How To Make Money On Pinterest In Nigeria 2021

In this article, i will show you the steps on how to make money on Pinterest in Nigeria 2020.

If you are in Nigeria and you want to learn how to turn your Pinterest account into a source of passive income, then this article is strongly recommended for you.

Making money online in Nigeria is really not as difficult as many people think. It all goes down to people perceptions and the level of knowledge that one has access to.

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Social media has drastically improved over the years as lots of fun activities can easily be seen going on in there. In every day, millions of people across the globe engage in one form of activity or the other on social media.

how to make money on pinterest

But very few knows that social media can as well be viable instruments of making money online, especially in Nigeria, giving the state of Nigeria’s economy.

It is in the light of the above fact that the writing of this article becomes pertinent.

Before showing you how to make money on Pinterest with a blog in Nigeria, its pertinent i first explain the real meaning of Pinterest.

What Is Pinterest All About?

what is pinterest all about

If you are reading this article, you probably have heard about Pinterest social media, right? It will be a little strange if you haven’t. For the benefit of the non-initiates on Pinterest, a quick explanation wouldn’t be out of place.

Pinterest is actually a social media where its users can share pictures or images that are representative of external objects or destinations. The images that you share on Pinterest, unlike other social media, are clickable.

And when clicked, it can take you to the original source of where the image came from so that you can read the full detail of whatever information there is about the image. Sounds interesting right? This explains why you need a blog to make money on Pinterest

The above is the basic logic behind Pinterest. This seaming activity of sharing pictures on Pinterest can be further deployed as a tool for making money online. How to do this becomes the issue of discourse below.

How To Make Money On Pinterest With A Blog In Easy Steps

Pinterest, as we have established above is a social media, and one of the best ways of driving free traffic to your website or blog. You don’t have a blog site? There is also a way to make money on Pinterest without a blog.

One of the best ways to make money on Pinterest is to use it in promoting your affiliate links. This is why many persons want to know how to make money on Pinterest with affiliate links.

At the moment, Pinterest has over 300 million monthly active users, and with this huge traffic base, you don’t really need to worry about getting your pins or images across to the targeted population.

It is instrumental to say here that you should not see Pinterest as an end in itself, but a means to an end. In other words, see it as a means of driving traffic back to your site, and not as a means of making direct money (simply a traffic source)

The principal thing you must have when it comes to making money online is traffic. Whatever the kind of online business that you have, the driving force behind it that pulls the money is traffic.

It is this traffic that comes back to your site that you use in making the money via Pinterest.

All web owners know how hard it is to drive traffic to sites, especially the new ones. When I first opened this site the major way I used in driving quick traffic to it was through Pinterest, which is the method am about to show you now.


Some of you must be asking now, but I don’t have a product where the traffic from Pinterest can be directed to. A product, in this case, can be your blog site or the article you want your visitors to read.

When people click on your Pinterest pins and gets redirected back to your blog to read a particular article, they get the chance to see and possibly click on your Ads or see other affiliate products you are promoting, with this comes the money.

It could be an affiliate product or your own product, or anything else you just want people to read. Once you have that, then you can start making money on Pinterest with your affiliate links on your Pinterest account.

This is why i see Pinterest as a very good traffic source back to your site or blog. If you can create a good pin on Pinterest, you will be driving thousands of visitors to your sites articles through it, and be making real money from it.

If on the other hand, you want to promote an affiliate product but don’t know where or how to go about it, then consider visiting

Open click bank and simply create an account with them. Once you do that, log into the back end of the program and go over to the marketing section of the page. From there you can easily find lots of categories of products you can easily promote on your blog to get a commission.

With these products, all the traffics you are getting from Pinterest will now be channeled to these affiliate products. Upon any sells through your affiliate link, you get a commission. It’s as simple as that guys.


In summary, all that we have discussed above is that Pinterest is a free traffic source, and with that, you can use this free traffic source to promote your website or products, from which you can begin to make a lot of money through it.

To do this, simply create a Pinterest account, create a Pinterest pin (image),

Go to and sign up for a free account with them. Once signed up, log into your user panel and go to the marketing section of the page, locate any product that you want to promote and click on it.

You will see your unique affiliate link for that product, copy it and place it on  Pinterest image that you just created. With this, anybody that clicks on that pin or image you created on Pinterest will be taken to the page where they can buy the product you are promoting. Once the purchase is complete, you can get your commission. Simple.

If however you don’t have an affiliate product that you want to promote but you have an article that you want to drive traffic to from Pinterest, simply copy the URL of that article and place it on the pin that you created on Pinterest and publish.

Once a person clicks on that pin, they are taken back to your article, from here, the person will have the opportunity of clicking on your AdSense or any other monetizing program that you have running on your site.

Remember that the pin that you will create on Pinterest will reflect the central theme of the product or article that you are promoting.

Example, if you have an article on how to make money blogging in Nigeria, and you want to drive traffic from Pinterest to this article, your Pinterest pin should have the caption of something like MAKE MONEY BLOGGING IN NIGERIA  or any similar thing, so that people can easily see it, click on the pin and then be directed back to your site where they can read the full article.

The same goes for promoting an affiliate product as well.

So that is it guys, we hope that this article was insightful to you? If it was, kindly use the share button below, tell the whole world about this and spread the good news.

Thanks for reading our article on how to make money from Pinterest in Nigeria 2020. If you have any questions or suggestions, kindly leave us a message below using the comment section.

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