How To Register A Private School Name In Nigeria 2021

This article is a step-by-step guide on how to register a private school name legally in Nigeria 2020. If you already own a private school or you intend to open one (Nursery, Primary or Secondary school) then this article will guide you on how to register your school name legally with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)

Running a nursery, primary or secondary school business has become the new cash cow for many Nigerian entrepreneurs.

The amount of money that private school owners make daily from their students can only be compared to the ones that the big capitalist class make. We also have an article on the top investment opportunities in Nigeria in 2020 that might interest you as well.

This is so because private schools in Nigeria operates solely from the standpoint of profit maximization, with other interests as secondary motivations.

However, before one can venture into this profitable business of opening a private school in Nigeria (Nursery, Primary or Secondary school) and run it legally, the person has to register the school name with the government body that is responsible for that – The corporate affairs commission.

The CAC in Nigeria is the legal body that is in charge of registering all business names across Nigeria. Hence, if your private school must operate as a legal business in Nigeria, then you must register it with the CAC.

Many persons want to know to register a private school in Lagos state. The process to do this in Lagos state is the same in other states of Nigeria, hence we will show you the general guide which applies to all class.

How To Register A Private School In Nigeria 2020

Whether you want to learn how to register a bible school in Nigeria or how to register a private school in Nigeria, the process is the same. Follow the step-by-step guide below:

The first step towards registering your school name in Nigeria is to visit any of the CAC office that is nearest to you. Once you get there, you will be required to submit the proposed private school name that you wish to register.

corporate affairs commission in nigeria

It’s always safer to at least submit like two different names of the private school you wish to register with the CAC. Assuming I want to register a primary school with the name “Scholars Academy” I can submit that along with another close name like “Scholarly Academy

This only puts you on the safe side, and reduces the possibility of rejecting or delaying your application. Note that since you want to register a primary school name, you should avoid using words like Government, State or National in your school names.

Using such terms as National Scholars Academy and the likes of it will only lead to outright denial of your school name registration.

Once you are settled with the above, CAC will issue you a form where you can fill your proposed private school name or names as the case may be.

The names that you have submitted will be reviewed by the CAC to determine if it is available or whether another person has used it before with the sum of N500. This is why its good to submit more than one name.

The review normally takes like 2 weeks for it to be complete. After these 2 weeks, if the submitted school name you submitted is available, CAC will issue you an approval notice.

And on this, another form will be issued to you, where you will be required to fill your private school name that just got approved, the address of the school, your passport and other similar information.

Upon filling this form, you will be required to submit it to the CAC with a fee of N7000 (this amount may have changed).

After this payment, CAC will issue you the certificate of business name registration which stands as a proof that you have officially registered your business name in Nigeria, with all the rights and privileges that comes with it.

This process is equally how to register a bible school legally in Nigeria.

How To Register An Institute In Nigeria With CAC

register an institute with the cac

You may not own a conventional school but a kind of training institution where you train people on different kinds of skills.

If so, you may want to learn about how to register a training institute in Nigeria like computer schools and the likes of it.

The process of registering an institute and a school with the cac is the same. Simply follow our guide above and you will register your training institute in no time. The same goes for vocation school registration in Nigeria.

The Cost Of Starting A Private School In Nigeria

What is the cost of starting a private school in Nigeria? This question have been asked by many interested in opening a private school in Nigeria.

Well, there is no singular amount that explains the cost of opening a new private school in Nigeria.

However, there are certain factors that when you consider can review the cost to opening a school in Nigeria.

This factors includes but not limited to the following:

  • Cost of school name registration – N7,000 to N10,000
  • School venue, whether rented or owned by you – N100,000 to 10,000,000
  • The size of the proposed school (one room, 10 rooms, upstairs?) N100,000 to 10,000,000
  • The quality of school teaching aids like science lab, simulators, projectors. N50,000-N2,000,000
  • Location of proposed school (rural or urban area)
  • Quality and quantity of teachers (graduate or O-level holders)

Unfortunately, its only you that truly knows the kind of school that you intend to open, and your budget.

If you intend to open a small private school in Nigeria, you can spend as little of N200,000. The money can go as high as 10Million naira depending on location and the size of school you want to open.

Cost Of Registering A Private School In Nigeria 2020

How much does it cost to register a private school in Nigeria with Corporate affairs commission CAC?

The cost of registering a school in Nigeria is N7000, but when you include other expenses because we are Nigerians, you should budget like N10,000 for everything.

School name registration can cost more, depending on your specific circumstance, especially when you don’t meet with certain requirements but still want to have your way.

The same cost and procedure applies even when you want to register your private bible school with the CAC in Nigeria.

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