How To Poke Someone On Facebook In Easy Steps 2021 With Pictures

Many persons have been asking this question How do I poke someone on Facebook 2020? This is a question that our team of experts have received many times from our readers. This is why this article was created to answer that pressing question, amongst other related Facebook poke related queries.

Have you ever received a notification on Facebook that someone poked you? You may have been surprised at first, perhaps not knowing what to make of it. Well, in this article, we will show you what you need to know about Facebook pokes and how to poke someone on Facebook easily so as to increase the whole fun of it.

Facebook, being the most amazing social media of all times has much more features that most people could ever imagine. And all these features are all channelled towards making your online interaction with people to be as amazing as earthly possible.

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One of such features is Facebook poke. While a lot of persons don’t even understand what it entails, most persons simply have a screwed view about it. Oh, why did this friend poke me? What have I done that he is poking me on Facebook? These are some of the screwed views that people have about Facebook pokes.

But don’t worry much about that for now as you will soon learn what Facebook poke is and how to poke someone on Facebook 2020. So, do well to read till the end. But first, what is Facebook poke all about?

What Is Facebook Poke All About?

what is facebook poke
understanding facebook poke

Facebook poke is a friendly feature that is used simply to draw the attention of someone on Facebook. You will like Hey, how do i let Mr A know that I am seeing him on Facebook? Well, i gotta send him a poke, lol. Sounds funny right? That’s basically how it works.

What happens when you poke someone on Facebook is that the poked person receives a notification on his or her wall that you poked him/her. When this happens, the person is left with the option to either ignore the poke or instantly poke you back.

In other words, Facebook offers us the opportunity to let people notice our presence. It’s more like saying Hello to a person without really using words. Hopes it all makes sense now right? With this knowledge, there is nothing negative about poking someone on Facebook, it’s all about fun.

How To Poke Someone On Facebook 2020

How do I poke on Facebook app 2020 have remains a mystery to many Facebookers the world over. You may have tried poking someone on Facebook lately only to discover that Facebook has hidden the Poke button from view. Don’t panic about it as you can still poke someone on Facebook in 2020. Below is how to poke someone on Facebook 2020 in easy steps.

The formal way of poking people on Facebook used to be to log into your Facebook account, click on the friends cover photo and then clicking on the Poke button. However, in 2020 this method does not work anymore.

If you log into your Facebook app, you will not be able to see the Facebook poke button anymore. The best way to poke someone on Facebook 2020 is by going to the Facebook poke page directly through this link with your browser. Once on the poke page, sign into your Fb account and begin to poke your friends.

Once you click on the link, it will take you to your Facebook poke page, where you can see the list of people who poked you, and can directly poke them back from here by clicking on the Poke back button at the right corner of the screen.

If you didn’t see the friend you want to poke directly on this window, click on the search button in the top right corner, type in the name of that person and hit the enter button. The person selected from the list will automatically be poked as shown below

So you see, Facebook poke is still working in 2020. The method shown above is the only working method to poke someone on Facebook in 2020.

How To Block Someone From Poking Me On Facebook 2020

While Facebook poke could be a fun activity, receiving more often from a particular folk can really become a real disturbance. Hence, the only way to control this is to block that person from poking you.

Once you block someone on Facebook, the person no longer has access to poke you again, nor see your Facebook activities

We have a detailed article on how to block someone on Facebook, do well to read it

Where To See The Poke Button On Facebook App 2020

Where to see the poke button on Facebook has become a concern to many folks. Given the numerous updates on Facebook, its expected that new features will constantly be added to Facebook while outdated features will be giving way for the new ones.

As an update, the Facebook poke button was removed on Facebook app 2020. The only way to see the poke button now is by visiting your poke page using your browser.

How To See Who Poked Me On Facebook 2020

To see who poked me on Facebook, visit your Facebook poke page with your browser, and you will see all the list of persons that poked you fast. If you like, you can decide to poke them back, as there is no harm in poking someone on Facebook

I have no doubt that you have learned how to poke on Facebook 2020. If there is any better option to on how Facebook poke 2020, do well to let us know via the comment section below.

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