How To Create A ClickBank Account In Nigeria 2021 (Step-By-Step Guide)

If you are reading this article, chances are that you must have heard of Clickbank, right? You may have also heard that Nigerians are not allowed to open a clickbank account.

Unfortuntely, all those rumors are basically true because legally, clickbank don’t allow Nigerian webmasters access to create a clickbank account.

But hey, what if i told you that there is a way you can create a clickbank account in Nigeria, Would you be excited about it? If yes, then read on.

This article will show you how to open a verified clickbank account in Nigeria, and the top selling clickbank products in 2020 amongst others.

It’s our believe that this article will help you become financially free as it has helped thousands of Nigerian webmasters before you.

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While it seems as though clickbank sign up dont work for Nigerians, a lot of webmasters that have access to this information are really making it big promoting affiliate products on clickbank.

clickbank nigeria 2020

Consequently, permit me to introduce you to clickbank affiliate marketing, and how you can create your account in Nigeria to start making money promoting affiliate products online.

But before then, what is clickbank Nigeria all about?

What Is Clickbank?

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ClickBank is an affiliate company that offers a wide range of products for merchants and affiliate marketers in all the continents of the world. When it comes to affiliate programs, clickbank stands on Olympian aloofness over the rest.

Affiliate marketers make money with by promoting their products online in return for commissions for each sale made through their affiliate link.

If you are still not too sure of what affiliate marketing means, you may consider reading our detailed guide on the top affiliate programs for Nigerians here.

With all these, the question to ask is, why does clickbank not accept Nigerians? The reason is because many Nigerians have tried abusing the program by trying to beat the normal rules of the game for personal gains.

There are quite some other alternatives of clickbanks for Nigerians though, but that will be discoursed after we have learned about signup clickbank for Nigeria.

How To Create A Clickbank Account In Nigeria 2020

Due to the reputation of Nigerians abroad, clickbank don’t allow Nigerians direct access to open a clickbank affiliate account.

But do not worry as there is a way around this seeming difficult situation.

how to create a clickbank account in nigeria

The best way to create a clickbank affiliate account in Nigeria 2020 for free is to ask your friend or relative who lives abroad or in a country that clickbank has not blocked to help you signup for free clickbank account.

After which, he can send you the details, which you can assess here in Nigeria using a secured VPN of the country he used for the sign up.

Alternately, below is how to open a clickbank account in Nigeria 2020:

  • Activate a VPN service on your smart phone or your PC and chose any western country of your choice (Not Nigeria o)
  • Move on to Register on
  • Click on the Menu button and select create account.
  • Fill in your Personal Data in the space provided for that, and use the country that you have specified in your VPN as your country of origin.
  • Once you are done with all the required information, Submit and wait for your account to be approved by Clickbank.

Note: you will always assess your clickbank affiliate account in Nigeria through this VPN, else your account will be blocked permanently, and you will not be able to make money online with clickbank in Nigeria again.

Anyways, i still prefers getting your brother or friend who lives abroad to help you with this process of creating a clickbank account in Nigeria, as that will make the process a lot more easy.

How To Promote Your Affiliate Products on Clickbank Nigeria The Right Way.

The bulk of what we will be talking about here will center of how to promote your affiliate product on clickbank in Nigeria like a pro, because the money you make depends on this.

Once you have succeeded in creating a clickbank affiliate account in Nigeria, then you have conquered over 70% of what it takes to start making money on clickbank in Nigeria. The other part will depend on how effective you are in promoting your clickbank affiliate products

Below are the steps to promote your affiliate products on ClickBank Nigeria like a pro:

  • Select a niche
  • Select a product to market
  • Get your own website
  • Promot your website
  • Cash out your money

Select A Niche:

Clickbank is obviously the best affiliate program in the world, as it comes with a lot of affiliate category that meets every possible need you could think of.

Head over to the Marketing section in clickbank and select a niche that you want to promote. There are many niche or categories that you can chose to market in clickbank.

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However, the best niche i always recommend is the health and beauty niche. For the purpose of this article, i will be focusing more on the HEALTH NICHE, because people love it more than most of the other niches out there.

I will show you the list of hottest clickbank niches in 2020 that you can promote and be sure of steady cashflow soon.

Select A Product To Market:

Since our chosen niche is on health, you should select a particular affiliate product that you want to promote.

And in this tutorial, i will recommend going for the products that helps one to loose weight (under the health niche above)

Once you have find a product, review that product to know what other marketers are saying about it, whether or not the product is marketable.

Once you have gotten this information and you are good with it, then copy your affiliate link for that product. It is this affiliate link that you will be promoting in our next step.

Once you get this right, then you are good to start making money on clickbank in Nigeria.

Get Your Own Website:

Since you have determined your niche and the product that you want to market, the next step is to put your affiliate link on your website.

But you don’t just place the links at random, not. You open your blog site and head to make New Post section.

Here, you will write few articles about your chosen niche, and in this case, we are promoting a product that helps people to loose weight.

So our blog article will be on how to loose weight fast without any side effect. If you write this article well, you can then put your affiliate link as a hyperlink on this article and publish it.

While presenting a very strong case to your readers why they should click on your Clickbank affiliate link to purchase the weight loosing product that you are promoting.

Once you get this right, the next step is to promote your blog site or the blog post that you have written already.

Promoting your website makes the product available to the persons that needs to buy the product. Making money on clickbank Nigeria 2020 is really as simple as this.

Promote Your Website:

There are various ways in which you can promote the article that you have written in order to make money on clickbank Nigeria, once the clickbank signup is done. These ways are by contributing on forums, blog comments and on Facebook pages.

There essence is the same anyways. Go to google search bar or on your Facebook search bar and search for the niche that you intend to market. In our case, it is how to loose weight fast.

Once you type this, you will see a list of forums and Facebook pages that talks about that, now go to these pages and become a contributor. Dont just go about dropping your clickbank affiliate marketing link anyhow.

Try to add some values, after leaving your detailed comment on how the product can help the other persons, leave your referral link and encourage them to try that out. People will soon start clicking on that, and most of them will end up buying your products.

This is basically how to make money on clickbank in Nigeria. Most affiliate products on clickbank pays as high as 70% of the cost price, and that is really a huge amount if you ask me.

Master this steps, and you will join the clickbank top earners in Nigeria and the world at large.

Top 10 Selling ClickBank Affiliate Products For Nigerian Marketers

While there are many products to promote on clickbank Nigeria, many of which might not be marketable. Hence, you may need to channel your energy into promoting those products that are on high demand.

Rather than spending time doing trial and error in locating the best clickbank products 2020, we have done the research for you so you don’t have to learn it the hard way.

Below is the list of best selling products on clickbank 2020 for Nigerian affiliate marketers:

  1. Cinderella Solution
  2. How To Lose Weight In 2 weeks
  3. Overnight Millionnaire System
  4. Custom Keto Diet
  5. His Secret Obsession
  6. The 12 Minute Affiliate System
  7. TedsWoodsworking
  8. Halki Diabetics Remedy
  9. Leptitox
  10. New Manifestation Magic

From the list of top selling clickbank products in 2020 above, it becomes clear that two niches tops the list; health and fitness niche and finance niche.

Research on this clickbank products above properly and decide on the ones you can easily promote. When you have done all that, lets show you ways you can cash out on clickbank Nigeria.

How To Cashout On Clickbank Nigeria

Clickbank pays her affiliate marketers twice every month. I.e. 2nd Wednesday and last Wednesday of every month.

As a Nigerian, you might feel that receiving your clickbank affiliate commission here in Nigeria will be impossible considering the fact that Clickbank no longer accepts Nigerians.

Do not be troubled, there is a way to go about it, and that is why is here for you!

There are many ways you can receive your affilate commission on clickbank in Nigeria in 2020.

Below is the list of ways to cash out on clickbank Nigeria:

  1. Direct Bank Deposite
  2. With A Payoneer MasterCard
  3. Payment Via Cheque
  4. Via PayPal

Direct Bank Deposite:

To receive your money from Clickbank through Direct Bank deposit, you will have to get a Payoneer Master Card.

With A Payoneer Mastercard:

you will be able to withdraw your Clickbank earnings at any ATM in Nigeria. To get a Payoneer Master Card you will have to log on to www.payoneer .com and register. After that, you will apply for Automated Clearing House using a US bank account.

Once you are done with this, Clickbank will be able to make direct payment to your US bank account and you will be able to withdraw the money here in Nigeria using your Payoneer Master Card. Give it a trial, it is easy!

Our article on how to get a Payoneer mastercard in Nigeria free will interest you a lot

Payment Via cheque

To receive your money from Clickbank in Nigeria via cheques, you will have to make use of Foreign Virtual Address Service. There are a lot of sites like UKMail Box etc that currently offer this service for Nigerians- just get anyone of your choice.

The Foreign Virtual Address Service provider will receive the cheque and deliver it to your door step here in Nigeria through DHL, UPS or any other such courier service.

On this, our master guide on how to cash out a foreign cheque as an online hustler in Nigeria will be helpful to you.

Via PayPal

You can easily submit your PayPal address on your clickbank account for your earnings to be paid directly into your paypal account.

That is the easiest way to cash out your earnings on clickbank in Nigeria. To learn how to create a PayPal account that receives money in Nigeria, click here

Summary Of How To Make Money On Clickbank In Nigeria

Below is the summary of all that we have been trying to explain in great details above.

  • Get a product that you want to promote on clickbank with your unique affiliate link
  • Get a website and write a comprehensive article on it, explaining why people should buy the product that you are promoting, and leave your affiliate link on the article.
  • Use social medias and forums to promote your article, so that more people will get to see it and buy your article. Upon every sell through your clickbank affiliate link, you get an affiliate commission.
  • Now use your payoneer masters card or direct bank deposite to cash out your money. Its as simple as this.


Clickbank is arguably the best affiliate marketing site in the world at the moment. This is so because there are lots of affiliate products to market and earn decent commissions.

Regrettably, Nigerians are tactically excluded from the list of countries that participate in clickbank program. Hence, in this article, i have detailed out the steps on how to open a clickbank account in Nigeria the right way in 2020.

If you follow our guide on this article, your clickbank Nigerian account should be running by now. Our proven method on how to best promote your affiliate products on clickbank in Nigeria will give you an edge over your competitors easily.

Do well to read this article over and over again to understand in details all the invaluable information i have made available here free.

Have any question? Feel free to use the comment section below to ask, and we shall respond to you as soon as we can. Like and share this article with your friends using the like and share button below.

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