How To Delete A Thread On Nairaland In Easy Steps Updated In 2021

In this article, I will be showing you the new trick on how to delete a thread on Nairaland in easy steps. If you are addicted to nairaland just like me, chances are that you must have made posts or created threads that you wish to delete ASAP without knowing how to go about it, right? If so, I will show you how to do that in this post using simple tricks.

If you are reading this article, you are probably looking for how to delete a post from nairaland right? Deleting a thread on nairaland normally would not be a possible task because the admins deliberately removed the “delete post” option.

But hey, that’s why this article was created in order to our latest tricks on how to delete your post on nairaland fast. Hence, ensure you read till the end to discover this trick and other hacks for nairaland that would definitely interest you.

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But for the benefit of those who still don’t understand what nairaland is all about, we will briefly relate the background of nairaland as a build up to how to delete a thread on nairaland easily.

Brief History Of Nairaland

Nairaland is obviously the most popular forum in the whole of Africa, raking in millions of monthly visitors. This amazing forum or website (if you like) was built in 2005 by a Nigerian programmer and entrepreneur by name Seun Osewa.

Ever since its establishment in 2005, the forum has been doing great, feeing mostly Nigerians and a host of other foreigners with up-to-date information about the current happenings within and outside of Nigeria.

monthly search traffic of

The success of nairaland was captured by when it identified it as the 6 most visited website in Nigeria. Owing to the huge success of nairaland, nairaland was hacked successfully in 2014 by a group of unidentified hackers. And in this process, all the articles on nairaland were deleted by these hackers.

However, 3 days after this hack, most of the post in nairaland were retrieved by Mr Seun, the owner of nairaland. At a point, nairaland depended on Google AdSense as the only way of monetizing the site. It wasn’t long before google removed the site from publishing ads, owing to the amount of sexual content on display there.

At the moment, nairaland only sell its own ad space to its numerous customers, which many consider way better than Google AdSense revenues.

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You can create your own thread from which you can share your ideas on particular topics or post comment. However, what many persons want to know about is how to delete my thread on nairaland. This pertinent question is what this article seeks to answer in step-by-step approach.

How To Delete A Thread On Nairaland Forum

You are looking for how to remove my post from nairaland right? If yes, then below is the steps on how to easily delete my thread or post from nairaland easily.

  • First, log into your nairaland account by visiting
  • At the top menu in the homepage of nairaland, click on your profile name as shown below
nairaland profile name
  • This will bring you to your profile page where all your threads you have created will appear. Click on the nairaland thread that you wish to delete to open it as shown below
click on the item to delete
  • Once the nairaland post that you want to delete opens, locate and click on the Modify button below to modify the post as shown below.
nairaland modify button
  • When the edit page opens, just click on the title of the thread you wish to delete on nairaland and wipe it off, leaving only maybe a dot in its place. Repeat this in the main body of the thread you wish to delete from nairaland, while leaving only dot as the main body as shown below
clear nairaland post

Once you are done, save it and exit the page. Within 24 hours, the post will no longer be accessible by anyone as nairaland admins will deactivate it. Congratulations, you have successfully deleted your post on nairaland easily.

How To Delete My Comment On Nairaland Fast

Just like how to delete a thread on nairaland, there is no direct way to delete a nairaland comment on a thread. However, you can always use the method we identified above to remove your comment from nairaland thread.

To delete comment from nairaland, simply log into your nairaland account and locate the comment that you wish to delete. Click on the modify button below the comment to open the edit page of the comment. On this page, clear the comment with your backspace button, and leave a dot (.) in its place. After this, simply save the comment which now has only a dot and exit.

The above is the only way to delete a comment on nairaland as at the time of writing this article.

If you don’t understand anything that we have discussed thus far, do well to leave us a message in the comment section, and we can tag along from there.

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