The Latest Innoson Motors Price List 2021

This article contains the current Innoson motors price list in 2020.

Buying a car is the dream of most Nigeria. However, before buying a car, there are so many factors to be taken into consideration, which include the price of cars in Nigeria.

Given the fact that it cost so much to import cars into Nigeria, a lot of people turn to Innoson Motors.

Aside from the fact that their cars are very cheap when compared to importing a brand new cars into Nigeria, getting a car from Innoson is less stressful when compared to the rigor in car importation and clearance.

If you are considering buying a car from Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company (IVM), then you might want to check out the latest prices of  Innoson,

In this article, I will show you the current Innoson motors price list.

I will also show you how to buy a car on loan from Innoson Motors, and the reasons why you should buy a car from Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company (IVM).

Innoson Motors Price List

Below is  a list of the prices of Innoson motors in Nigeria.

This Innoson motors price list contains the latest prices of Innoson cars, the prices of Innoson SUV, the prices of Innoson buses, and the prices of Innoson vans.

Model Manufacturer price Price with VAT(5%)
Innoson FOX manual transmission N3.52 million N3.96 million
Innoson FOX automatic transmission N3.85 million N4.04 million
Innoson UMU manual transmission N3.63 million N3.81 million
Innoson UMU automatic transmission N3.96 million N4.16 million
Innoson single cabin pick-up 4WD N6.93 million N7.28 million
Innoson 5 seater double cabin pick-up 4WD (Mitsubishi engine & leather seats) N6.93 million N7.28 million
Innoson Carrier 4WD (double cabin pick-up) N6.49 million N6.82 million
Innoson Carrier 2WD (double cabin pick-up) N6.05 million N6.35 million
Innoson G5 manual transmission (Jeep) N6.38 million N6.7 million
Innoson G5 automatic transmission (Jeep) N6.82 million N7.16 million
Innoson G6 manual transmission (5 seater SUV Jeep) N6.6 million N6.93 million
Innoson G6 automatic transmission (5 seater SUV Jeep) N7 million N7.35 million
Innoson Uzo 2 (7 seater MPV) N1.76 million N1.85 million
Innoson Uzo 3 (7 seater bus) N1.54 million N1.62 million
Innoson Uzo 4 (7 seater minibus) N1.54 million N1.61 million
Innoson Uzo 5 (minibus single cabin) N1.54 million N1.61 million
Innoson 5000a (15 seater bus) N5.28 million N5.54 million
Innoson 5000b (15 seater cargo bus) N5.28 million N5.54 million
Innoson 6540 (17 seater bus) N7.15 million N7.51 million
Innoson 6540 (18 seater Hummer bus) N8.03 million N8.43 million
Innoson 5000c (ambulance bus) N6.93 million N7.28 million
Innoson 6601 (23 seater bus) N11.44 million N12million
Innoson 6660a (26 seater bus) N11.88 million N12.47 million
Innoson 6730 (30 seater bus) N12.65 million N13.28 million
Innoson 6800 (33 seater bus) N13.31 million N13.98 million
Innoson 6850 (43 seater bus) N24.2 million N25.4 million
Innoson 6751 (60 passenger city bus) N11.55 million N12.13 million
Innoson 5003 (8 tonnes swing arm truck) N12.65 million N13.28 million
Innoson 5251 (12 tonnes compactor truck) N19.8 million N20.8 million
Innoson 5100 (road sweeper) N21.45 million N22.52 million

How To Buy Cars From Innoson Motors on Installment

If you are looking for where to buys cars and pay small small, this section will help.

In this section, I will show you how you can buy a car from Innoson motors on loan.

For a lot of Nigerians, purchasing their desired cars come as a very big difficulty because of little or no finance at that moment.

Although certain auto finance platforms offer such services to customers to enable them purchase vehicles and pay for it gradually, but the interest rates and hidden charges are quite on the high side.

This has made Innoson Motors to partner with certain financial institutions like Diamond bank, Sterling bank and several others to enable customers get a car and pay monthly.

The gradual payment for the vehicle is spread within a 3 year period to enable the customer pay for the vehicle comfortably.

Accessing the Innoson Auto-finance platform so as to be able to get a car on Installment payment in Nigeria is very easy.

Let’s take the Innoson Sterling bank Auto-finance platform for instance.

How To Access Innoson Auto-Finance Platform

Buying a car on Installment from Innoson Motors is very easy.

Below is how to access the Innoson Sterling bank Auto-finance platform.

  1. Select the vehicle of your choice
  2. Open an account with Sterling bank at any of their branches for auto finance processing
  3. Call Innoson vehicles manufacturing company for a proforma invoice for the vehicle you selected after you have gotten a confirmation for sterling bank account opening.
  4. Make the 25% down payment for the vehicle and have the vehicle delivered to you at your location.

Why Innoson Motors?

For a long time, Nigeria has been known for importing vehicles of various brands into the country and this has made Nigeria a major importer of vehicles when compared to a lot of countries.

This has given rise to the creation of vehicles locally by the INNOSON VEHICLE MANUFACTURING (IVM) Company Limited.

The Innoson vehicle manufacturing company is the first of its kind in Nigeria and stands out with its quality manufacturing of vehicles to fit the taste of Nigerians.

This has put Nigeria on the world map among other manufacturers of vehicles.

Just as several countries like the United states of America manufacture vehicles that are favorable to their environment, Innoson vehicle manufacturing company limited also manufacture their vehicles with consideration to the Nigerian environment.

Given the history Nigeria has as a place where several countries manufacture vehicles and regularly ship them to because of the increasing demand for foreign manufactured vehicles by the citizens, this move by the Innoson vehicle manufacturing company has changed that to a certain extent.

Innoson vehicle manufacturing company has its manufacturing plant situated in Nigeria which enables them build a good customer relationship by creating a platform for customers to give their feedback on the vehicles they bought or experienced.

This makes it easier for the company to know the areas to improve and make the vehicle experience better.

5 Benefits of Innoson Motors

Driving the Innoson vehicles comes with various benefits which makes it preferable to other vehicles especially in Nigeria.

Below are some of the benefits of Innoson Motors.

1. Fuel Efficiency

In view of the state of fuel cost in Nigeria, getting a vehicle that consumes a lot of fuel would be draining for Nigerians.

With that in mind, the Innoson vehicles manufacturing company manufactures vehicles with low fuel consumption rate to suit the desires of Nigerians.

It’s engineers have made thorough research to ensure that they manufacture vehicles with engines that save fuel while giving maximum performance.

2. Warranty

Another benefit of Innoson Motors is Warranty. Warranty ensures that the product can be changed or fixed by the company free of charge within a set period of time after purchase.

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company gives to its customers who purchase their vehicle a warranty for 3 years that covers the gear, axles and the engine.

It also ensures prompt response to vehicle related problems regardless of the location of the customer and also provides spare parts for every vehicle produced by them which makes it comfortable for customers.

These warranty or customer service related issues are handled by the company through the following:

i. Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Mobile Workshop.: This is available to its customers for 24 hours and 7 days in a week.

This workshop is filled with highly experienced engineers and technicians who handle the repairs or prompt response to customers who have certain issues relating to the Innoson Motors.

They also travel to any location to handle any of such problems regardless of the distance.

ii. The Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Service Centres:  They are designed to handle every form of maintenance and services on Innoson Motors.

They carry out maintenance on the vehicles for teir customers regardless of the location if its not brought to the service centre.

Innoson vehicle parts can also be bought at these service centres which makes it more comfortable for customers.

3. Reduced or Zero Overheating

Overheating is one major problem of vehicles and this is a factor that customers check before purchasing any vehicle.

This has made the Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company to input certain features to ensure that their vehicles don’t overheat or at best heat at the lowest minimum.

They include:

i. The New And Improved Thermostat: Innoson Motors come with a thermostat that is fixed between the radiator and the engine which has a metal valve with a temperature sensor inbuilt to regulate the temperature of the engine.

The thermostat closes to retain the coolant in the engine and then opens when the temperature rises to a certain temperature to circulate the coolant.

This keeps the engine cool and prevents over heating of the engine.

ii. Double or Triple fan: Besides the thermostat feature instilled in the Innoson Motors, the vehicles also come with a Double or Triple fan that is built to adapt to the hot nature of our environment.

Double fans accompany the AC condenser in addition to the Single fan on the radiator which makes it three fans that ensure the vehicles don’t over heat.

These fans also help regulate the temperature of the vehicle making it comfortable for those inside it.

5. Environmental Friendly Vehicles

Innoson vehicle manufacturing company has taken into consideration the environmental conditions of its customers to manufacture vehicles to meet the expectations of these customers.

They apply a regionalization method in the manufacture of vehicles by ensuring that the consumer preference, environment and local taste are put into consideration.

These measures taken include:

i. Shock Absorber: Innoson vehicle manufacturing company designed its vehicles with a reinforced shock absorber to absorb shocks from the roads without damaging the vehicles.

The fact that a high number of the roads in Nigeria are in bad conditions and as though, cant guarantee a smooth or safe usage of vehicles, reinforced shock absorber ensures the vehicles react to these shocks calmly without causing any major damage to the vehicle.

ii. Law Fuel Consuption: Aside manufacturing Motors that have shocked absorbers in Nigeria,  Innoson vehicle manufacturing company has also designed their vehicles to be low in fuel consumption and reduced gas emission from the exhaust while still gaining high power output.

They also put in so much effort to make their vehicles lighter in weight for maximum speed.

An outstanding characteristic of the Innoson vehicle manufacturing company is its ability to deliver vehicles to customers according to their taste.

They manufacture these vehicles according to the specification of their customers, coupled with the fact that it is manufactured in Nigeria making the manufacturing process unique for customers.

How To Purchase A Vehicle From Innoson Motors

Purchasing vehicles from Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company (IVM) is quite easy.

Simply visit their official website via or contact them via their phone numbers available on the website.

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That is all on Innoson motors price list.

I hope this article on Innoson motors price list helps?

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