How To Stop Someone From Tagging Me On Facebook In Easy Steps 2021

How do I stop Someone from tagging me on Facebook is a question that our team of experts often receive from our readers from all around the world. While we have been addressing this issue one personal basis, we felt its about time to let the world know how exactly to do this in easy steps.

Hence, if you want to learn how to block someone from tagging you on Facebook 2020, then this article will be very useful to that end. Do well to read till the end, as all the answers you need are within this timely article.

There is no denying the fact that Facebook is the most popular social media network the world has ever known, with over 2billion active users. This huge population was acquired because of the many features that Facebook has, including the ability to tag friends and be tagged by them.

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how to stop someone from tagging me on facebook

Facebook tagging is a unique feature on Facebook that allows users to draw the attention of their friends using the tagging feature. When someone tags you on Facebook, both you and your Facebook friends get to receive notifications about that particular tag, be it picture, video or written content.

This tagging feature on Facebook is amazing when done in moderation. However, like we all know, there are many people that enjoys abusing everything they see, including Facebook tagging.

If someone is tagging you unnecessarily on Facebook with contents you don’t want to be associated with, it’s about time you did something about that, don’t you think so? Now what you want to do is to block the person from tagging you right? Yes that’s the game.

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While there is no way to disable Facebook tagging, there are many other things you can do to control everything about the way people tag you on Facebook, using the Facebook tagging settings. This in essence is what this article seeks to achieve.

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How To Stop Someone From Tagging Me On Facebook 2020

While you cannot directly prevent someone from tagging you on their photos and other things you can be tagged on Facebook, we want to show you the various things you can do to indirectly prevent all those unwanted tagging in easy steps. Let’s get started below.

Control The Way Friends Tag You On Facebook

You cannot completely disable the tagging feature on Facebook, but going to your Facebook tagging settings can help you a great deal in controlling everything about how people tag you. Let’s get to that

Log into your Facebook account and locate the gear icon Screenshot 273 in the top right corner of your homepage. Click on it and go down to the settings and Privacy as shown below

Screenshot 274facebook-settings-and-privacy

After this, click on the Settings button and then on the Timeline and Tagging category to open it as shown below


On the Timeline and Tagging windows, go down, and on the Review section, enable the following features as shown on the picture below by simply clicking on the Edit button next to them.

Screenshot 416facebook tag review

By enabling these two options above, what happens is that whenever someone tags you on Facebook, before they appear on your timeline, and before your friends gets notified that someone has tagged you on a photo or video, you first have to approve or disapprove it manually. This way, you get to control how people tag you on Facebook.

But that’s not all, still on this Tagline and Tagging settings page, you can still control who and who sees the posts you are tagged in. To do this, go to the Tagging section of this page and click on the Who Can See Post You Are Tagged In.

Click on the edit button next to it and select the people that can see who tagged you on Facebook. You can even choose to be the only one that gets notified when someone tags you on Facebook in this same settings page.

How To Turn Off Notifications For A Tagged Photo On Facebook

The major thing that annoys people about unsolicited tagging on Facebook is the constant update that they get about the tagged Photo, even when the photo or video don’t concern them.

Haven controlled every tagging settings as we have shown you above, you can now safely turn off every notification about the posts you are tagged in on Facebook.

To do this, locate the photo you are tagged in, and click on the three dotted lines on top of it to assess the drop down menu as shown below. On the drop down menu, click on the Turn Off Notification For This Post, and you will no longer receive any further Facebook notification for that particular tag.

Screenshot 417turn off notification for a tag photo

How Do I Untag Myself From A Photo Or Post On Facebook?

You can safely untag yourself from any post or photo you are tagged in on Facebook easily following this simple steps:

To do this, open the post or photo you were tagged in on Facebook and click on the 3 dotted lines on top of it to displace a few customizable settings about it. On this menu, select the Remove Tag if you want to dissociate yourself from the tag.

One good thing about this is that the person that tagged you will not be notified when you untag yourself on a Facebook post or photo.


There is no way to completely stop friends from tagging you on Facebook, but following our guide above, you will be in control of most of the tagging that relates to you on Facebook.

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