How To Make Money On Instagram In Nigeria in Easy Steps 2021

In this article, i will show you the steps on how to make money with your Instagram account in Nigeria.

If you own an Instagram account, and you want to turn that into a passive income portal, then this article is for you.

While the majority of Nigerians are using Instagram to merely spend time online and have fun with some peeps, a few smart guys have been busy smiling to the bank monthly  by simply using their Instagram account(s). You know why? Instagram marketing in Nigeria pays alot.

make money on social media like instagram

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Are you wondering how possible this is? Worry not for that is why we are here. If you’d want to convert your time on Instagram into credit alerts, just ensure that you read this to the end as I will be taking you through the needed steps in making money with your Instagram account.

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For clarity purpose, this write up is divided into two sections:
(1) How to grow your Instagram account
(2) How to make money with your Instagram account.

Please to ensure that you get the practical steps involved in making money with your Instagram account right here in Nigeria, do endeavor to read this article to the end. Please do not stop half way. Now let’s set the ball rolling!

How To Grow Your Instagram Account Free In Nigeria

Growing your Instagram account in Nigeria should come first because without having enough Instagram followers, there is so little you can do to make money with your Instagram account.

I want to believe at this stage that you already have an Instagram account. Well, if you haven’t, just hurry up to Google play store and download the App; it’s free! Bothered about signing up and getting started?

Do not worry; it’s as simple as eating beans and bread or getting Gala and Lacasera on Nigerian roads. I guess you now have an active Instagram account already? So let’s move on.

how to grow your instagram account free

How can I grow my Instagram account in Nigeria? While signing up on Instagram is quite easy and simple, growing your account and getting a lot of traffic is as difficult as getting a score of 300 in JAMB- but it’s very possible!

So here are the tricks involved in growing your account within the shortest possible time so that you can start making money with your Instagram account in Nigeria.

Below are the list of steps to grow your instagram account free in Nigeria:

  1. Choose a unique and chatchy name
  2. be active and engaging
  3. Create lots of unique content
  4. Controversial

Choose A Unique And Chatchy Name

Choose and carve a niche for yourself. Don’t be a “Jack of all trades and a master of none. Take for instance, the most popular Instagram earners in Nigeria like Ebuka, Tunde Ednut, Olorisupergal, Joro etc all have a particular niche they are known for hence they’ve been able to gain followers and fans in that regard.

Have you actually thought about how Tunde Ednut earn on Instagram? Well the amount is quite crazy though. These guys have actually masters the easiest ways of making money on Instagram in Nigeria. You too can!

Be active And Engaging

For an account that is in hot-search for followers, you need to be very active with regular posts, commenting on other people’s posts, going through #Hastags and joining in popular discussions. This will make your account visible and thus attract a lot of followers.

Create Lots Of Unique Contents

You have to (especially at the beginning stage) spend about two hours daily online. This period is for you to upload unique pictures, videos and other quality contents related to your niche.

We all know that there are certain kinds of pictures that you will start uploading on your Instagram handle, especially as a lady, and within 1 month, thousands of people will start following you on Instagram. Be deliberate about this things.

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Honestly, nothing gives natural and real followers fast like controversy. This is one of the hidden secrets on becoming popular on Instagram in Nigeria.

You can once in a while get involved in controversial topics or discussions and or make controversial posts that will stir up arguments online.

You can only imagine the number of followers that one can gain in a single day if this strategy is implemented the right way and at the right time.

Being persistent and consistent is a secret to becoming whoever and whatever you want to become in life and same applies to growing your Instagram account.

All the methods listed above will only give you slow, steady and natural followers. If you’d want to gain large followers in a very short time, you’ll have to buy likes and followers.

No matter the route you choose to grow your Instagram account, you have to be diligent with your tactics, deliberate with your efforts, committed with your actions, and persistent with your strategy.

Follow these rules religiously for at least 30 days and you’ll see how huge your followers on Instagram will become.

Least I forget, always organize free contests/events and have a lot of give-aways. You know we Nigerians love awoof.

Best Ways To Make Money On Instagram In Nigeria

Haven succeeded in growing your account, the next step is monetize it. I know the question on your lips right now will be “How can I monetize or make money with my Instagram account? Worry not for that is why we are here!

ways to make money on instagram

Below is the list of ways to make money on Instagram account in Nigeria:

  1. Make money through adsense
  2. Become an affiliate marketer
  3. Sell products yourself
  4. Become an influencer
  5. Instagram Account flipping
  6. Cost per action

Make Money Through AdSense

For those who are into blogging, they would have known about AdSense already. But for the sake of newbies, I will throw more light on Google AdSense before explaining how to make money with it on Instagram.

AdSense is an advertisement service provider for publishers and advertisers. For publishers like blog owners, they make money on their blogs through AdSense once they are able to drive quality traffic to their blog.

i.e the larger the number of visitors to your blog, the more money you’d be paid by AdSense through CPI. Don’t let me bore you with the details; let’s go straight to the reason why we are here.

With Instagram, you can make more money with your website/blog by sharing the URL of your website in your Instagram profile with a call-to-action so that when any of your followers click on the link he/she will be directed to your site.

This method drives traffic to your site/blog which will translate to more earnings in your AdSense account. To make this more effective, you have to frequently create catchy posts on your Instagram handle like posting pictures or videos with captions like check out the link in my profile for more info.

If you truly have massive active followers on Instagram, this method will boost the traffic to your website/blog making your AdSense account become fatter in Dollars. However, getting an approved AdSense account might take longer than expected.

If such is the case and you don’t want to spend extra cash buying an already approved account, you can try other good alternatives like propeller Ads etc.

Become An Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing entails that you promote the products of some companies and you get paid a certain amount as commission for every product sold through you. The best way to do this is to grow your account around a particular niche.

Sell Products Yourself

You can also decide to be making money on Instagram by selling your own products. Choose products that are related to your carved niche and market them on Instagram using Hash Bag to get the word out.

Take for instance, the Nigerian sex therapist, Jaruma Empire who is a big time millionaire all thanks to her popularity and sales through Instagram.

Become An Influencer

Another major way of making money on Instagram in Nigeria is by becoming an Instagram influencer.

Have you heard about Nigerian social media influencers like Ebuka, Tunde Ednut, Joro, Pamilerin etc? These guys make it big just by making things trend on Instagram in Nigeria.

Imagine people paying you to post about them, their products, and activities. You can best succeed at this after growing your account to have many followers.

In fact, the easiest way to make money on Instagram in Nigeria or in any other part in the world is to become an influencer, the likes of Tunde Ednut and the rest earns turns of money on Instagram by simply influencing other peoples articles. You can do this too.

Instagram Account Flipping

Instagram account flipping is among the best ways of making money on Instagram around the world, including Nigeria.

You can create an account, nurture and grow it then sell it to others who wish to have Instagram account with large followers but can’t go through the pain of growing an I.G account.

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There are always such people on various social media platforms in Nigeria looking for active accounts with large followers to buy. Just make a post about your intention to sell and you’ll get a lot of buyers in your DM. Once you get this right, then you are on your way into making money on Instagram in Nigeria.

Cost Per Action

A lot of ads service providers offer high paying CPAs that you can leverage on. Some of the advertisers with good CPA offers that can be easily signed up to by Nigerians include: AdWorkmedia, Maxbounty, Adbirt, ClickDealer, PopAds, Propeller Ads, CPAleads etc.

Just search for the one with the best offer for your niche and link it up on your Instagram account. How this works is that whenever someone clicks on a link that you’ve posted/shared and completes a certain action (like taking a survey, having a free trial of a product, downloading a file etc), you are paid.

Whether you have been making money online or just using your Instagram account to have fun online, there is a lot of money that can be made there only if you are committed and determined to do so.

The journey starts now, go and start making money with your Instagram account right away. With CPA, you can make $0.50-$25 depending on the target country for your traffic. With this methods, you have learned how to make money on Instagram in Nigeria.

Its our hope that you have leaned amongst other things how to grow your business from internet marketing in Nigeria, right? Thanks for reading our guide on how to make money on Instagram in Nigeria.

Feel free to drop your comment(s) or questions in the comment box below.

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