How Lucrative Is Church Business In Nigeria 2021

I was wondering about how lucrative the church business is in Nigeria 2020, so I carried out some in-depth research  about the topic, and I came up with the following facts. Read on to find out.

There are 4 sectors that produce the highest number of billionaires in Nigeria. They are: Politicians, Big business owners, artists and pastors.

In this article, we shall concentrate on how lucrative the church business in Nigeria is, owing to the number of billionaire and millionaire pastors we have in Nigeria.

The essence of this article is not to criticize the Nigerian churches or pastors. On the contrary, we intend to evaluate whether the Nigerian churches are lucrative businesses or not.

Nigerians are generally seen as the most religious people on earth, following the number of churches and Christians that she currently boast of.


At the moment, Nigeria has the largest number of Christians in the whole of Africa, and also the home to the largest church auditorium in the world. These are some factors that makes it appear as the religious capital of the world.

In every street across the length and breath of every state in Nigeria, you see one or more churches. In fact, some street can have as much as 10 different churches, most of which are located on a particular building.

At the moment, there are about 90 million Nigerian Christians and over 10 million different churches in Nigeria with different names and philosophies. Each is canvassing for membership in an increasing scale.

What really accounts for the proliferation of churches in Nigeria? Could it be that the increasing number of churches in Nigeria has something to do with the search for livelihood?

Can it be said that churches in Nigeria are lucrative business ventures? Is the increasing number of churches in Nigeria a result of unemployment ? These are some of the concerns that triggered this research.

Why Are There So Many Churches In Nigeria?

What primarily accounts for the increase in the number of churches in Nigeria is material in nature than spiritual. Actually, churches are supposed to be operating with the sole purpose of winning souls for Christ.

However, in Nigeria, more than 85% of the Nigerian churches run for the purpose of profit maximization.

The rate of unemployment in Nigeria has grown to become so pitiable. The infographics below shows the rate of unemployment in Nigeria, which correlate with the rise in the number of churches across the nation.

infographics of unemployment in Nigeria 2020

The infographics about unemployment in Nigeria shows a sharp rise in the number of unemployment in Nigeria from 1999 to 2020.

Many Nigerians that cannot secure employment in the competitive market ends up opening their own churches, which instantly becomes a conduit pipe through which their cash flows in. These are the category of pastors that uses religion as the opium of the masses.


There is a direct correlation between poverty and the number of churches that we have in Nigeria. The drive for a source of livelihood has led many unemployed Nigerian youths to open all kinds of churches, each vigorously pursuing its economic interest in all manner of ways from their members.

The above variables have led to what is infamously known as church commercialization in Nigeria.

What Is Church Commercialization in Nigeria?

Is church a business enterprise? This question has elicited many responses from many free thinkers across the globe, and in Nigeria in particular.

Church Commercialization simply means the process of turning a church into a money making venture or business. Just like we observed above, Nigerian churches are mostly commercial ventures that are opened because their founders could not find any reasonable job elsewhere.

This has made the standard of churches in Nigeria to continue on a downward spiral, which has led to a wide criticism against the churches.

Poverty and unemployment are the two major reasons for the commercialization of churches in Nigeria. With the number of churches we have in Nigeria, how lucrative is church business in Nigeria? Let’s discourse the facts.

How Lucrative Is Church Business In Nigeria?

How lucrative is church business in Nigeria? Churches are among the most lucrative business ventures in Nigeria currently. Let’s consider the following facts.

There are more than 1million churches in Nigeria, and it will be grossly misleading to assume that these churches were opened for the sake of winning souls.

The infographics below shows the top 10 richest pastors in Nigeria and their net worth.

infographics of richest pastors in nigeria
Chart of richest pastor in Nigeria

The above infographics shows the net worth of the richest Nigerian pastors. Any industry with such number of billionaires must be a very lucrative industry if you ask me.

The best way to answer the question of how lucrative the church business is in Nigeria is to look at the list of billionaire in Nigeria. Going by the top 10 richest pastors in the world by Forbes list, Nigerian pastors tops the list.

If you cannot secure employment in Nigeria, your sure bet will be to open a church, and you can thank me later. Many young graduate who i know that could not secure any meaningful employments out there are not doing real fine in their different church businesses across the Nigerian states.

A 50 naira offering from a church of 200 members alone can give you an insight into how lucrative the church business is.

How Do I Make Money In Church Business?:

ways to make money in nigerian churches

There are many ways in which churches make a lot of money in Nigeria.

Below are the major ways of making money in church:

  1. Tithes
  2. Offerings
  3. Selling of books
  4. Sowing of seeds


Opening a church automatically gives you the right to collect tithes from all your members. And the kind of cash flow that proceed from this can be so amazing.

In a church with about a hundred members, you can be making as much as 100 thousand naira a month. This can grow exponentially as your members grow. When it comes to giving, church members can give so selflessly. The amazing thing about it is that all the money are being sent to your account directly.


Another avenue in which churches in Nigeria make a lot of money is through regular offerings. In every service day, from Monday to Sunday, church members must task themselves to give offerings, even when they don’t have any one left at home.

Selling Of Books:

Once you open a church, you don’t need to be a good writer to sell books. Just write anything and your church members will buy it at any amount that you so wish for. This is another avenue in which church owners receive a lot of monthly cash flows.

Sowing Of Seeds:

Church members across the world, including Nigeria are always encouraged to sow seeds, as those who sow seeds can never lack. These lead many into the adventure of sowing all manner of seed into the church account. All these monies directly goes into the pastors account.

As you can see, churches in Nigeria are lucrative businesses. Once you start one, weekly offerings alone is enough to pay most of your bills. Now when you include all the other means of church revenues discoursed above, you instantly start leaving your dream life.

Now that you have seen that Nigerian churches are lucrative businesses, the next question now should be, how do I open a church in Nigeria?

How To Start A Church In Nigeria And Make Money

Do you want to start your own church in Nigeria?

Below are the steps to start a church in Nigeria:

  1. Get a church name
  2. Get a venue
  3. Buy your church equipments
  4. Advertise your church
  5. Start with few members first
  1. Get a church name and register it with the corporate affairs commission in Nigeria. Remember, your church is a business, and you must treat it as such in order to make money.
  2. Get a venue, which can be an empty land space or a building where you will situate your church. This is where your church services will normally be held.
  3. Buy your church equipments from the chairs to the drums and microphones. Remember, to make money with your church, you should have some presentable church facilities.
  4. Advertise your church through banners and paid advertisements. Remember, the money comes from having a sizable number of church members.
  5. Start your church with as few members as possible. This could be only you and your family members. The goal is to start small, and with time, your member base should grow.

Why You Should Start A Church Business In Nigeria This 2020

There are so many reason why any reasonable person should start his own church business in this year in Nigeria. However, below is the top on the list, which am sure is good enough reason to start your church in Nigeria and make a lot of money.

Below are the reasons to start you own church in Nigeria now:

  1. Tax free business venture
  2. Social recognition
  3. Make a lot of money
  4. Gifts from members

Tax Free Business Venture:

Churches in Nigeria are the only multibillion naira business in Nigeria that is entirely tax free. This means that no matter how much money you make from your church business in Nigeria, you are not legally required to pay tax to the government.

This means that all the money you make from your church members are going directly into your bank account. Doesn’t  it sound amazing?

Social Recognition:

Being a pastor alone because you have a church automatically gives you a lot of social recognition. Every body automatically gives you a lot of respect as a man of God.

This alone gives you access to a lot of things that you wouldn’t have enjoyed if you were not.

Make A Lot Of Money:

Aside the social recognition and all that, another reason you should open a church now is that churches are among the highest paying businesses in Nigeria.

This is obviously owing to the number of church billionnaires that Nigeria currently have. While you may not be a billionnaire over night by having a church, you sure can have enough to pay all your bills.

Gifts From Members:

Church owners enjoys a lot of exotic gifts from their members. These gifts includes exotic cars, houses, cash, lands and the best of everything you could think of. Its only pastors that enjoy these things from their members.

If you don’t open your own church today, you may never have the opportunity of enjoying these things.

I hope that this article on how lucrative is the church business in Nigeria insightful? If you want to start your church, you are now sure of the profitability of church businesses in Nigeria right?

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