How to Download Paid eBooks for Free

This is a detailed article on how to download paid ebooks for free.

If you are a book lover, you will find that there are many great ebooks available online. The sad thing is that most of these ebooks are not available to download for free.

However, what If I told you I can show you how you can download any paid PDF for free, would you be interested?

Yes, you can download any paid ebooks for free online, and I am going to show you how quickly.

What I will be showing you in this article is how to download paid ebooks free using Google Search engines, and some other great websites where you can have access to thousands of paid books for free.

What Is An Ebook?

An eBook can be described as an electronic form of a book that comes in a soft copy and can also be printed out as a hard copy.

It is basically a lighter and more improved form of conveying books for readers to access on their electronic devices.

A lot of things have evolved over the years with better and easier ways around them, the eBook is one of such innovations.

Authors have adapted to the trend and now have soft copies of their books published online including audio versions of them to enable users to access these books more comfortably.

This eBook can come in various formats like document, ePub, or even pdf format.

The eBook can be converted to a PDF format and even downloaded to a mobile device for use by using either a DOC reader app or a PDF app.

The great part about this beautiful innovation is that almost every book has an eBook version and it makes it available for readers online to either read while online or download to their mobile devices.

How to Download Paid eBooks for Free

There are many websites to download paid eBooks for free. Downloading paid eBooks free online has been made easy and possible by these platforms that offer direct download access to these eBooks from their websites.

Some of such websites include eBay, Amazon, and so on.

One of the best ways to download paid ebooks for free is by using the Google Search Engine since the Google search engine function is vast and widely used all over the world.

Below is how to download paid eBooks for free online using the Google search engine.

1. Launch your browser on your mobile devices or computer, and type on the URL column to open the Google official website.

2. Click on the Google search engine column and Type in the name of the eBook you want to download.

3. Include the preferred book format you want at the end of the name of the eBook u typed in beginning with a “dot”(.) For example, ‘The 48 laws of power.pdf” without the quotation marks.

You can also include the name of the Author just before you add ‘.pdf’

4. Click on the “Search” button.

Due to your search, a list of various results will appear for you to choose from in order to download the eBook.

In most cases, a lot of the eBooks displayed may already be in PDF formats. This would enable you to download it straight away.

4 Best Websites To Download Paid eBooks Free

Besides the Google search engine, there are other great websites to download eBooks whether free or paid without any form of registration or payment. They include,

1. Scribd

This is a place for downloading free ebooks in various formats like PDF and EXCEL. It is a great website for eBook readers to easily search and download eBooks without any fear of breaking a law.

Most eBooks that have price tags on various other websites can easily be downloaded here for free by just visiting the Scribd website via your browser and search for the desired eBook.

Scribd gives a 30 days free trial period which is enough to download a lot of eBooks for free before charges would be included.

Although, the subscription is not a must as you may choose to do it to enjoy more features and access.

Another great thing about the Scribd website is that its Free eBooks are arranged in order of top articles, best selling author, and so on, to guide users in finding their desired eBook.

This reduces the stress and inconvenience of spending a longer time searching for a particular eBook on the website.

Scribd also creates a platform for users to upload their own eBooks on the website for people to download but it must meet certain requirements put in place by Scribd to ensure legality and authenticity of the material.

These measures are put in place to cub the scenarios of copyright infringement or any form of piracy which would not only affect the user who uploaded it but also affect the trust and confidence people have in the website for delivering authentic eBooks.

The official website is

2. Free eBooks Net

Another website to download paid ebooks for free online is Free Books Net; and it is quite popular amongst eBook readers.

Just as the name goes, they are mainly focused on delivering quality free eBooks to the public.

This website offers great access to so many paid eBooks for users to download for free without going through the Google search engine.

However, downloading from the Free eBooks Net website only requires eBook readers who want to access the eBooks available on the website to create an account with them and register before they can download the pad eBooks for free and gain access to its features.

On the Free eBooks Net, users are giving the opportunity to go through the various categories of eBooks and also search for their desired eBooks by author’s name, the title of the eBook, or year of publication using the search box available on the website.

The eBooks are also arranged in an organized format in terms of most downloads, best authors, and so on.

Audio versions are also made available to users who prefer listening to the eBooks on their mobile devices over reading it in various other formats.

The official website is

3. Project Gutenberg

The Project Gutenberg is also another great website for downloading paid eBooks free online with its wide range of free eBooks that are over 50,000 available for download.

The Project Gutenberg also delivers free eBooks in various formats which gives the user options to choose from.

Downloading these free eBooks doesn’t require any form of registration and they are available in various formats.

The Project Gutenberg makes it easier and safer for users to download these free eBooks without fear of legal actions or breaking the law by uploading eBooks with outdated copyright piracy.

This makes the users download the free eBooks from any part of the world without hiding their IP addresses unlike in scenarios where users may hide their IP addresses in order to gain access into certain websites.

The official website is

4. Obooko

Another popular eBook website to download paid ebooks for fees is the Obooko website.

This website is quite popular among a lot of eBook readers all over the world for its wide range of eBooks that are in thousands and free to download.

It doesn’t require any form of registration to download eBooks from this website.

All that is required is just for users to search for their desired author of the eBook and download in any of the various available formats.

It has an organized pattern of eBook arrangement for users to easily access the eBooks in categories like love, business, relationship, and so on.

Getting the right eBooks is one thing and getting it without stress is another thing.

This is why Obooko has taken measures to ensure that users get their desired free eBooks easily by creating a search function to enable users to search for eBooks by name or by the name of the author and also go through the various categories to search for certain eBooks that may interest the reader.

The official website is

More Sites To Download Paid Books For Free

There are many other sites you can download paid ebooks for free. Below is a list of sites to download paid books free.

  1. Open Library
  2. PDF Books World 
  3. Feedbooks
  4. ManyBooks
  5. Feedbooks

No doubt, the sites to download paid PDF for free are numerous. However, I believe you can find any Paid Ebooks to download for free in the ones mentioned above.

That’s all on how to download paid ebooks for free online.

If you followed this guide carefully, you would have known how to download paid ebooks for free.

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I hope this article helps?

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