How To Prepare Egburegbu Soup 2021 (A Step By Step Guide With Pictures)

If you have ever lived close to an Edda person before, chances are that you must have heard of the popular soup called Egburegbu soup, right? Well, have you ever wondered how they manage to prepare this wonderful soup before? If you have ever wanted to know how to prepare Egburegbu soup, then this article will be most useful to you.

Egburegbu soup is the most treasured soup that the Edda people from Afikpo south LGA of Ebonyi value more than any other soup on earth. When ever there is a high profile person visiting or an important occasion, the soup that must be prepared for the occasion or the visitor is the legendary Egburegbu soup.

In fact, one close acquaintance once told me that the only reason he loves coming from Edda clan was because of the Egburegbu soup. Sounds funny right? That’s to tell you how special Egburegbu soup is. Whether you are from Edda or not, this soup will just blow off your mind, and you would want to eat it every day.

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Egburegbu soup at first glance looks just like the ordinary vegetable soup that you see everywhere. However, looking at it closely, you begin to see that its radically different and unique in all ramification from the ordinary.

egburegbu soup

Cooking egburegbu soup is quite simple just like most other soups out there. However, for the non initiates, preparing this soup could be a Herculean task giving the different things you must do accurately to get the best result. It is against this background that this article becomes pertinent.

In it, we shall simplify the steps involved to prepare a delicious egburegbu soup just like an Edda woman would prepare it. But before going into the processes involved in cooking this traditional Igbo soup, there are other important things we should introduce you to first.

Materials Required For Egburegbu Soup

There are a couple of materials or hardware you should have in your kitchen before you can successfully cook this best igbo traditional soup. These include:

  • A stove, cooking gas or whatever thing you use for cooking
  • Chopping board which is called Ugbor-egburegbu among the locals (Just a flat wooden structure for cutting)
  • A knife that is slightly bigger than the normal kitchen knife for chopping the vegetable
  • 2 medium size pots
  • A bowl for washing

These are the basic things you need to get started. If you have other modern equipments, they will be an added advantage to you.

Required Ingredients For Egburegbu Soup

ingredients for egburegbu soup

To prepare egburegbu soup, there are basic requirements you need to come up with a tasty egburegbu soup. These include but not limited to the following:

  • Vegetable leaf (Ugu leaf in igbo land or pompkin leaf)
  • Kpomo/Kanda meat, stock fish or fresh fish and Mangala fish or any other equivalent for great flavour.
  • Potash or Akawa as popularly called in igboland
  • Maggi and salt
  • Original red oil
  • Mushroom (optional)
  • Onion

These are basically all that you need to prepare egburegbu soup like a pro.

How To Prepare Egburegbu Soup: A Step By Step Guide

steps to cook egburegbu soup

You don’t have to be a pro chef to prepare a very delicious egburegbu soup. All you need do is to follow our step by step guide below and you will be good.

Step 1

Wash your vegetable leaf very well and keep it aside.

After this, wash your kpomo, meat and fishes and put them in a boiling pot (just add a little water).  Add salt and maggi to taste, when the ingredients get done, carry it down and proceed to the next step

Step 2

Grind your pepper (any quantity that you prefer) and cut one big size of union in pieces. Put them in a plate and keep aside.

Step 3

Put a very small quantity of water in a medium size pot and place it on your stove or gas cooker. Allow to boil for 5 minutes and add a pinch of potash to it. Note, adding much potash will spoil the taste, and adding too little will not bring out the best of it. Just small will be ok. (The potash is the agent that will soften the vegetable, and make it suitable for best result)

Once the potash inside the water boils for like 3 minutes, add the washed vegetable leaf inside the pot and allow to boil for 5 minutes (turn at regular intervals)

After 5 minutes, carry down the cooked vegetable and place on your chopping board. Cut the vegetable leaf in pieces and set it aside.

Step 4

Here comes the fun part of it all. Place an empty clean pot on fire and add red oil inside the pot (requires more red oil more than any other soup)

After about 1minute, add a little salt to the red oil on fire and then add the sliced onion. Stir for a short while and add the cooked fishes and kpomo in step 1 inside the pot, stir everything together and close the pot. When it boils like 3 minutes, add your pepper inside the mixture and wait for another 2 minutes.

Step 5

When all has boiled up for about 4 minutes, put the cut vegetable leaf inside the boiling pot and stir. Wait for it to cook for 4 minutes and you are done.

It’s better to serve the egburegbu soup hot and fresh. For best result, it’s better to cut the kpomo in small sizes.

Note: The salt and pepper should be added at your discretion. However, its taste a lot better when a lot of pepper is being added to it.

So that is it for how to prepare egburegbu soup in easy steps. Hope that our guide was straight forward? If you are confused by any means, do well to leave us a comment below, and we shall clarify that as soon as practicable.

Try cooking egburegbu soup for your husband or wife today and see how it goes from there, thanks.

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