How To Gain Admission In Any UK University Without Agents In Nigeria (Easy Steps)

In this article, I will be showing you the simple steps on how to gain admission and study in any UK university from Nigeria, all without making use of admission agents.

If you are excited as I am about this information, then let’s get started right now.

The United Kingdom popularly known as UK is the home to most of the top universities in the world. Schools like London school of politics, Kent university, Imperial College London, Oxford, Cambridge to mention but a few, all rank among the best schools globally.

As a people with high penchant for quality education, many Nigerians do wish to at least do their post graduate studies in any of these UK universities.

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how to get admission into any uk university in nigeria without agents

However, in seeking to do these, they mostly rely on travel agents to process both the admission and travel papers for them. Well, if you can afford the services of these agents, congratulations. But there will be no point using them when you can easily do it yourself.

Due to wrong information, many Nigerians believe that gaining admission into UK universities are too hard, but that’s not true at all. In fact, it’s much easier to get admitted into UK universities from Nigeria than in Nigerian Universities in Nigeria.

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Unlike Nigerian universities that takes you through lots of stress, paper works, entrance exams and all that, in UK universities, getting admission is as simple as filling a couple of forms online, and in most cases, you will be given the admission within 5 days.

The purpose of this article is to show you how simple it is to gain admission into any UK university from Nigeria without using admission agents that would exploit you of your hard-earned money. If we are clear on that, lets get started.

Top Reasons To Study In The UK As A Nigerian In 2020

Should i study in the UK as a Nigerian student? A lot of Nigerians still have doubts whether they should proceed to study in the UK or not. There are inexhaustible reasons why every Nigerian should dream of studying in the UK.

Below is the list of reasons to study in the UK as a Nigerian student:

  1. Long Standing Reputations
  2. Short Degree Durations
  3. The Best Libraries In The World
  4. British Accent
  5. Wider Choices Of Degrees

Long Standing Reputations

Most UK university were established over 800 years ago, and with this huge experience over the years, they are better prepared to equip you with all the knowledge you need to do pretty well in your chosen career.

Short Degree Durations

UK’s universities offers the shortest degree programs anywhere else in the world. The reason to study in the UK as a Nigerian student is the fact that courses that would take 4 years in Nigeria would take 3 years to complete in the UK, MSC takes 1 year in the UK while PhD takes 3 years.

The Best Libraries In The World

UK’s universities have the best libraries in the world with up to date books across all conceivable areas of discipline. This is sharply unlike Nigerian libraries with books that have been so outdated in most cases.

British Accent

Studying in the UK, living in the UK and being taught by English men gives you that opportunity to acquire British accent. This accent alone gives one a couple of opportunities to secure jobs in many juicy companies and organizations in Nigeria. Not a rule but it’s true.

Wider Choices Of Degrees

By choosing to study in the UK universities, you have the opportunities of choosing a wide variety of courses that you normally would not see in most top universities around the world.

In UK universities, every broad course has many specific areas you can choose to major in right from your undergraduate days. This is not like this in Nigeria and in most other countries around the world.

Having established a couple of reasons you should consider studying in the UK universities as a Nigerian, lets look at how to quickly gain admission by yourself in any UK university as a Nigerian student.

How To Gain Admission In Any UK University For Nigerian Students

To secure admission into any UK university without agents in Nigeria, follow the steps below:

  1. Find A Course Online
  2. Choose The Best University
  3. Apply For Visa
  4. Prepare For Interview
  5. Arrange For Travel

Find A Course Online

The very first step you need in getting admitted into any UK university as a Nigerian student is to first find the course that you are interested in studying.

While all UK universities gives you access to variety of courses, getting to make a choice can pose as a daunting task. However, using tool like studyin-UK can help simplify your course search online.

You can use the tool above to search for the course you may wish to study, in order to see the list of universities offering that course.

It should be stated here that no UK university offers exactly the same course. While the courses may appear similar, their specific objectives are usually different. Hence, carry out your research well in studyin-uk website above.

Choose Your Preferred University And Apply

The second step in gaining admission into UK universities without the assistance of travel agents in Nigeria is to choose a good UK university for your chosen course of study. Use this link to see the full list of universities in the UK

The UK has the finest universities in the world, and at such, making a choice as to the institution to choose can be difficult. However, while these schools are generally good, there is a course that each of these UK universities are known for.

Example, the University of Sussex ranks highest in development studies globally, London school of politics and economics ranks highest in economic studies globally, and performs less in other areas. The same applies to most of the UK universities. Hence, once you choose a course, ensure to find the university that ranks highest in that course and apply for admission there.

To apply for admission in any UK university, simply visit the website of your chosen UK university, in the search course bar, type in the name of your preferred course and click on it to visit the application page of the course.

Click on apply for this course and read the requirements, then click on proceed. Input your personal details, and confirm your registration link in the email you provided during the application process. 

From this link, log into your students profile page and upload the required documents, and submit. A committee will look into your application and will notify you if your application is successful within 7 business days. It’s as simple as this.

UK University Requirements For Nigerian Students

Each course you apply for come with specific requirements, ensure you research about the specific requirement for each of the course you intend to apply for. The general requirement for most courses for Nigerian students includes:

  • Motivation Letter
  • English Language Certificate (WAEC for some schools)
  • Financial Document (Bank Statement)
  • International Passport
  • Transcript (For Post Graduate Studies)
  • Minimum Grade Requirement (For Post Graduate Studies

We must include that you must write a very convincing motivation letter, clearly stating the reason you wish to study in the university that you have chosen. On this, you must read a bit about your chosen university before writing the essay.

A poorly written motivation letter is the major reason why few students get rejected for admission in UK universities, especially Nigerian students.

We also don’t encourage students to choose schools that requires IELTS and TOFL as these are not necessary at all for Nigerian students. Look for schools that accepts English language attestation letters or WAEC to save yourself from unnecessary issues.

Once you have all these documents ready, proceed to apply for admission on the schools’ portal online, and then upload the required documents. Once done, you will receive email confirmation with further instructions on what to do next, including the school fees, and CAS and visa procedures.

Apply For Visa

You really don’t need any travel agent to help you apply for student visa to the UK. Once you have paid your initial school fees, and have received your CAS, the school will send you a detailed guide on how to apply for your student visa.

Prepare For Interview

By preparing for interview for your trip to study in the UK, you are required to get familiar with the kind of question they ask students at the embassy. If you perform below expectation, you may be denied visa. So go to YouTube and google and start researching about this right away.

Arrange For Your Travel

Before now, you must have gotten your student visa and other important documents required to travel to UK for your studies as a Nigerian student. Look for a cheap airline to book a ticket with them, and arrange your travelling papers.

How To Transfer From A Nigerian University To A UK University

Some Nigerian students have asked us, how do i transfer from a Nigerian university to a UK university easily? While this question is very important, people are not talking about it online, hence students don’t know what to do about it.

Assuming you are studying in a Nigerian university already and you want to be transferred to a UK university where you can continue and finish your studies, you must first search for UK universities that accept exchange students, read and understand their requirements and then discuss with your HOD in your Nigerian university on how to start compiling your papers for the transfer.

Remember, this process can take a bit of time, and is really capital intensive, so thread with caution.

So you see, gaining admission into UK universities as a Nigerian student is pretty simple and something that anyone can easily do. Remember, UK universities are all competing for international students, hence they rarely deny one admission.

Believe me, your chances of getting admitted into any UK university as a Nigerian student is 90/100, and thats to say that you will gain admission at one chance.

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