How To Fix WPForms Not Sending Emails In 10 Minutes (Step By Step Guide)

How do I get my WPforms to send to my email? This question was recently asked by one of our readers, and we figured out that a lot of other persons out there are having similar issues with their wpforms plugin. Hence, the reason for this article.

There are many contact form plugins available on WordPress, with the two most popular ones being Contact form 7 and Wpforms plugins. While contact form 7 is simple, wpforms comes with much more features you wouldn’t want to miss for anything.

However, with these amazing features comes its own challenge. Once you install wpforms with excitement, it’s only a matter of time for you to discover that your beloved wpforms plugin doesn’t deliver mails to your email, unlike contact form 7 that works out of the box.

When this happens, many newbies tries fixing it immediately, but with few failures, most people end up uninstalling the amazing plugin and replacing it with contact form 7, thereby losing out on all the exciting features that comes with wpforms.

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As contact forms are major plugins that every site must have, having one that can’t send or deliver emails can have many consequences that affects your online businesses productivity and growth.

With this in mind, this article therefore seeks to show you how to quickly fix wpforms not sending emails on WordPress, among other interesting things about wpforms that we will be looking at presently. Do well to read this step-by-step guide till the end.

Things You Need To Fix Wpforms Not Sending Emails

There are basically 2 things you need in fixing wpforms email delivery issue on WordPress. This includes:

  1. Access to your WordPress hosting account
  2. Installing WP Mail SMTP by wpforms

How To Fix Wpforms Not Sending Emails On WordPress

Before attempting to fix the problem, you should note that the major reason wpforms can’t send emails out of the box is that WordPress uses a different mail function from your hosting company. Hence, you must manually synchronize the both, so that wpforms can deliver the mails.

To fix wpforms not sending emails on WordPress, simply follow the actionable steps below:

First, log into your wordpress account dashboard and head over to the plugin section.

In the Add New plugin menu, search for WP Mail SMTP by wpforms and install it. Once installed, head over to your installed plugin page and click on wp mail settings as shown below

steps to solve wpforms not sending mail

in the From Email box, type in the name of the email address you wish to be receiving email from, tick the Force From Email box and type in your real or business name in the From Name column, and then leave the Force From Name box blank.

steps to solve wpforms not sending mail 1

Check the Return Path box and under the Mailer section, change the Default to Other SMTP as shown below

steps to solve wpforms not sending mail 3

The above pics shows why wpforms cant deliver your emails, because the default mail function of wordpress is PHP, which is different from that of your wordpress hosting.

Now leave every other settings for now and turn on the Authentication button. 

steps to solve wpforms not sending mails 4

Turning on the authentication botton brings up two more options which are SMTP username and SMTP Password. Since we don’t have these values for now, we have to go to our hosting account to create them manually in the steps that follows.

steps to solve wpforms not sending emails

How To Get SMTP Username And Password For WPForms

Make sure the page above is still opened, open a new window,

Then log into your Hosting Account and then into your cPanel Account. Once logged in, head over to the Email section and click on Email accounts as shown below.

steps to solve wpforms not sending email on wordpress 2

On the Email account page, click on Create Email as shown below. Note the pics might be different from your hosting panel, but the steps are essentially the same.


On the create Email page, type in your Username (which is the name of your new email like Support…), and your Password as shown below. You should write these things down because we will be using them to configure our Wpforms on our website shortly.

wpforms fix 1

After this, leave the other columns as they are and click on create email.

This will take you to the page where you see all your email as shown below. Click on Connect Devices (the placement may be different from your hosting, you have to use your intuition to go around this)

wpform fix 3

On the Mail Client settings, you will see all the information you will need in configuring your wpforms plugin as shown below:

wpform fix 4

Now we will input the above information in our WP Mail SMTP settings page.

Copy your Outgoing Server (what ever it is in your case) from the page above and paste it in your SMTP Host column (refer to the previous steps on SMTP configurations that we skipped earlier)

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Change your encryption to SSL and your SMTP port to 465

Enable the Auto TLS and ensure that the Authentication button is set to ON. The whole settings should look this way

wpform fix 5

wpforms fix 2

Your SMTP username is the name of the email you created in your cPanel earlier while your SMTP Password is the password of the email you created on your cPanel. Copy them and place them in the appropriate boxes, and then save.

Now, fixing the wpforms not sending email is not complete yet.

Now go back to your wpforms on your wordpress dashboard, click on all forms, and then click on Edit form as shown below.

wpforms fix 4

Now head over to settings and notifications as shown below

wpforms fix 5

In the Send To Email Address tab, enter the exact email address you used in your From Email in SMTP settings. If you have gotten to this point, congratulation, you have successfully fixed your wpforms not sending email problem yourself.


Email not sending is a problem that everyone faces the first time they install the plugin, so it’s not peculiar to you. However, the important thing is that we this guide above, you can easily fix it yourself and enjoy the contact form plugin forever.

If you have any question concerning this tutorial, kindly leave us a comment in the comment section, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Share this article with your friends using the share button below this page. Thanks.


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