Easy Ways To Check Your BVN Number On Phone Free 2021 Guide

Following the new banking policy in Nigeria that was implemented in 2014, every Nigerian is now expected to own a BVN. Learning how to check your BVN  number for free on phone is among the most necessary things every Nigerian is expected to know in great details.

If you are reading this article, chances are that you already have a BVN that is linked to your Nigerian bank account right? But if you want to know how to check your BVN number on phones for free, then this article is for you.

While there are different ways to check your BVN number in Nigeria, the most effective of them all is by using the code *565*0# on any Nigerian SIM that you used in applying for the BVN, and your BVN number will be sent to your phone immediately. with this method, you will only be charged 20 Naira for the service.

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While the above appears to be the best and effective way of checking BVN numbers in Nigeria, it is by far not the only way. In this article, we shall show you all the ways you can use to check your BVN number with any device fast. While some of them are free, others attracts a little service charge which is not more that N20.

The BVN policy that was initiated by the central bank of Nigeria in 2014 was a policy that aimed at cubbing the ever growing menace of corruption and all forms of dubious activities perpetuated by Nigerians home and abroad.

With this policy, banks were mandated to block any Nigerian bank account that does not have any BVN linked to it. This simply means that for a bank to be viable in Nigeria, it should have a BVN linked to it. This becomes a viable means of tracking the financial records of individuals in order to cub corruption and make Nigeria great again.

But before going further into how to check BVN number on phones in Nigeria, lets first explain what BVN number really mean.

What Is The Full Meaning Of BVN Number?

The full meaning of BVN is Bank Verification Number, which is an eleven-digit number that contains all your information and is linked to your Nigerian bank accounts for the purpose of accountability and transparency in financial transactions within the local and international bothers.

The essence of BVN can be summed up in one sentence – It helps in the fight against corruption as one person can no longer have multiple accounts with different names for the sake of carrying out illegal financial transactions.


Since the introduction of BVN in Nigeria, it must be stated categorically that corruption has to a large extent reduced in the country, as corrupt people can now be easily tracked simply with their BVN numbers connecting all their bank accounts together.

Best Ways Of Checking Your BVN Number In 2020

Whether you are filling out online forms or you want to perform some bank transaction that requires that you provide your BVN number before you can proceed, there are different easy ways that you can use to get your BVN. Remember, you don’t have the whole time in the world to start cramming your BVN number. With these easy methods below, you can easily retrieve your BVN number fast. Let’s dive right into it.

Code To Check My BVN Number Free On Phone

The universal code to check your BVN number in Nigeria is *565*0#, this works irrespective of the network you are using – airtel, mtn, 9mobile or glo. The 2 requirements is that you must dial this BVN USD code with the SIM that is linked to your BVN number, while having at least N20 balance in it. If you do this, your BVN code will be delivered to your phone immediately.

BVN Code For All Nigerian Banks

If you want to retrieve your BVN number from any Nigerian bank – First bank, GT bank, Access bank Diamond bank etc, there are specific BVN USD code that you can use for each of these banks.

For example, the code to retrieve your BVN number from GTbank free is *737*61#. Other banks equally have their own codes for checking BVN numbers. However, we don’t recommend going for these individual bank BVN codes as they can be tedious to get most times.

What method we recommend you use to retrieve your BVN number from your bank is the universal BVN number which is *565*0#. This code works irrespective of your bank or your network.

How To Retrieve My BVN Number Free In 2020

While our recommended way to check your BVN Number in Nigeria comes with a little price of N20, everybody may not be fortunate enough to have such amount on their phone at the time they need to get their BVN number, hence the reason for an alternative that is free.

retrieve your bvn number free

In order to check your BVN number free, you need to have two things. The first is either a phone or a PC and an internet connection. With these, you can easily check your BVN number free by logging into your bank account with your device.

Once you are logged into your bank account, your BVN number will be displayed on the homepage where you can copy and use it for free, without any fee charged. This works irrespective of your bank.

How To Retrieve My BVN Number Online Free

The Bank Verification Number BVN can also be checked online easily while following the following procedure:

Because the BVN is a confidential digit that should not be assessed by anyone, the only way to check your BVN online in Nigeria is by logging into your banking app or using the online banking feature of your Nigerian bank.

check bvn number online free

But before you can check your BVN number online free, you must have set up your online banking profile by getting your login details. Once you have done this, sign into your online banking platform with your details, and on the front page, you will be able to see your BVN number showing plainly there.

How To Check My BVN Number Without My SIM card

There is no way you can check your BVN number with USSD code without using the same number that you used while registering for the BVN. However, if you don’t have access to your SIM at the moment, and you want to retrieve your BVN number, your best option will be to use the online method, which implies logging into your internet banking system. This option doesn’t require you to dial any code with your BVN SIM.

How Much Does It Cost To Check My BVN In Nigeria

The general cost of checking your BVN number in Nigeria is 20naira as at 2020. This charge is called the value added task VAT. You will be charged this N20 anytime you check your BVN number with a USSD code.

A point to note here is that you must ensure that you write down your BVN number so that you don’t have to be sending the code each time you want to assess your BVN number.

How To Retrieve A Lost BVN Number Free

If you have lost your BVN number and you want to retrieve it fast without going to the bank, and filling out all those documents, you should simply pick up your phone and dial *565*0# and send. This code for BVN number only cost 20 naira and your lost BVN will be sent back to you fast.

How To See The Date Of Birth Used In My BVN

A lot of persons have asked us how they can know the particular date of birth they used to register their BVN number. Knowing about this is very necessary because having conflicting date of births can really hinder you from doing a lot of things. Example, if the date of birth on your BVN doesn’t match the one you provided during your N-power registration, you will not be able to receive your monthly stipends.

how to check date of birth on bvn free

Haven said this, the best way to see the date of birth you used when you signed up for BVN is to walk into any branch of your bank and request to see your BVN information. The banker will show you that quickly at no extra cost.

That is it on this article on how to check your BVN number free on phones. If you enjoyed this article, kindly share it with your friends. Do well to leave a comment below.

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