How To Use Skyjet Logistics To Ship To Nigeria 2020

Are you looking for a reliable logistic company that can ship your goods fast from China to Nigeria in less than 1 week? Skyjet Nigeria logistics company is the answer to that question.

In this article, I will show you how to use skyjet logistics to ship your goods from China to Nigeria fast, using their affordable freight services. If you are excited about this, then lets get right into the steps.

China has become the biggest manufacturer of different kinds of goods and services in a global scale. The ship to almost all the countries of the World through logistic companies.

On the other side of the divide, Nigeria is an import dependent country, as we import almost everything we consume. However, the bulk of what we consume in Nigeria are imported from Chinese markets, notably Alibaba and AliExpress.

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China has many logistic companies that ship directly to Nigeria. However, most of them ship your products through Sea routes which takes a lot of time for your products to arrive in Nigeria.

skyjet nigeria

The few that uses air transportation to ship your goods down to Nigeria do so at exorbitant prices, and this is not good for new entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

The above awareness explains why I feel compelled to introduce you to skyjet freight company. Why? Because skyjet logistics is among the few cargo shipping companies from China to Nigeria that uses only flight shipment at very low cost.

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If you are looking for the best way of shipping from Guangzhou to Nigeria by aeroplane without breaking your bank account, then skyjet is your best option.

Please note that is different from The one am talking about here is

What Is Skyjet Logistics All About?

Skyjet logistics is a revolutionary cargo shipping company that majors in the transportation of goods from mainland China to Nigeria using the latest technologies in the logistics industry to provide their customers with the best shipping experience at a pocket friendly cost.

With over 10 years experience in the industry, their primary market is Nigeria, especially in places like Lagos, Sokoto and Onitsha where we have mega markets.

If you decide to ship your product with them, your goods will be delivered to their warehouse in any of these locations, where you can either go yourself to pick them up or send someone to go pick them up for you. You can even arrange with them to have your goods sent directly to your doorstep if you so wish.

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They have managed to put together a group of excellent work force that makes doing business with them worry free. Aside this, skyjet Nigeria offers you lots of services like cargo receiving, sorting, storage and even package all for free.

Believe me, in my many years of buying and shipping goods from China to Nigeria, am yet to see a logistic company like this.

Advantages Of Shipping With Skyjet China To Nigeria

There are many cargo shipping companies with their highs and low points. Below are some major benefits you will get for shipping your products with Skyjet Logistics company:

  1. Free assembly and separation of goods
  2. Free parcel tracking on the go
  3. Weigh in advance enables you know beforehand the likely cost of your shipment so you can save up for it.
  4. Free storage of your products when they arrive in Nigeria for up to six months
  5. You get notified instantly once your product leaves China or arrived in Nigeria
  6. 0 Service fee and 0 clearance fee for all the added services they give to you as an esteemed customer.

How To Ship Goods From China To Nigeria Using Skyjet Logistics

Like I said before, using skyjet fast logistics to ship your products from China to Nigeria could be the best choice you have to make as an importer. With them, you don’t have to do nothing at all the job will be done by their trained experts at a very affordable fee.

Basically, there are two major ways you can ship your goods with this company to Nigeria. The first is the easiest way, while the second option is a kind of longer process, but still cool.

Best Way To Ship Using Skyjet Logistics Company

After buying your products from Alibaba, AliExpress or any other Chinese store you prefer, simply send My David – the skyjet consignee a WhatsApp message with this number on WhatsApp +8613246490077.

Tell him that you want to ship some products from China to Nigeria, that he should create your account for you with their China shipping address. Since he is a busy man, he only comes on WhatsApp once a week, endeavour to include your phone number and full name in the message you will drop for him there, so he can sign you up at once and send you your shipping details and their address, which looks like this:

Receiver: (your code)(your name)(your number)
Receiver number:13246490077

The bolded side is their warehouse address in China where your products will be delivered to. Don’t worry, all Chinese supplier understands that address. When he signs you up in their database, he will fill your personal info in the spaces provided.

Simply send this information from skyjet logistics to your product supply, and he/she will deliver the product to the said address. Skyjet cargo takes everything up from there. It’s as simple as that.

Once your goods is being received by them, you will receive a WhatsApp message informing you of the arrival of your products. When it gets delivered to Nigeria, you will equally be notified with the details of how to make payment to receive your products.

Alternative Way To Ship Using Skyjet Logistics Company

The other way to ship with Skyjet logistics is by directly signing up on their website which is On the website, click on sign up, fill in your personal information and hit on create account.

On your homepage, you will still see the name and contact information of the consignee that i have discoursed about above – Mr David as shown below.

skyjet logistics shipment

The address on this page above is skyjets China address in English. Its better you use the Chinese version of it that i gave to you above as many Chinese sellers don’t understand English language and writings.

How To Track Your Goods On Skyjet Nigeria Website

Tracking your product on skyjet website is quite simple that anyone can do it with ease. To start tracking your goods, simply log into your account.

At the top menu, locate the Track menu and click on it, as shown below

skyjet tracking of goods

On the tracking page that pops up, you will see two options, vis: China Waybill and Skyjet Waybill.

The China waybill is the tracking number that your Chinese seller gave to you when he sent the product to skyjet shipping company, while Skyjet waybill is the tracking code that Skyjet themselves gave to you when they shipped your goods.

You can use any of them to track the location of your goods at any time. To do that, type in your tracking code in the box provided and hit the track query as shown below.

how to track your goods on skyjet logistics website

With this, you can track your products to know the exact sport the goods are at any time. You see, it really works like magic.

Skyjet Logistics China Address

Skyjet shipping company is located at No. Gangtou street, yuexiu district, Guangzhou city, Guangdong province.

Skyjet Courier Customer Care Number

Skyjet customer care number is +8618565589626

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