How To View (And Delete) Your Facebook Search History In Easy Steps 2021

Facebook offers a great deal of privacy that you don’t hope to enjoy in any other social media platform. In this post, we shall review one aspect of this Facebook privacy – Facebook search history. This post will show you how to view and possibly delete your Facebook search history in easy steps in 2020.

Ever since you created your Facebook account, do you know that Facebook has been keeping an accurate log of all your activities, including the friend requests you sent and received, your comments and likes, the profile you viewed and every other thing you have been doing right on Facebook?

For many of us, this fact may rather appear shocking to you, while to a great deal of others, it will not be something new. In either case, you either want to know how to view your Facebook search history or how to delete Facebook search history. This is actually what this article is all about.

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There are few reasons you may want to view your Facebook search history. Part of which may be to locate a particular thing that you did in time past, or to clear your Facebook search history.

Whatever your reasons might be, know that this article will address that in easy steps. Do well to read to the end.

How To View Facebook Search History 2020 (A Step By Step Guide)

Note that Facebook search history is different from your browsers history. The difference is that Facebook search history shows you only the history of your Facebook activities from day one, whereas, your browser history gives you everything you search for only from the day you installed the browser.

To view your Facebook history,

  • Simply log into your Facebook account on either your phone or desktop device
  • On your Facebook homepage, click on the Gear Icon in the top right corner of the page and select the Settings and Privacy category below it as shown below
  • On the next page that follows, click on the Activity Log category to assess the activity page.
  • On the next page, click on the Timeline Review to assess even more functions
  • On the timeline review windows, you will see many categories that deals with different aspect of your Facebook history (you can review them later) Since we are interested in Facebook search history, we will scroll down and click on More as shown below.
  • Clicking on the More button will display more categories that you can review later. However, for the sake of this article, go down a bit and click on Search History as show below. This will display all the searches you have ever done on Facebook from day one.

So you see, by clicking on that button above, you will view all your Facebook search history easily.  On this same page, you can still see other aspect of your Facebook histories like the history of the videos you have watched on Facebook, your Facebook following history, your Facebook saved history, Pokes, Facebook stories history and all other aspects of your Facebook activities.

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How To Clear Facebook Search History Easily

To clear Facebook search history, highlight the particular search history you wish to delete and click on the 3 dotted lines next to it. This will display the Delete option. Click on the delete option to delete the Facebook search history. Repeat this step until you have deleted all of them. It’s as easy as this.

That is it on how to view and delete Facebook search history in easy steps. Hope you enjoyed reading this piece? If you have some other ideas on better ways of knowing this, use the comment section to let us know.

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