How To Write A Sponsorship Letter For Visa Application With Free Samples

How to write a sponsorship letter for visa application. If you are reading this article, then I reason that you are either planning on travelling abroad or you want to sponsor someone else’s trip abroad.

If so, then I reason also that you are looking for tips on how to write a quality sponsorship letter for the visa application.

In this article, I will show you everything you need to know about financial sponsorship letters and how you can write a unique one to improve your chances of having your visa application approved.

During visa applications for studies, tourism or official visits, you are normally required to present lots of documents before the embassy. These documents prove your eligibility for the travel. One of such documents thus required in most cases is the Sponsorship letter.

how to write a sponsorship letter for visa

Sponsorship letters come in handy only when one has proved that he cannot foot the bills for his travel. In this case, another person is required to present himself as the sponsor for the trip through his sponsorship letter.

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Failure to present a good financial sponsorship letter for the visa to the consulate can lead to immediate visa denial, amongst other unintended consequences.

how to write a sponsorship letter for visa 2

Hence, in this article, you will learn what sponsorship letter for visa from company, employer or family relative is, the features of a good sponsorship letter, how to write a good sponsorship letter for Schengen visa and free samples of already written sponsorship letters to get you started.

Do well to read this article to the end, as I will be sharing one other bonus tip at the end of this article. But then, what is sponsorship letter all about?

What Is Sponsorship Letter For Visa?

what is sponsorship letter for visa

In simple terms, a sponsorship letter for visa is a letter that is written by a person who intends to sponsor your trip abroad. The sponsorship usually covers the cost of everything you will need to spend in the course of your travelling, from visa fee to air ticket, accommodation and feeding.

Take for instance, if your husband lives abroad, and he wants to invite you for a short visit to the country he resides, the embassy usually require that you present a written sponsorship letter for visa from the husband, which will clearly state that he is willing and capable of sponsoring your trip to his country of residence.

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It should be noted that if your intended sponsor fails to write this for you, then there is no way you are going to travel abroad, because sponsorship letters are very important piece of document that is required for every visa application that is not self sponsored.

However, if you are the one footing all your travel bills, then there will no need for a sponsorship letter.

Your sponsor may not have time to pen down a sweet and cachy sponsorship letter for you. Hence we advice that you take out time to write it yourself and later send to your sponsor for corrections and signature. However, ensure to write it using a third person narrative like “He” “She”. Make it look as though it was written by the sponsor himself.

How To Write A Financial Sponsorship Letter For Visa Application The Right Way

how to write a sponsorship letter for visa 3

Just like we said earlier, sponsorship letters are probably the most important piece of document to be presented to the embassy in the course of your visa application.

Hence, you or your sponsor has to write it as good as possible, in order to increase your chances of getting your travel visa approved.

Below is the structure of a good financial sponsorship letter for visa application:

  1. Address of the letter
  2. Formal greetings
  3. Purpose of the sponsorship letter
  4. Purpose of the intended visit
  5. Proposed date of travel
  6. Sponsors personal details
  7. Required documents
  8. Travel destination
  9. Ending note

A little detail of each of the above steps of writing a good sponsorship letter will suffice.

Address Of The Letter

The very first step in writing a good sponsorship letter for visa is to start with an address. Every sponsorship letter for visa is usually addressed to the embassy where the visa application will be filed in the first place, which is in the home country of the applicant.

You are not required to include your own address at the point. A quick google search of the address of the embassy will show you that. If you use a wrong address, it might render the whole letter invalid.

Formal Greetings

Since a sponsorship letter is strictly formal in nature, you should address anyone who will receive the letter simply as “Sir,” whether the person is a He or She.

Purpose Of The Sponsorship Letter

After the formal greeting, you should go ahead to state clearly why you are writing the letter. In it, you will indicate your willingness to sponsor his trip abroad with your financial resources.

Purpose Of The Intended Visit

In this paragraph, you will have to clearly state the reason the applicant intends to travel to his desired country – For advanced studies, for marriage reunion, market surveys etc.

While writing this, you should endeavour to go straight to the point, giving no room for ambiguities.

Proposed Date Of Travel

Here you need to specify the date that the applicant intends to travel to his desired state, and his departure date. It’s pertinent to give a brief reason why he chose that date for his travel (Eg, his school starts a week before the said date)

Here, you also need to state that you have booked his flight already on the intended dates already identified. This will enable the embassy to work with the dates you have provided while issuing the visa.

Sponsors Personal Details

In this section, the sponsor is expected to provide pertinent details about his suitability to sponsor the applicants intended travel abroad. He is to show his name, where he works, where he lives, his monthly income and other related personal data.

Required Documents

If the sponsor lives in the same country with the applicant, he will only be required to attach the coloured printout of his bank statement, passport and tax returns to the financial sponsorship letter. This shows his financial capacity to foot the bills of the travel.

If however he lives abroad, then other documents like citizenship or residence permit will be needed as well to show that he is qualified to sponsor another persons trip abroad.

And proof of financial readiness in the form of his bank statement and other related documents to substantiate his claim, including tax returns where applicable.

Travel Destination

While writing the sponsorship letter for Schengen visa, the sponsor is expected to state the list of states the applicant is expected to visit in the course of his travel, and the necessary provisions you have made to ensure that all the needed expenses will be met in due course. This could be in the form of hotel reservations, flight tickets, etc.

Ending Note

Before you close the sponsorship letter, do well to state strongly your commitment to take care of the financial responsibilities needed for the travel, and your willingness to take full responsibility should anything go south. It’s recommended to end with a warm “Thank You” remark

Sample Of A Sponsorship Letter For Visa Application

Below is a free template of a sponsorship letter for visa

sample of sponsorship letter for visa in image

Free template of sponsorship letter for visa application:

You can use this template below to write your financial sponsorship letter:

To                                                                                                                                                            Date:                      

The immigration officer,

Austria Embassy

No. 4 … Road, Nigeria


Re: Sponsorship letter for John James with passport No: A090000000000


I Kant James currently resides at No. 8 IK road Aba and am a citizen of Nigeria. I’m writing this letter to support the visa application of my Son/Friend etc Mr Den Banny

Provide the purpose for the travel here

(either for studies, business trip, conference etc)

Provide date for the travel and expected return  

Give reasons for the travel

                Give reasons of the travel and all the places to be visited

Provide details of how you kow the applicant

Provide evidence of how the travel wil be funded and managed


                Copy of sponsorship persons ID

Proof of relationship

Employment letter

Proof of returning back to the home country

Any other applicable document as it applies to the specific case

I sincerely request you to consider his visa application and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at 080344444444 or via my email on

Kind regards

Dan Kant and signature

free sample of sponsorship letter for visa application pdf download

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