworkers gives you an instant assess to $0.50 while you don’t get nothing when you sign up for microworkers account.
  • The minimum withdrawal on Picoworkers is $5 while on microworkers, the minimum is $9.
  • There is a compulsory admission test to be taken in microworkers before your account can be fully ready, while its not so on Picoworkers.
  • You also do a compulsory phone number verification on microworkers, which again is not so on Picoworkers.
  • Picoworkers generally pays less. It could be as less as $0.03 for some task, while the minimum i have seen on microworkers is $0.7 which is reasonably fair enough.
  • Generally, microworkers appears to be a better site by all standard than Picoworkers

Hope that this guide was helpful to you?

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