How To Lock Facebook Photo Album In Easy Steps 2021

A lot of persons have asked, how do I lock my photo album on Facebook so that no one can have access to it but me? If you are among the category of persons that want to learn how to go about this, then this article will meet your needs.

Facebook is quite an interesting place to be. In it, we can keep track of the activities of our loved ones and friends. You can share videos, messages, GIF and pictures with the persons that matters most to you on Facebook.

Yea, but behind all these, some times there is a certain part of us that really wants to be unknown to the world, the part that wants to stay and remain hidden from the ever watching eyes of family and friends.

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If for some reasons you have some personal pictures on Facebook that you want to lock so that people will not have access to it, then we will show you how to do that presently.

Remember, Facebook is such a large world. However, your privacy still remains one of the major concerns of Facebook. So without much talk, lets show you how to lock Facebook photo album.

Importance Of Locking Facebook Photo Album

Below are the reasons you should lock your Facebook photo album and photos today:

  • Locking of Facebook photo album is a way of maintaining your privacy on Facebook
  • It offers a way to stop someone from stealing your Facebook photos
  • It enables you to protect Facebook photos from screenshots
  • It secures your photos so that it doesn’t get used for scam purposes.

If the above reasons interest you, then it’s time to learn how to lock your Facebook photos, as this will enable you to be in complete control of your photos and who gets to see and use it.

How To Lock Facebook Photo Album In Easy Steps

If you want to lock your Facebook photo album so that no one can see it, simply follow these easy steps below:

Step 1:

Sign into your Facebook account through this link or skip if you are already signed in.

Step 2:

On your Facebook homepage, click on your Profile to open your profile window.

click on facebook profile

Step 3:

On the profile window, click on Photos and then locate and click on Album

facebook photos and album

Step 4:

Then click on Album and select the particular Facebook photo album that you want to lock as shown below.

click on album

Step 5:

Once that photo album opens, click on the 3 dotted lines at the right hand of the photo album page to display a short drop down menu. On that menu, select Edit Album as shown below.

Screenshot 8edit facebook photo album

Step 6:

On the edit album page, click on the Public button, and then check the option Only Me. Once you’ve selected this option, scroll down a bit and hit the save button.

change facebook privacy policy to only me

If you have followed this steps above, your Facebook photo album would have been locked away from the eyes of all your friends and family members permanently.

How To Unlock Facebook Photo Album In Easy Steps

If for some reasons you wish to unlock your Facebook album, simply follow from step 1 above to step 5. On steps 6, simply change the Only Me to Public, and then save. People will be able to see your Facebook photo album again after this.

How To Stop Someone From Stealing My Pictures On Facebook

Facebook picture theft has become so rampant that even scammers now use other peoples Facebook pictures in committing cyber crimes around the world.

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Below is how to stop someone from stealing my pictures on Facebook

To stop someone from stealing your Facebook pictures, simply arrange all your Facebook pictures in albums, go to the privacy policy of each of the albums and chose the option Friends Except…, now select the person who has been stealing your Facebook picture and save. All your Facebook friends will be seeing your pictures except the person you don’t want to. Simple right?


While there is no way to directly password protect your Facebook photo album, there are other ways to still achieve the same result. And that other way is to simply change the privacy policy of the photo album to Only Me. That way, only you will have access to the pictures on the album. If you ask me, that’s still the same as password protecting it.

If for some reasons you want to give someone access to your private Facebook photo album, simply go to the privacy policy of that album and select specific friends. This way, only the friends with this access can see the photo album and assess it.

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