This is a quick guide on how to unblock someone on Facebook.

Blocking someone on Facebook makes it impossible for the person to view your profile, see you on Facebook, comment, tag, or even send you a direct message.

You become totally invisible to the person. Such a decision may be taken intentionally while in some cases, it may be done mistakenly and the act of rectifying it to have that person back as a friend on Facebook is what is referred to as UNBLOCKING someone on Facebook.

Unblocking someone on Facebook is quite simple and below is a step by step guide to unblocking someone on Facebook.

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How To Unblock Someone On Facebook


Unblocking someone on Facebook can be done via your mobile browser also in situations whereby you finding it difficult using your Facebook mobile app.

Below is the step by step procedures on how to unblock someone on Facebook using your mobile browser,

1. Launch your preferred mobile browser on your mobile device

2. Type on the URL column to access the Facebook social media

3. Type in your email or phone number and password on the Log in page to gain access to your Facebook account if you haven’t already done that

4. At the top right corner of the Facebook page Click on the down arrow icon and select SETTINGS

5. Click BLOCKING on the options to view the list of Facebook users you blocked

6. Navigate to the BLOCKED USERS section and Click the UNBLOCK button beside the name of the person you blocked initially

7. A confirmation message would pop up. Click CONFIRM

The person has been officially unblocked.

Although the person doesn’t automatically add back to your Facebook friends list.

To have the person back as a friend after unblocking the person, you would need to send a friend request to the person and wait for the person to accept your friend request.


For Facebook users who can access their Facebook mobile app, it is quite easy to unblock someone using the Facebook mobile app.

The step by step guide on how to unblock someone on Facebook using the Facebook mobile app are as follows,

1. Launch your Facebook mobile app on your mobile device

2. Scroll down and click on the three-line icon at the bottom left corner.



5. Scroll down and select BLOCKING

6. The list of blocked people will appear. Click the UNBLOCK button next to the name of the person

7. A confirmation message would appear. Click UNBLOCK again to confirm

The person has officially been unblocked.

Note that unblocking someone you blocked initially means.

  • The person can view your timeline, feeds, or even send you a direct message to your inbox.
  • All previous tags between both of you will automatically be restored but you can choose to remove them by going to your activity log.
  • If for any reason you decide to block the person again after unblocking the person, you can only block the person after 2 days(48 hours).

However, if the individual was blocked for been abusive, threatening, or dangerous to you, it’s safer to keep the person blocked to ensure your safety.

If the person wasn’t threatening or dangerous, there are other ways to handle them on the Facebook social media platform.

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You can prevent such individuals from posting abusive or unpleasant comments on your posts by selecting who views your posts.

This can be done by exempting certain people through the FRIENDS EXCEPT option.

A list of your Facebook friends will appear, then you can exclude the individuals you don’t want viewing your post.

This automatically makes the selected person or persons unable to see your Facebook post.

That’s all on how to unblock someone on Facebook. Here is how to block someone on Facebook.

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