How to Check Fake iPhone and Original iPhone

Knowing how to check fake iPhone and an original one will save you a great deal of trouble, especially in the Nigerian market that is oversaturated with a lot of fake iPhones.

iPhone, a smartphone designed and marketed by Apple has over the years, proven to be one of the best smartphones globally.

You will agree with me, that unlike so many other smartphones out there, iPhone features are very unique.

More so, if you are talking about top-quality smartphones in the market today, then the Apple iPhones beyond every doubt will definitely make the top 5.

My point is, because of the quality and uniqueness of the phone, a lot of persons prefer the iPhone to any other smartphone.

However, the problem is there are tons of fake iPhones out there that are not produced by Apple, and if you are not careful enough, you will easily mistake it for the original one.

Hence, so you don’t get deceived into getting a fake iPhone for an original one, we will be showing you how to check fake iPhone easily.

How to Check Fake iPhone Easily

Below are some of the ways you can find out if an iPhone is a fake iPhone or an original iPhone.

1. Launch iTunes and Apple Store

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The first way you can easily detect a fake iPhone is simply by launching the iPhone’s iTunes and Apple Store. One thing you should know is that the iPhone iTune will not connect in a Fake iPhone.

Hence, try launching the iTunes on the said iPhone and see if it will connect. If it doesn’t connect, then it might be a fake iPhone.

Also, see if the iPhone has an Apple Store. If it does, launch the Apple store and see if it will load the Apple Store. If it loads the Google Play Store or any other store aside from the Apple Store, it’s definitely a fake iPhone.

2. Launch the iPhone Siri

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Launching the iPhone Siri is another way to check a fake iPhone and an original one. For those that might not be too sure what Siri is, Siri is a virtual assistant that is enabled in Apple iOS.

The Siri just like the Google Assistant available in Android smartphones uses voice queries and a natural-language user interface to answer questions, make certain recommendations, and perform certain actions by delegating user requests to sets of Internet services.

Since Siri is part of Apple iOS. Then every Apple devices have the Siri software. Read more about Siri from Wikipedia.

Now, I believe you understand what Siri is? Very well then. Like I said, launching the iPhones Siri will help you detect if it is a fake one or an original one.

If the said iPhone does not have the Siri software, or it does have the software but when you tap on it, it does not work, then it might be that the phone isn’t an original iPhone

3. Check the Operating System (iOS)

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Like I pointed earlier, iPhone is designed by Apple, hence iPhone uses the Apple proprietary iOS as its official operating system.

iPhone does not use an Android Operating system, neither does it use a Windows Operating System.

So, check the Operating System (OS) install on the phone. If it is not an iOS Operating System, then, it’s definitely not an iPhone.

3. Checking the Lock Screen Style Will help you Detect a Fake iPhone


Detect Fake iPhone 1

Checking the lock screen style of the phone is another way to check fake iPhone and an original iPhone.

When you take a close look at the lock screen style just like the screenshot shown above, you will notice not that the original iPhone has an animated slide to unlock style. This feature constantly highlights from left to right,

Whereas, in the fake iPhone, it is very unlikely to have that style. The fake iPhone will have a sold lock style just like the above screenshot.

5. Check the Keyboard



Detect Fake iPhone

Next, go to the phone’s messenger app, WhatsApp or any other messaging application that will enable you to launch the keyboard. Try to type something, the keyboard will show. Check the keyboard.

The original iPhone has the word space written on the space bar; also on the original iPhone keyboard, you should find a smile emoji by the left before the space bar.

While for that of a fake iPhone, you are likely not going to see the word space written on the spacebar. Also, the smile emoji key is likely not going to be there.

4. Checking Battery Percentage Color will help you Detect a Fake iPhone

how to check fake iPhone


Checking the battery percentage color is another way to check fake iPhone and an original one.

Just like the screenshot above, you will notice that in an original iPhone, the font color of the battery percentage from the home screen is white.

If from the home screen you see a different font color of the battery percentage that is not white, Then it is likely that the phone is a fake iPhone and not an original one.

Because all original iPhones have a white battery percentage font color.

7. Check Warranty Status and Network Coverage

how to check fake iPhone


Apple has a website where you can check an iPhones warranty status, network coverage and other relevant information about the iPhone.

However, you will need the iPhone serial number to be able to verify this information. Learn how to find your iPhone serial number here.

Haven gotten the phone serial number, copy it or write it down somewhere, then navigate to the Apple warranty and network coverage checking site.

Once there, input the serial number of the iPhone you want to check and the picture code respectively, then click continue.

If it is an original iPhone, the details of the phone, including when it was made, will be displayed.

With this method, you can easily verify if the iPhone is a fake or an original one.

8. Check Storage Capacity.

iPhone doesn’t support a micro SD Card. What I mean is that the iPhone storage capacity cannot be expanded by means of inserting a memory card.

As a matter of fact, there is no memory card slot for iPhone. Hence, checking to see if the iPhone has a memory card slot is another way of detecting if it is fake or original.

If the iPhone has a slot where you can insert a micro SD card, then it’s definitely not an original iPhone.

That’s all on how to check fake iPhone. I hope this was helpful?

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