How To Change GTBank Secret Question In Easy Steps 2021

How to change Gtbank secret question easily in 2020. If you are reading this article, chances are that you have either forgot your Gtbank secret question or you simply want to learn how to change it all together.

It’s ok to forget your GTB secret questions at times. With all the important information constantly running on our minds, we can easily forget the secret question we used while signing up for our GTbank internet banking.

how to change gtbank secret question for internet banking

If for some reasons, you forgot your Gtbank secret question, you can either locate the question on your Gtbank email address, or you change it to a new one entirely. This 2 options will be discussed in this article in details.

Guarantee trust bank GTbank has consistently ranked among the top banks in Nigeria for many years now, due primarily to their level of innovativeness in the banking sector.

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When it comes to internet banking, security is the key, and that’s why GTbank introduced the concept called secret question, which serves as an additional security measure alongside your internet banking password and your Token code.

What Is GTBank Secret Question All About

You may want to ask, what is GTbank secret question all about? If you normally use Guarantee Trust Bank internet banking, chances are that you must have been prompted to either create a New GTbank Secret Question or type in the answer of your secret question on GTbank internet banking platform before your transaction can be completed. But what really is GTB secret question?

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GTbank secret question is a unique question that you alone is expected to know its correct answer. It serves as a system that further strengthens the security of your internet banking, against internet frauds and other malicious activities.

Having access to your GTbank secret question is very important because without it, you can’t initiate any financial transaction on your internet banking platform, even if you know your token and passwords.

What if you forgot your GTbank Secret question, how can you change it on your own without going to the bank?

Steps To Change GTBank Secret Question Easily

To change your Gtbank secret question fast, follow the quick steps below:

  1. Log into your Gtbank internet banking using this link
  2. On the left hand side of the homepage, click on Self Service
  3. Click on Reset Secret Questions and Answer
  4. Fill the form that pops up with the required details: New question and answer.
  5. Finally, provide your Gtbank token code to finalize the change of secret question.

If you are not satisfied with the simplified steps above, I will still go ahead to break it down the more so you can get the full picture.

Login to gtbank internet banking:

login to gtbank internet banking

The first step to change your Gtbank internet banking secret question is to log into your banking platform through this link

Once there, provide your login details like your bank account number or email and password. Once you are done, click on Login.

Self Service:

gtbank self service on internet banking

Once you are logged into your gtbank internet banking, at the left-hand menu, click on Self Service. And on the drop down menu that shows, click on Reset secret question and answer as shown below:

reset secret question and answer on gtbank

Fill The Secret Question Form:

Once you click on the Reset secret question ans answer, a form will pop up, requiring you to provide the following details:New question, new answer, confirm new answer and your token code. See pics below.

fill the secret question form

Provide this information and click on submit. Once you have done this, Gtbank will send you a confirmation message on your mail notifying you that your secret question has been change.

However, you should note that the changed secret question takes 3 hours to fully propagate. Hence, you should wait for 3 hours before you can begin using the new answer for your online transactions.

If you have done this, congratulations as you have successfully changed your Gtbank internet banking secret question all by yourself.

How to change Gtbank secret question pdf download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is the frequently asked questions concerning Gtbank secret questions

I Don’t Remember My Gtbank Secret Question?

If you don’t remember your Gtbank secret question, you can easily retrieve it by going to your Gtbank admin email, or by simply creating a new secret question in your Gtbank internet banking platform.

How do I see my Gtbank secret question?

The fastest way to see your Gtbank secret question in case you forgot it is to type Gtbank secret question in your emails search bar. This will bring out the information you seek fast if you had earlier created it. If you don’t have access to your email, then you can go to any Gtbank branch near you, so they can help you get it (if you don’t want to change it yourself with the options above)

Do I Need A Token To Change My Gtbank Secret Question?

Yes, you do need to input your secure token code before you can successfully change your Gtbank internet secret question. Any major change on your Gtbank internet platform requires a token to be finalized.

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