How To Tag Someone On Facebook In Easy Steps 2021 (With Pictures)

If you have been on Facebook, your friends probably must have been tagging you all along. Doesn’t that sound cool to you? How about learning how to tag them back? Well, that’s one of the fun parts of Facebook right? Sure that’s right.

If you are reading this article, chances are that you want to learn how to tag someone on Facebook easily right? If that’s true, then you are reading the best post on the internet for that.

In this timely article, we shall show you how to tag someone on Facebook post, on Facebook business page, on comment and in every possible place you can tag someone on. So do well to read till the end to learn all this

Facebook offers us that opportunity to get to follow up the activities of our loved ones by viewing their updates, videos and pictures in pretty cool ways. This people equally sees our activities too, and together everyone is happy.

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However, because many persons seems to be updating their Facebook activities regularly, most times we tend to miss out on certain posts or pictures of some of our Facebook friends, even the ones that we definitely should never have missed.

In order to make sure that a particular friend of yours gets notified about your latest update, you can use the tagging feature on Facebook to draw the persons’ attention on that particular post or media. That way, once the person logs into his Facebook’s account, he gets to receive a notification that you tagged him/her on a post. So you may ask, what is Facebook tag all about?

What Is Facebook Tagging All About?

Facebook’s tag is an amazing feature that is used on Facebook to draw the attention of Facebook friends and their friends too to a particular update that you want them to check out. This can only happen if their privacy policy allows it.

People mostly use Facebook tagging these days to create more awareness and reach out to more people about the things they share on Facebook. This is so because when you tag people on your Facebook post, all their friends equally gets to see the update and would probably like or comment on it. Marketers normally use this to their advantage in order to promote their products.

For best practise, never tag someone who is not comfortable with it. If people begin to tag you unnecessarily on Facebook, you may want to read our guide on how to stop someone from tagging you on Facebook here.

How To Tag Someone On Facebook Post

To tag someone on Facebook post is quite easy and a straight forward process. Below is how to tag someone on a Facebook post easily.

Open your Facebook app or browser and log into your Facebook account by inputting your login details (I trust you already have a Facebook account by now)

On your Facebook homepage, you will see a column that says What Is On Your Mind (followed by your name) as shown below. Click on it to begin writing your Facebook post.

facebook post

Now when you are done writing your Facebook post, click on the tag button just above the Post button to see the list of your friends that you can tag as shown below.

facebook tag button

On the next page that shows up, you can either click on the search for friends button and start typing the names of the friends you want to tag or you simply scroll down till you see and select the friends you wish to tag as shown below

tag facebook friends

Click on the names you want to tag to mark them, after which you can click on Done to complete the tagging process. When you are done with all this, click on Post to publish your post, and all the tagged friends will receive messages that you tagged them on that post.

So you see, tagging someone on Facebook post is really easy to do if you follow our steps above.

How To Tag Someone On Facebook After Publishing A Post

What we showed you above was how to tag someone before publishing a post. But what if you had already published the post already, can you still tag someone? The answer is yes, you can still tag someone after posting it. To do that, simply follow our lead.

I published a post on my Facebook wall titled Puzzle and I want to tag my friends on it. Let’s see how to do that shortly.

  • Log into your Facebook account and locate the post you wish to tag your friends with.
  • When you see the post, click on the 3 dotted lines in the top right corner of it which will open a drop down menu as shown below
  • On the drop down menu, click on edit post. On this page, select the tag icon at the lower side of the page as shown below
edit facebook post and tagtag
  • Once you click on the tag button, a list of all your Facebook friends will appear. Simply select the ones that you want to tag along and hit the done button, and then save to republish the post.

How To Tag Someone On Facebook Business Page

Tagging a Facebook business page is a way to draw the attention of the page owner over an issue of concern. To do that, simply log into your Facebook account and click on the What’s on your mind column to start writing. Once you start writing, simply type @ which will be followed by the Facebook business page that you want to tag. Example ( @Cyriltips ) will tag Cyriltips Facebook page.

What happens is that Facebook instantly begins to list all the pages with such name, select the particular page you wish to tag along and continue with your update. Once you are done, click the post to publish your post. The page that you have tagged will be notified that you tagged it on your post.

How To Tag Someone On Facebook Comment

To tag a Facebook friend in the comment section of a post, simply follow the simple procedure below:

Locate the Facebook post you want to tag them on, and head over to the comment section of the post.

On the comment section, as you are about to start writing, type @ which will be followed by the persons name that you want to tag along without any space. What happens is that Facebook list the names of the persons with such name, so you can select the particular one you wish to tag along as shown below

facebook tag on comment

Once you select the person and post the comment, the Facebook friend will be notified about the tagging once they log into their Facebook account.

This are the various ways to tag someone on Facebook easily. Hope it was helpful to you? If you know of other better ways to perform this tricks, kindly tell us via the comment section below. Like and share with your friends.

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